Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Special Day

Dear insansapinas,


When I was still a corporate slave, this was the day when I called in sick, unplugged the phone and stayed in bed. My me-moment. Just one day in a year when I can enjoy blissful sleep without thinking of responsibilities, deadlines and appointments.

Funny but when I have more time to spare, I rarely go into heavy reading. Masyadong mabigat. Ayaw ng utak ko. Anyway I do not have to prove na meron akong utak. Marami nang nang-utak sa akin.  mwehehe. The last book that I read was In FED WE TRUST and I haven't finished the book of Greenspan.

I prefer spy books, the old genre where the gadgets are not are what are important but it is the resourcefulness of the character that matters. I also read mystery and suspense novels chronologically i.e.
reading the books of a particular author according to the order they had been written. Many of these authors use the same characters and I would like to know the progress they made in the passage of time. 

So now I am eating no sugar chocolate, no  sugar ice cream and drinking Coke. ulk.

Thanks to the blogkaderds /guys for reminding me that I have grown a year older. bohooo.



biyay said...

Happy Birthday Cath! 708905

cathy said...

isa ka pang nagpapaalalang tumatanda na ako. hahahha