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Showbiz Celebrities, RIP

Dear insansapinas,
November 1 pa rin dito. Ngayon pa lang All Saints' Day.

After the beauty queens, alamin naman natin ang mga yumao ng mga actors and actresses:
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Accidents/Violent Deaths/Mysterious Illnesses :
1. Jay Ilagan-

He was born in 1953 to actress Corazon Noble and director  Angel Esmeralda. He started as a child actor. He was married to another popular actress Hilda Koronel. His common-law wife when he died from a motor accident in February 1992 was Amy Austria.

2. Miko Sotto
He was born in 1982 to Maru Sotto (the brother of Vic and Tito Sotto) and Ali Sotto, an actress and a singer. He was the boyfriend of Angel Locsin then. He died after he fell from the ninth floor of a condominium building in Mandaluyong City on December 29, 2003.

3. Jonjon Hernandez
 Jonjon Hernandez was a child actor and the son of a versatile actress, Alicia ALonzo and actor Ross Rival who belonged to the Salvador showbiz clan.

He died in a car  accident in 2000.

4. Ric Segreto -

Born Richard Vincent Macaraeg in 1952, was a Filipino-American recording artist, singer-song writer, actor, teacher, journalist and historian who became popular in the Philippines.. He died on September 6, 1998 of severe head injuries from a motorcycle accident while plying the Buendia flyover in Makati. Reports claim he was speeding and was found amidst the iron grills and rubble at the area under construction.
5. Lino Brocka
Catalino Ortiz Brocka (April 3, 1939–May 21, 1991) is known as one of the greatest film directors of the Philippines. He directed several movies which wre not only box-office hit but were also Award winners.
He died of a car accident in May 21, 1991 in Quezon City.

6.Claudia Zobel

The 19-year old sexy actress, whose real name was Thelma Maloloy-on, died on February 10, 1984 hours after she was brought to the hospital due to car accident.

7. Nida Blanca
Dorothy Acueza Jones,who was popularly known as  Nida Blanca, was a a movie icon. She was the perennial partner of Nestor de Villa and became the MArsha of John (Dolphy) in the long running sitcom John and Marsha.
She was married twice. The first was with ther father of Kaye Torres, her only duaghter and the second was with Roger Strunk, the suspect of her murder. 

She was stabbed to death in a parking lot in San Juan City on November 7, 2001.

8. Elvira Manahan
Elvira Manahan was a popular TV host of Two for the Road, first with Joey Lardizabal who did of cancer and second  with Nestor Torre. She was the mother of ABS CBN TV executive, Johnny Manahan with her second husband Dr, C. Manahan. The first husband was Mandy Eduque.

Her life ended  in tragedy when she was shot in October 1986 at her Forbes Park home.

9. Alfie Anido

Alfie was 22 when he died of a gunshot wound on Decembwer 10, 1981. His death was ruled suicide although rumor that he was murdered still persists. He was the boyfriend of Dina Bonnevie when he died and was among the Regal babies which included  Gabby Concepcion, William Martinez, Albert Martinez, Jimi Melendez and Snooky Serna.

10. Lilian Velez
Lilian Velez (March 3, 1924 — June 26, 1948) was a Filipino film actress and singer.
She sang the popular Filipino song, Sa Kabukiran. She was married and had one daughter, Vivian.
Her murder by actor Nanding Anzures, the son of Rosa Aguirre, also a movie actress was the trial of the decade. Anzures died of tuberculosis while in jail.

11. Rico Yan

Ricardo Carlos Castro Yan (March 14, 1975 – March 29, 2002) was a Filipino matinee idolmodel and actor. He was under an exclusive contract in the ABS-CBN Broadcasting Network. Yan was a member of ABS-CBN's circle of homegrown talents named Star Magic. He graduated from De La Salle University-Manila, with a degree in Business Management. 

On March 29, 2002, the day after shooting a television commercial for Talk n' Text at the Dos Palmas Resort in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Yan died of cardiac arrest due to acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis while asleep. He was 27.


12. Julie Vega

Julie Pearl Apostol Postigo, better known as Julie Vega (May 21, 1968 – May 6, 1985), was a Filipina child actress and singer. She remains very popular and very well-loved in the Philippines, years after her sudden death at the age of 16 that triggered a massive outpouring of nationwide grief that is still vividly remembered by Filipino showbiz fans.

Just 15 days shy of her 17th birthday.Her cause of death was officially listed as cardiac arrest secondary to bronchopneumonia


13. Marky Cielo

Mark Angelo Cadaweng Cielo (May 12, 1988 – December 7, 2008), better known as Marky Cielo, was a Filipino actor,dancer, and the first known Igorot-actor in Philippine showbiz. He is notable for his win in the reality talent competition StarStruck(March 12, 2006). 

An initial report states that he died in his sleep. At present, the cause of Cielo’s death remains unknown. Speculation about the true nature of his death spread immediately after he died, with some trying to discern the mysterious events surrounding it, although some reports have stated that it was Acute Hemorrhagic Pancreatitis.

source: Wikipedia

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