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It’s all in the Family- Part 3 Halloween Series

 Dear insansapinas,
This is a continuation of my pinoy ghost series.This article is a repost from my Now What, Cat?

photoforwarded thru e-mail.

Sister/Nurse 2

When my sister was studying nursing, she stayed with me during weekdays. Our house in Quezon City was too far away from her school. She occupied my first bedroom. I had an extension made which functioned as bedroom/private office for me.

That early morning, I was awakened by loud raps at my door. My wall clock showed that it was quarter to four in the morning. Grudgingly, I reached for my slippers.

As soon as I opened the door, my sister sprang towards me with a single syllable"ghost", coming out from her lips repeatedly.

After calming down, she narrated how she heard a queer whistling sound emanating from outside her room. She saw the door knob moved. At that instant, chills ran in the length of her spine. Her room was in total darkness. Only the light coming from the garage seeped in her screened window with sturdy grills. Slowly, an image began to form. It was a man. Awestruck, she closed her eyes and opened them slowly when she heard the "man" singing. For nearly a minute, she stared at the apparition, unsure what to do next. He was a young man. He got black curly hair and a well-trimmed mustache.
After coming face to face with the ghost, my sister slipped under the covers, afraid that if she got up, she would collide with the stranger. "He's coming to me" my terrified sister thought as the singing grew louder. She started praying aloud, hoping that if it were an evil spirit, it would go away. It did.

Minutes went by and when she was sure that the singing sound disappeared, she ran to my room.

I did not know what to make of my sister's statements. As far as I know, I bought the lot, and built the house that made us the first owners/ occupants thus eliminating the possibility of spirits of the former occupants lurking around. But I did have a share of my weird experiences in that room before I moved to my new bedroom.

Early morning, I did not waste a single minute to make inquiries about the lot where our house stood.

Mesmerized by the story that I told her, the oldest resident of that village remembered that the first owner of the lot was a young man, a seaman who according to the parents who sold the lot to the developer did not come back from his last sea voyage.

I informed my sister of my finding. The description fitted the vision.

I asked her if she wanted to swap room with me or stay with me instead of her room with a single bed.
She gave a little thought to my suggestion and chose the second option. I hoped that the stranger will not make a comeback.

But I was wrong. Hardly had I closed my eyes, after several hours of trying to catch some sleep, my sister burst into my room.

She was a lot calmer. But she said that he was back. Slowly she explained what she did. Before he started singing, she told her that the place was no longer his and if he needed some guidance, she offered to pray for the repose of his soul.

As the ghost disappeared, my sister heard a soft whisper of thank you and a melody slowly fading from the distance.

He never was seen again, until another sister who's visiting for the weekend  occupied the room.

Youngest sister

My youngest sister was born months after my father died. She was only a few months old when she fell from the bed in the middle of the night. She was supposed to be beside my mother when all of us went to bed that night. Every one of us wanted to be my mother's side. We're afraid of ghost.We just moved in to an old house after we left the bungalow where my father died. 

My mom was puzzled when she woke up in the middle of the night not because of my baby sister crying but someone was standing beside the bed cooing. 

It was  my baby sister "standing" by the bedside...propped up by an unseen force. She could not stand by herself. She could not even hold her head yet. 

My mom woke us up to ask who put my baby sister there. I thought she fell from the bed. But if it was so, she would be lying on the floor with all the pillow and her baby blanket.

But she was not aware that yet. She met her real ghost in my place again. I had my new house blessed. They slept over in my house that night. And there she met my resident ghost.

The resident ghost said that he saw light when my house was blessed. Then he disappeared. He thought that he could stay in my place. This was different from the ghost that my other sister met.

And he was not the lady ghost who was fond of hiding things in the house.


It’s all in the Family- Part 2 Halloween Series

 Dear insansapinas.

Eldest Brother

My eldest brother was in his first year college when my father died. A teenager who felt he gained freedom from curfew set by my father, he adopted the habit of coming early dawn after hanging out with his “barkada”.

He learned how to drink and smoke and ignored my mother’s admonition until he saw a ghost. The ghost of the past…that of my father.

He came late and went to bed without changing his streetclothes. He was about to fall into sleep when he felt someone was tugging his legs. Thinking that it was one of my brothers, he pulled his legs
to flex his knees ready to give a kick.

He froze. In the darkness, he saw my father’s silhouette. He heard the message. If he’s not going to stop being irresponsible, my father was going to take him with him.

Call it a nightmare or a hallucination but my brother rushed to my bed and told me that my father is “ nagmumulto".

There was a big transition after the ghost sighting. From a teener, he became an adult who helped my mom took care of us.

My Twin Brothers

I did not have the opportunity to sit down and hear my brother to talk about his experience with ghost. He was still a teenager when he came to the United States and his visits came once a year which was mostly spent on talks about his life abroad.

But his twin who was the agnostic half had supernatural encounters; ghosts and demons. And he is not even “gifted”.

He has this guilty pleasure of pouring boling water in a cup with coffee, sugar and cream mixed together. He would not settle for cold coffee.

That morning, he was left alone in the house. It was a holiday. It was not a big deal since he really did not join the family in a meal anytime of the day. Any day.

He usually left before breakfast to avoid morning traffic going to work and came home late in the evening when everyone was already in the bedrooms. 

As usual, he boiled water ( takuri) and he was pouring the bubbling hot water when he heard knocks from the main door.

He left the cup of coffee and opened the door. There was no one.He went back to the kitchen and cooked hotdogs for his pan de sal. Right after putting the hotdog in a small plate, he heard the knocks again.

Angrily, he left the hotdog and coffee which was still steaming hot to find out who had been  disturbing him to enjoy his breakfast. The doorbell at the gate was not working so a visitor had to knock loud on the door to be heard inside.  It was eight in the morning.

What he saw was a woman who said that he should change. Nothing more. Thinking that she was just a beggar who was asking for money for some reasons..e.g. someone is sick…she is sick or she was a victim of scam... blah blah….he slammed the door.

One who was not easily intimidated, he was pissed by the woman who just suddenly appeared in our doorstep.

When he went back to the kitchen/dining room, he saw that his coffee cup was empty and the hotdogs were shaped more like fingers.

He did not scream. He run to the door to look for the woman. The backdoor was bolted from the inside.  He saw no one outside. It was only a few minutes had passed and if she came and left without a car, she would be walking the long road towards the gate of the subdivision.

He threw away the hotdogs; made himself another cup of coffee and decided to talk me as soon as possible.

My Sisters

I got three sisters and all of them have ghost stories of their own. Two ghost sightings in my own house.

Both of my two sisters are nurses.

Nurse/Sister 1

Although she had shares of ghost stories with her classmates in UP, the one which frightened her most was her experience in Boston hospital.

There were already stories about ghost sightings in that ward but she thought that just because she lived and grew up in our house which we believed we shared with other entities, she would not get scared.

But she did. It was there when she had experienced   goosebumps, hair-raising and sudden lost of mobility moments when she sensed the apparition near the elevator.

To be continued...


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It’s all in the Family- Halloween Series

Dear insansapinas,
Read my other ghost stories.

Many people do not believe in ghosts but they are scared that they might see one.
If seeing a ghost is included in the DNA blue print of a family, I suspect that the codes had been very well written for each of the member.

My Father

Among the family members, my father had the remotest desire to see a ghost. He did not believe in one since he had been and had lived in so many parts of the Philippines that he would have the chance to stay in a haunted place.

He had no idea that he would meet one when he moved to a city to accept a job offer.
The employment fringes included housing accommodation for him and the family.
Since the house that was being constructed was not ready yet, the company temporarily
Made him stay in a six bedroom old house. Alone. No one told him that it had a reputation of being haunted so that the rent was merely a pittance. We moved in to the new house later.

On the first night of his stay, he heard all sorts of noise, knockings, foot falls and moans.
He was a man who was not easily scared so he kept quiet about the unusual experience.

But the ghosts in the house which was not occupied for a long time must be very determined to drive him away so they can have the house all for themselves. On the third night he learned what the word fear meant.

According to him, his hair stood up on end and he was “ paralyzed” for a few seconds when the apparition stood by the door which he opened when he heard the knocks, thinking that it was a new employee who also came from the city and was going to share in the house until he found a place of his own.

He could not run outside because the door was blocked. So he merely shut the door and jumped on his bed.

Lest, his co-workers would laugh at him, the next morning he just kept quiet but he insisted that he moved to the new house even it was not finished yet. He thought that if he had stayed one more night in that house, he would have barricaded himself with a lot of crucifixes .

I read an explanation about ghosts being cranky . She attributed the emotion to the frustration of trying to communicate and the people do not hear them.

He told this story when all the family members and the neighbors experienced the ghosts of the Death march.


Most of the ghost apparitions experienced by my mother were after my father died.
When we were all grown up and my father’s manifestations became less, she told us that she believed that my father must have asked for a deferred crossover so he could watch over us. My mother then was not even 40 years old and was pregnant when he died.

One psychic wrote that the common reason for the deliberate missing of the crossover was passion ( either it is love or hate.) Obviously, my father was that of love.

Those who are motivated by hate were more the earthbound type. They do not want to move on because of reasons other than love.

The first time that he saw my father after he died was on the third day after we buried him. In our hometown, the old people required the widow to take a bath on this day early morning when no one ‘s up yet.

My mom told us that she saw my father standing by the door. She forgot that he’s dead. She just realized when the apparition disappeared. She noticed however that he was slightly elevated from the floor. Sylvia Browne, an authority on paranormal said that the Other Side actually exists three feet about our ground and vibrational levels.

Our dog did not stop from barking and howling at night so that a neighbor must have
Caused his sudden disappearance.

When we moved back to Manila, one of my brothers stayed with a relative in the province.

We were busy settling in the city so that my mom was always tired whenever she came home. Tired as she was every evening, she checked on us after she had rested. One night, she went to the boys’ room and found that there were two figures on the bed. She did not switch on the light. But when she saw my eldest brother in the kitchen taking his late dinner, she asked him if they had a guest sleeping over. When he said none, she went back to the bedroom and checked again. There were not two but just one sleeping on the bed.

She just thought that it must be a pillow that she saw and mistook it as a body. Before she went back to bed, she heard a whisper…to go and see my other brother who was in the province.

That she did and found out that my brother was sick for days and the relative did not inform us.

There were minor manifestations but one that she would not forget was when I , the rebel
Run away to marry at a very young age.

She said that she saw my father at the foot of the stairwell, crying.

To be continued...

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Are you kidding?

Dear insansapinas,

There are laws in some US States and other countries which make one say Are you kidding?

The following are ordinances in the state of Indiana which may have been enforced in the past years and are no longer enforced because they were already forgotten or were amended:

  1. In Beach Grove, it is  illegal to eat watermelon in the park.

  1. In Gary, it is illegal to eat garlic before going into a theater .

  1.  In Elkhart, barbers can't joke about cutting off people's ears.
 Here are more bizarre law which you can find here.

1. Several tears ago, it is illegal to eat yellow butter inMissouri. Most of Missouri's restrictions on imitation butter date to 1895, and they were last amended in 1939

2. In Finland, traffic fines are calculated as a percentage of the offender's most-recently-reported income. In January 2002, Anssi Vanjoki, 44, a director of the Finnish telecommunications giant, Nokia, received what is believed to be the most expensive speeding ticket ever— $12.5 million — for driving his Harley at 75 km/h (47 mph) in a 50km/h (31 mph) zone.It was reduced to several hundred thousand dollars after Vanjoki protested.

3. On June 28, 2002, King Mswati III of Swaziland required the young women to wear chastity belts and were prohibited from engaging in sex to avoid the spread of AIDS.  Women below 18 wore blue and yellow tassles in their belts while older women who were still virgins wore red and black.

Women were not also allowed to wear pants publicl but they are naked above the waist.

When the king married a 17 year old girl, he punished himself by giving a cow. 



Dear insansapinas,
Isa sa mga paborito kong tanim ay makahiya. Wala akong makita niyan dito sa States.
Tuwang-tuwa ako noon pag hinahawakan ko sila sa gitna para hindi sumara. Sumasara pa rin.

Isa pala ito sa weirdest plant species at ang pangalan ay Mimosa Pudica (pudica = shy), or the Sensitive Plant. Sabi sa article, native lang daw ito sa Central at South America. Ang dami nito sa Pinas.


Smart Bird

 Dear insansapinas,
My friend who was an Assistant Activities Director in an upscale retirement home saw to it that among the guests she invited to entertain the residents were animal trainors. There was one who brought different kinds of parrots, mynahs and cockatiels which performed not only song numbers but also also mini-circus stunts such as riding in a monocycle, balancing and rope-walking.

And of course there were also who could deliver dialogues like this bird.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


 Dear insansapinas,

To run or not to run, that is the question.

Nagquit si  Chiz Escudero sa kaniyang party. Katatapos pa naman ng kaniyang 40th birthday party. Walang party siguro dahil limitado lang ang perang committed ni Cojuangco. Hindi sigurado tuloy kung tatakbo siya o lalakad. AHOY.

Pero ang asim ng ubas.

"Ako’y lumisan dahil naniniwala po ako na mas matatanaw ko ang dapat kong gawin at dapat gampanan kaugnay sa darating na halalan. Di bilang miyembro, kundi ako lamang po, bilang ako (I left because I believe that I would know better what to do and what role to play in the forthcoming elections if I view things not as a member, but on my own)," he said.

"Hindi pupwedeng nakakadena ang kamay at paa sa partido. Hindi pupwedeng nakapiring ang mata at nakabusal ang bibig (It shouldn't be that one's hands and feet are chained to the party. It shouldn't be that one's eyes are blindfolded and one's lips are sealed)." he added.


O eto ang dahilan?
There may be a simple reason there. He [Escudero] has no funds. The party only committed to bankroll only a fraction of his campaign," a member of the NPC, who is privy to the party's plans, told in a phone interview when sought to comment on Escudero's decision to leave the party. (Read: Escudero leaves NPC)
 Deny naman siya na nakausap niya si Danding.



Ticket for not Speaking English

Dear insansapinas,

Iba-ibang states, iba-iba ang batas at ang implementation. Noong nag-apply ako ng driver's license sa California, English ang mga questions. Hindi ko alam kong meron silang Spanish version or Chinese version. Noong practical, English din ang mga instructions so kung hindi ka marunong ng English, di ka papasa. Noong nabangga kami ng van na ang nagdadrive ay Hispanic, na napag-alaman namin later na walang insurance at ang kaniyang driver's license ay peke, maingat kaming tumabi sa sasakyan ng mga drivers na ito na hindi naiintindihan ang mga road signs at instructions.

Noon kasi hindi required ang submission ng anumang papel na nagpapakita ng immigration status.  Saka noon marami na ang nagbebenta ng pekeng green card at driver's license.

Ang babaeng natikitan ay nandito na noong 1980 pa pero hindi pa siya nagsasalita ng English na karamihan ay inoofer sa mga community colleges at ng mga non-profit institutions as second language. Ang iba ayaw lang talagang magsalita.

Kung ayaw naman ng police authorities na maakusahan ng racial discrimination, alisin nila sa kanilang listahan ang violation ng hindi pagsalita ng English. 


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MABUHAY ANG BAGONG KASAL-Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez Nuptial

 Dear insansapinas,

Pareho silang luhaan nang magtama ang paningin nila sa simbahan. Buti na lang hindi nagsmudge ang kanilang make-up. Ang tinutukoy ko ay si Mar Roxas at si Korina Sanchez na kinasal ngayong Oktubre 27, 2009 sa Sto. Domingo Church. Umulang ng pandesal sa simbahan. Siyempre iba ang reception ng mga Very important guests.

Ito ang excerpt ng balita. Ang retrato ay galing sa Philstar.

MANILA, Philippines - It was a people’s wedding for Sen. Manuel “Mar” Roxas II and broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez as thousands shared the simple but elegant affair where the couple vowed to love each other for the rest of their lives.
Loud cheers were heard outside the Sto. Domingo Church in Quezon City, first when the couple arrived and later, when they were pronounced husband and wife.
The wedding was really planned to be enjoyed with the people.
The original venue for a grand reception was the Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, Quezon City but this was scrapped to reach out to even more Filipinos as the couple decided to donate their more than P2-million budget for the event to the victims of recent calamities.
Instead, onlookers were provided with food packs while guests had sandwiches, biscuits, native delicacies and drinks inside the premises of the church.

Hulaan ninyo kung sino ang susunod na ikakasal? Hindi si Noynoy. Si Kris Aquino. Pinag-uusapan na yata ang kasal nila sa simbahan.


Corruption at ang mga Pilotong nag-iinternet?

Dear insansapinas,
Dahil sa ang mga corrupt ay ibinili ang pera ng widescreen TV, ginamit sa pagpunta sa Las Vegas at ibinili  ng mga mamahaling furniture, marami ang namatay dahil sa calamity. 

Hindi po ito nangyari sa Pinas. Ito ay nangyari sa American Samoa kung saan marami ang namatay sa tsunami at milyong properties ang nawala dahil ang funding para sa tsumani warning system ay ginastos nang walang kapararakan.   MULTUHIN SANA SILA NANG MGA NAMATAY.TSEH.

• An inspector general's report by the Department of Homeland Security issued in May 2007 cites numerous examples of American Samoan officials misusing federal grant money. The report's findings include the purchase of six flat-screen televisions for more than $25,000; purchase of executive leather chairs for $4,000; spending $77,000 on equipment no auditor could find; and extensive travel and entertainment charges, including money spent in Las Vegas, Nevada, by a Samoan official for a conference he was scheduled to have attended in Colorado.

Ano naman ang gagawin ninyo doon sa piloto na lumampas sa airport. Hindi naman pala tulog. Pareho lang nasa laptop. Alangan namang nagchachat sila anoh. Twitter kaya? Facebook kaya ? O Nagbablog?



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Dear insansapinas,
Di ko pa tapos basahin yong libro about BILL GATES. Pero dito sa proposal niya, hindi ako bilib.

Some critical of partnership
Obama and the Gates Foundation share some goals that not everyone
embraces: paying teachers based on student test scores, among other measures of achievement; charter schools that operate independently of local school boards; and a set of common academic standards adopted by every state.

Sa private school kasi siya nag-aral. Di niya alam na sa public school may mga natural talagang mga bobo, tamad at walang interest mag-aral. Paano naman kung yon ang naibigay sa teachers?

Nagturo din naman ako sa mga istudyanteng kaya lang pumapasok para makakuha ng allowance.Sa college pa ito ha. Tanungin mo ng leksiyon, nakanganga o kaya nakangiti lang saiyo. kahit ang krusipiho mo sa dibdib ay kasinlaki sa mga pinagpapakuan ng nagpepetensiya, masasabihan mo silang kailan tutubo ang utak mo?

No speak Spanish/Anglicize names-racism or what?

TAOS, N.M. - Larry Whitten marched into this northern New Mexico town in late July on a mission: resurrect a failing hotel.
The tough-talking former Marine immediately laid down some new rules. Among them, he forbade the Hispanic workers at the run-down, Southwestern adobe-style hotel from speaking Spanish in his presence (he thought they'd be talking about him), and ordered some to Anglicize their names.

I myself do not speak in my native tongue to a kababayan in front non-Filipinos. That is a sign of disrespect. Yong iba di maintindihan. There was one Filipina who confronted me of this practice of mine. Kinahihiya ko raw ba ang Tagalog. Bakit daw English ako ng English?

Abah kung Tagalog at Tagalog lang naman, mas sanay akong magTagalog pero kung susuutin niya ang sapatos noong Puti na kaharap namin (alam ko hindi kasya sa kaniya), maiirita rin siya kung di niya alam kung iniinsulto siya o hindi dahil di naiintindihan ang sinasabi. Although may kaso na noon na nananalo sa California tungkol sa pagbawal ng pagsalita ng ibang lengguwahe sa workplace, I feel na respetuhan lang yon. Siguro kung kami-kaming mga Pinoy lang ang nag-uusap  pwede. pakialam ba ng mga Puti kung anong pinag-uusapan namin...lalo na kung talagang pinag-uusapan namin talaga ang mga brujang mga suplada. Pero sa pinagtrabahuhan kong huli, dalawa lang kaming Pinoy sa kumpanya, hindi pa kami magkasama ng department.

With regards ang pag Anglicize ng pangalan, siguro dahil nahihirapan ang mga Puti na  magpronounce ng mga pangalang foreigner.

Kagaya ng aking kaibigan, ang pangalan niya ay Apolonia...ginawang APOL ng kaniyang employer. Yong isa naman Felicidad. Ginawang Happy noong employer niya. Biruin mo nga namang tatawagin siyang FILICIDED. Ang unang dinig mo ay "is dead".

Kaya pag ang pangalan mo ay Liwayway, gawin mong Dawn, o kaya, Liwanag, gawin mong LIGHTER. EHEK.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lawsuits, Lawsuits and Lawsuits

Dear insansapinas,

Lawsuits are every expensive. We lost more than a hundred times the revenue that we could have earned from the contract which was the basis of the lawsuit. If both parties agreed to mediation, the cost of the litigation would have been cut by more than half. It was pure harrassment that the judge dismissed it in our favor.

But there are lawsuits which are so ridiculous that people wonder why they were even filed at all.

1. The family of the high school student sued the Danbury High School, the Connecticut Board of Education and the city of Danbury.

A 16-year-old Connecticut high school student who fell asleep in class says he suffered substantial hearing loss when his math teacher smacked her palm down on his desk to wake him up while she was teaching.

O diva naging bingi dahil sa pinalo ng teacher yong desk. paano kaya kung sinapak talaga siya? Toink.

2. Convicted hospital rapist sues hospital.

A Sandusky man serving a 10-year sentence for raping a patient at the former Providence Hospital is suing both the hospital and his former attorney for negligence, according to Erie County Common Pleas Court records. Edward Brewer filed suit Monday against Providence Hospital, now part of Firelands Regional Medical Center, for ‘inadequate security in protecting visitors as well as their patients’ which caused him pain and suffering, according to court documents. Brewer, 47, was found guilty in October of raping a 44-year-old acquaintance in her hospital bed in June 1998. … Brewer claims negligence by the hospital, including a poorly trained nursing staff, negatively affected his criminal case, according to the suit.” The suit, which Brewer filed on his own behalf, asks for $2 million in damages; separately, Brewer is suing his former criminal attorney.

Nakita naman ninyo yan, kasalanan na niya, nanisi pa. I remember a case in Law and Order. The serial rapist blamed his porn addictionto commit rape.

3. The Case of the Lost Pants and the Judge Fancy Pants

Pearson sued a D.C. dry cleaning establishment, Custom Cleaners, for over $67 million for the loss of a pair of pants. On May 3, 2005, Pearson allegedly left a pair of gray pants that could be distinguished by a unique trio of belt loops on both sides of the front waistband. After a delay due to the pants being mistakenly sent to another dry cleaners, the pants were offered back completed several days after May 5, 2005, the initial pickup date. Pearson refused to accept the pants, claiming they were not his, despite confirmation by the cleaners' records, tags, and Pearson's receipt. Pearson demanded what he claimed to be the price of the pants as compensation, an amount of over $1000, which the Chungs refused. As a result, Pearson filed suit in the District of Columbia's Superior Court. The judge to whom the case was presented decided to bring it to trial on the basis of two of Pearson's claims. The first claim was the issue of the ownership by Pearson of the presented pair of pants. The second claim was on the issue of signs posted outside the business, advertising "Same Day Service" and "Satisfaction Guaranteed", which Pearson claimed to be misleading.

Sinubaybayan ko ang kasong ito at inis ako doon sa judge. PEro kahit naalis na siya pagkajudge, pinursue niya ang kaso hanggang Supreme Court. Talo pa rin siya.

Noong bagong salta ako sa Los Angeles, nagpadevelop ako ng film kasi nakalagay, one Day develpoing lang. ibig sabihin, makukuha ko rin kinabukasan. Papunta ako sa San Diego. Pag kuha ko wala pa. Siguro hindi naisama doon sa pinick-up ng Kodak para dalhin sa lab.

Ang masama nito dahil pansin nila na mukha at amoy akong bagong salta, kaya di nila ako pinapansin. Pero noong sinabi kong magcocomplain ako sa Better Business Bureau, bigla silang nag-offer na idedeliver ang mga retrato ASAP at may libre pang dalawang rolyo ng films.

Takot din silang mademanda. Tehehehe.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

US Colleges and Universities with the Highest Total Cost

 Dear insansapinas,

Masisisi mo ba ang mga magulang dito (except mga Pinoy na kagaya ng aking kaibigan na talagang nagkakandakubang papag-aralin ng College and apat niyang anak. Isa tapos na at ang isa ay nasa College habang ang dalawa ay nasa elementary ay hindi magpaaral ng kanilang mga anak dahil marahil ang suweldo nila ay di sapat sa tuition fees at dorm. Kahit na may financial aid, kailangan pa rin nilang tumulong sa kanilang mga anak.Ito ang cost sa pagpapaaral sa isang school year.

source: campusgrotto

Total Cost = Tuition + Room and Board
1. Sarah Lawrence College $54,410
2. New York University $51,991
3. The George Washington University $51,730
4. Bates College $51,300
5. Skidmore College $51,196
6. Johns Hopkins University $51,190
7. Georgetown University $51,122
8. Connecticut College $51,115
9. Harvey Mudd College $51,037
10. Vassar College $50,875
11. Wesleyan University $50,862
12. Claremont McKenna College $50,800
13. Colgate University $50,660
14. Carnegie Mellon University $50,640
15. Haverford College $50,625
16. Bowdoin College $50,485
17. Middlebury College $50,400
18. Mount Holyoke College $50,390
19. Bard College $50,380
20. Boston College $50,370
21. Franklin & Marshall College $50,360
22. Bard College at Simon's Rock $50,340
23. Scripps College $50,336
24. Babson College $50,324
25. Colby College $50,320
26. Vanderbilt University $50,282
27. Duke University $50,250
28. University of Chicago $50,247
29. Tufts University $50,178
30. Oberlin College $50,166
31. Smith College $50,132
32. Cornell University $50,114
33. Bucknell University $50,098
34. University of Southern California $50,028
35. Union College (NY) $49,983
36. Dartmouth College $49,974
36. Carleton College $49,974
38. Dickinson College $49,860
38. Washington University in St. Louis $49,860
40. Bennington College $49,830
41. Eugene Lang College $49,800
42. Stevens Institute of Technology$49,800
43. Northwestern University $49,791
44. Boston University $49,758
45. Reed College $49,690
46. St. Lawrence University $49,680
47. Fordham University - Lincoln Center $49,655
48. Williams College $49,640
49. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering$49,630
50. Wellesley College $49,612
51. St. John's College $49,592
52. Hampshire College $49,545
53. Fordham University - Rose Hill$49,541
54. Columbia University $49,524
55. Hamilton College $49,470
56. Trinity College (CT) $49,460
57. Drexel University $49,381
58. Barnard College $49,372
59. Pomona College $49,361
60. Lafayette College $49,319
61. Swarthmore College $49,250
62. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute $49,245
63. Chapman University $49,174
64. Hobart and William Smith College $49,168
65. Wheaton College (MA) $49,155
66. Bryn Mawr College $49,120
67. University of Rochester $49,070
68. MIT $48,870
69. University of Notre Dame $48,850
70. Stanford University $48,843
71. College of the Holy Cross $48,800
72. Occidental College $48,750
72. Villanova University $48,750
74. Pepperdine University $48,630
75. Wake Forest University $48,618
76. Lehigh University $48,530
77. University of Richmond $48,490
78. Amherst College $48,400
79. Emory University $48,396
80. Brandeis University $48,368
81. Brown University $48,328
82. Fairfield University $48,170
83. University of San Diego $48,072
84. Gettysburg College $48,060
85. Worcester Polytechnic Institute $48,050
86. Ursinus College $47,750
87. Drew University $47,678
88. Rollins College $47,540
89. Yale University $47,500
90. Santa Clara University$47,400
91. American University $47,386
92. Pitzer College $47,278
93. Loyola University Maryland $47,190
94. Washington and Lee University $47,165
95. Kenyon College $47,070
96. Princeton University $47,020
97. Macalester College $46,942
98. Colorado College $46,902
99. Loyola Marymount University $46,880
100. Northeastern University$46,860      



Skin Asthma at iba pang balita

Dear insansapinas,

Nang una kong mabasa sa isang blog ang skin asthma, akala ko yong skin ay umuubo. Yon pala eczema. hohoho.

Mas gusto kong tawaging skin allergy kasi minsan ang eczema sa atin ay tinataasan ng kilay na para bang nagkakaroon ka noon dahil ikaw ay hindi malinis sa katawan.

Sa totoo lang, nakukuha ang skin asthma sa lahat ng bagay na ayaw ng ating balat st system. Kagaya ko, allergic ako sa chemicals lalo na yong dishwashing liquid. Pag natuyo ang balat ko, may lumalabas na mga puti sa aking daliri tanda ng dryness. Pag kinamot mo. Sugat.

Dati ginagamot ko ng hydrocortizone. Prescribed pa yon. Aba naging immune siya. Tigas ng ulo. Ngayon pinagtitiyagaan kong lagyan ng lotion ang aking kamay. Pero hindi lang yan ang allergy ko. Pero hindi ko naman kayo doctor kaya sasarilinin ko na lang.

Mas masahol naman ang aking kaibigan. Allergic naman siya sa seafood.Pag kumain siya, namamaga ang mata niya at nagkakaroon siya ng mga rashes. Kaya kung mahilig ka sa seafood, siya ang masarap kasama. Solong-solo mo ang mga alimango,hipon at pating. toink.

 Ronaldo Puno 

Withdraw daw siya sa Vice-Presindential Race dahil kay Pepeng at Ondoy. OWS.  Baka alam niyang hindi siya mananalo.Sus.


Ang mga TV network ay mahilig gumamit ng background sa labas ng studio na sinasagap ng kanilang camera.
Ito ang seagull, nagpapansin. Balik-balik sa camera. Sa SF nga makita mo sila tinatabihan ang camera na nasa mga electrical post. Kinakausap siguro at tinatanong kung kailan sila lilipad. hohoho.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Para mama, Lampas na ako

 Dear insansapinas,
Nang ako ay istudyante pa, inis na inis ako pag lumalampas ang dyip sa bababaan ko. Ang lakas ng sigaw ko noon PARA MAMA, LAMPAS NA AKO...tapos bababa ako na bubulong-bulong.

(photo from wiki)

Itong eruplano hindi puwedeng sabihing lampas na siya sa airport.

MINNEAPOLIS - Two Northwest Airlines pilots failed to make radio contact with ground controllers for more than an hour and overflew their Minneapolis destination by 150 miles before discovering the mistake and turning around.
The plane landed safely Wednesday evening, apparently without passengers realizing that anything had been amiss. No one was hurt.

Sabi nila, baka nakatulog daw yong dalawang piloto. Imagine mo yon, nakasakay ka sa eruplano na tulog ang  mga "drivers".

Noong palitan kami ng aking husband pagtravel (bicoastal) kami...nakatira siya sa East at ako nakatira sa California, nagkaroon din ako ng problema sa airline na ito. Imagine pagtake off namin, balik kaagad kami sa airport. Sabi nila may sunog daw sa buntot. Sus!

Natagalan kami bago nakaalis ulit kaya ang connecting flight ko sa Minnessota ay nakaalis na.Kaya chance passenger kami lahat para sa next flights na ilang lang ang puwedeng i-accommosate.

Dito ko nagamit ang advantage ng may pangalang "Merkano". Ang mga buwakanang ground personnel ng airline ay inuuna ang mga kababayan nila. Kaya kung ang pangalan mo ay Asian, Indian at iba pang lahi, manigas kang maghintay.

Ako tinawag pagkatapos nang dalawang oras akong nakalupasay sa floor ng airport.Nagulat pa yong babae na hindi pala ako Puti kung di pangalan ko lang. Balak pang bawiin pero tumakbo na ako papunta sa pinto.

Tseh nila.

Minsan naman, nanggaling ako sa SF nang stranded kami ng mahigit na sampung oras dahil walang makitang piloto. Sus. Bakit nagschedule pa sila nang flight kung walang magda"drive".

Wala pang matinong makausap sa counter na dinadaan na lang sa pagkasuplada ang pag-iwas sa mga sagot. 

Sabi maghintay sa isang boarding gate. Iyong boarding gate na iyon ay malayo doon sa counter nila kaya pag-magtatanong ka ulit ay lalakad ka nang napakalayo na tatamarin ka na lang lalo, may dala kang mabigat. Ipapanalangin mong madapa sana sila.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ang Aking Tatay na di ko Tatay-Halloween Stories

Dear insansapinas,
Kung multo at multo lang naman ang pag-uusapan, mas maraming kuwento ang aking mother.
Hindi siya katulad ko na I-talk-to-dead-people. Siya lang ang ay I-can-see-dead people.

Ilang beses niyang nakita ang aking father matapos na siyang mamatay. Pero nang una niyang makita ang aking father ay buhay pa siya. Nope, hindi siya ang doppelganger na sinasabi ng iba.

Baby pa ako noon at nagtatrabaho ang daddy ko ng pm shift kaya lampas alas dose na ng gabi kung siya ay umuwi.

Ang sabi nila (kapitbahay namin), yong bahay daw namin ay daanan ng mga engkanto at iba pa. Huwag ninyo akong tanungin, wala pa akong kamalay-malay noon.

Isang madaling-araw, nagising ang mother ko na may nagbukas ng pinto sa kusina. Doon pumapasok ang aking father instead na sa balkonahe namin.

Ang gamit namin noon ay petromax kasi ang koryente ay hanggang alas dose lang. So ang mga aswang siguro naglalabasan pag wala ng koryente. ngek ngek ngek.

Ang gamit naming moskitero (hindi yong musketeers ni king Arthur) kung hindi yong mosquito net para di kami kagatin ng lamok ay malaking pampamilya.

Eniwey, hinintay ng aking mother ang pagpasok ng aking father mula sa kitchen.

Narinig niya ang yabag pero hindi siya lumabas sa kulambo. Napansin niya na kumulimlim ang petromax. Nakita niya na nakatayo ang aking ama sa paanan ng kulambo. Ang nakikita lang niya ay ang pantalon nito hanggang baywang.

Tumuloy ito sa salas. Kaya inisip niya na baka may gagawin pa o kaya maghuhubad ng sapatos.

Nakatulog siyang kaunti nang marinig niyang bumukas na naman ang pinto sa may kusina. Tapos nakita niya ang father ko na pumasok.

Tinanong niya kung saan siya pumunta. Sagot naman ng aking ama na sa trabaho. Ang bilis mo naman, sabi ng aking mother.

Sinabi niya na nakita na niyang dumating siya at pumunta ng salas. So akala niya lumabas ulit at kababalik lang.

Sabi naman ng aking father, kararating lang niya.

Sabi ng mother ko eh sino yong nakita kong nakatayo sa may kulambo?



Dear insansapinas,

photofrom MSNBC

Puputi ang buhok ko pag binabasa ko ang mga balita. Sa edad na 72, tatakbo pa si Erap para maging presidente.

Siya ay pinatawad ni Gloria Arroyo nang siya ay tumuntong sa edad na 70 dahil sa policy na kailangan palayain na ang mga senior citizens. Pweh.

Si Bernie Madoff, 71, ang nanloko sa maraming Kano ng pera sa kaniyang Ponzi scheme, nagsisimula pa lamang sa kaniyang 150 years na prison term. Walang edad-edad. May kasalanan, ikulong.

Meron pang mga nakakulong na kababaihan na balak nilang pakawalan dahil nakakaawa naman. Ang mga kasalanan, illelgal recruitment, murder at iba pa.

Noong isang araw, may nalathala sa diyaryo (hindi ko na nakita pa) tungkol sa isang ina na siya pa ang nagbuyo sa dalawa niyang anak na siyam na taon at labing-isang taon sa isang Amerikanong pedophile na nahuli sa Florida.

Ang ganitong mga klaseng ina ang dapat ikulong. Kinakalakal ang kanilang anak para lang magkapera. Huwag may magbabanggit na dahil ito sa kahirapan dahil kung lahat ng mahirap sa Pinas ay ganito ang gagamiting alibi, mahigit kalahati ng population ng bansa ang magiging prostitute. Marami akong alam na 
mahirap na nagsumikap para mabago ang kanilang buhay.

Itong mga mahihirap na ito na nagpapadala sa libreng t-shirt at pagkain na ibinoboto ang mga kandidatong nagsasamantala ay dapat ding sisihin. 
Magkano kaya ang ibinigay sa mga ito?

Some came barefoot, others in well-worn slippers for what their idol described as “the last performance of my life.” Many more wore orange T-shirts emblazoned with his nickname: Erap.Hoisting banners and placards, an estimated 10,000 supporters of ousted President Joseph Estrada Wednesday converged on Plaza Amado Hernandez in Moriones, Tondo, to hear him declare formally what he had long been threatening to do—run for reelection in May 2010.

Hayden Kho Indicted

 Dear insansapinas,

Kahit na parang gapang pagong, mabuti ring malaman na nakasuhan si HAYDEN KHO sa pambabastos niya sa mga kababaihan. Ito ang balita.

 Criminal charges were filed Thursday against cosmetic surgeon Hayden Kho Jr. in connection with his sex video with actress Katrina Halili that was uploaded on the Internet.

A charge sheet filed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) before the Pasig regional trial court indicted Kho for violation of Republic Act 9262 (anti-violence against women and children act).

Kho can post bail, but if found guilty by the court, he could suffer a jail sentence of six to 12 years and a fine of not less than P100,000.

A team of DOJ probers led by Senior State Prosecutor Emilie Fe delos Santos, head of the Task Force on Women and Children Protection, found that Kho’s acts of recording his sexual exploits with Halili and other women without their consent “bespoke of his betrayal of their trust and lack of respect for women."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ang Katok sa Pinto sa Baguio Teachers' Camp-Halloween Stories

Dear insansapinas,
Ilang beses ang grupo naming nagpunta sa Baguio Teachers' Camp pag summer. Tuwing pupunta kami doon ay may kuwento ng multo.

Isang summer, pumunta kami ng grupo ko para magkaroon kami ng working seminar paggawa ng sylabus. Actually, gawa na namin yon, discussion na lang ang ginawa namin at sa gabi ay libre ang mga kasamahan kong lumabas habang ang iba ay nagbabaraha o kaya scrabble. Bonding namin yon at paimpress na solid kami sa aming College.

Isang gabi, ang mga grupo ng boys ay lumabas para maggoodtime habang kaming mga babae ay nag-uubusan ng barya paglalaro ng forty-one. Alas dose na wala pa ang mga boys kaya tulog na kami. Total alam naman naming dala nila ang susi sa main door. Sila naman ay magkakasama sa isang kuwarto except yong isa na kasama ang pamilya niya. May sarili silang kuwarto.

That time , solo namin ang building na yon kasi kaaalis lang noong isang grupo. 

Kinabukasan, kuwento sila.

Itong palang mga boys ay naiwan ang kanilang susi sa excitement. Hindi naman sila puwedeng kumatok dahil hindi namin mariring. Isang oras daw silang nambabato ng bintana namin, walang gumigising. Yong isa nga raw ay umakyat pa ng dustpout para gisingin kami, wala rin. Habang abala ang iba sa paghanap kung paano nila kami magigising, yong isang kasamahan namin ay naramdaman na nagclick yong pinto. Binuksan siya noong naiwang kasamahan naming lalaki na kasama ang pamilya.

Tamang-tama dumating yong buong pamilya para sumalo sa breakfast. Sabi namin, buti na lang gising pa sila at binuksan nila ang pinto.

Sabi noong lalaki, tulog na raw sila kaya lang may malakas na kumatok sa pinto nila.Binuksan niya walang tao. Sinara niya ulit at muli na namang kumatok. Lumabas daw siya ng kuwarto para hanapin kung sino ang kumakatok at bakit ito nagtatago. Papunta siya sa hallway ng marinig niya ang mga boys na kumakatok naman doon sa ibaba, kaya bumaba siya at binuksan ang pinto.

Sinabi namin na baka yong katok ng mga boys ang narinig niya. Sabi niya hindi. Malakas ang katok sa pinto nila at ang katok sa ibaba ay hindi maririnig kung hindi lalabas ng hallway.

Noong gabing yon, nag-abang kami ng multo. Ahohoy. Ninuninu


How it is to live with ghosts-Halloween Stories

Dear insansapinas,
Noon nagtataka ako kung anong nahihita noong mga ghost hunters kasi hindi naman sila nagchacharge doon sa mga kliyente nilang gustong malaman kung may multo nga sa kanilang bahay.

Yon pala inaalok nila sa mga TV network ang kanilang video.Sa panonood ko naman wala naman akong makita o marinig na nagpapatunay na multo. Sabi nila merong narerecord sa kanilang mga equipment. Wala namang kasama sa kanila na "sensitive" na kahit walang equipment ang lakas magparamdam ng mga nasa ibang dimension.

Sabi ko sainyo "sensitive " ako. hindi yong sensitive na magtatampo o magagalt pag may narining akong di ko gusto at di ko na babatiin yong tao  hanggang pumuti an gbuhok niya malagas o pumuti. (ah may mga occasion palana ganoon ako ako. guilty. pag ako nagtampo, manikluhod ka man, di kita papansinin. Toink).
Sensitive ako sa mga ingay,galaw at amoy sa ibang dimension.

Ang macoconclude ko ay di yong bahay ang haunted, ako ang sinusundan. AHHHHHH.

Yong bahay sa SF, wala raw doong multo hanggang dumating ako. Ibig mong sabihin, bitbit ko Dito sa bahay ng kapatid ko, wala naman siyang nararamdaman, pero ako, paboritong ginigising ng mga ingay. Hindi ingay ah na naghihila ng kadena o something, kundi nanggigising. Wall to wall carpeting ang bahay so hindi maririnig.

Noong isang madaling araw, kumatok na naman. Di ko na pinansin. Hindi naman nanggaling sa pinto kung hidi sa wall. Istorbo.

May nahulog sa carpet. Ang lakas naman ng bagsak eh dapat, walang sound yon kasi ang kapal ng carpeting namin. Yong tipong lulubog ang paa mo pag bagong vacuum.

Yong plastic bottle ng gamot ko na nakapatong sa gitna ng maliit na cabinet (wala pang 2 feet ang taas) ay nahulog. Wala namang hangin. Wala namang lindol para yon gumalaw mula sa gitna at kusang mahulog sa carpet. At ang lakas ng ingay. Talang nagpapansin. TSEH.

Nonng isang gabi, nanonood ako ng TV sa living room. Sarado ang ilaw pero yong ilaw sa kitchen ay nakabukas. Madilim kasi sa hallway papunta sa bathroom.

Bukas, sindi ang ilaw. Dalawang fluorescent lights yon. Di ko sinara. Inisip ko na baka mapupundi na ang isang bulb at papapalitan ko bukas.

Kinabukasan, okay naman. Di naman siya bukas, sara. Talagang gusto lang maglaro.

Okay naman sa akin ang mga paramdam niya o nila. Hindi ko alam kung sino siya. Ayaw magpakilala. Ang alam ko kasi marami.

Mabuti na lang di na ako kagaya noon na matatakutin.

Doon sa bahay namain sa Queson City, mayroon doong nagpaparamdam. Minsan tulog na ang mga kapatid ko, nakahiga kami sa bunk bed, kuwarto ng mga girls nang marealize ko na ako na lang pala ang gising.

Ang aming kumot noon ay manipis lang dahil mainit naman, tama lang na huwag matulog nang nakabilad ang katawan.

Naramdaman ko na nagfofloat ang kumot. Nakikita ko na ang paa ko. Ngiiiii. Hinawakan ko ang dulo at nagtalukbong ako. Tseh.

Itutuloy para sa mga multong nakakatakot.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Underwater meeting, Global Warming, Filipino Time

Dear insansapinas,
Habang sa Pilipinas ay nag-aagawan ng media exposure sa paghahanap ng masisi sa unusual flooding na naganap, ang ibang bansa na sa global warming o climat change nakakatutok ang kanilang mga effort para maminimize ang impact ng pag-iinit ng temperatura ng mundo. Publicity stunt o hindi, I thought it to be cool.
Nagbabasa ako ng novels ngayon na all about marine life, marine biology at mga nangyari centuries ago na naging dahilan nang paglubog ng mga nawawalang siyudad at isla na minsan ay nasa mapa ng mundo.

Isang article ang nabasa na nagcoconfirm sa isinulat sa nobela na ang sanhi ng pagbaha sa mga lupang dati ay di inaabot ng tubig ay ang mga lindol lalo na ang nanggaling sa ilalim ng dagat. Binabago nito ang bottom level ng dagat sa pamamagitan ng pagtaas ng ilang bahagi.

Isa pa ay ang mga tsunami na nagdadala ng maraming tubig sa katihan. (dry lands).

Isang scientist ang nagsulat na sa darating na summer, wala ng mga icebergs sa Antartica. Ibig sabihin, matutunaw ang yelo at ang natunaw na yelo ay magpapataas sa level ng tubig-dagat.

Kaya natawa ako nang mabasa ko ang article (inalis na) ng tungkol sa pagpulot ng mga wrappers ng candy sa daan ng isang presidential wannabe. Hoy, hindi yan ang nagpapabaha dahil yan winawalis ng mga hidn "ghost" street sweepers.

Kung basura nga ang nagcontribute sa baha, yon ang mga basurang tinatapon ng mga nasa squatters' area na walang plumbing system at lahat ng basura ay tinatapos sa estero. Yon ang pulutin niya. Ahohohoho.

Sa probinsiya naman na binaha din ay wala namang masyadong basura dahil either sinusunog nila, binabaon sa lupa o ginagawang fertilizer.

Habang may batas na isinusulong dito sa States about climate change, may isinusulong na batas sa Senado tungkol sa Filipino time.

Hindi ba nila alam na masmasahol ang time sa ibang bansa kung saan hindi lang isang oras ang hihintayin mo kung hindi mahigit pa.


Coupons, Grocery List and The Nanny

Dear insansapinas,
Hindi ko pinapansin ang mga ibinibigay sa aking receipts pagnamimili ako. Yon pala ay mayroon na akong mahigit na 3.00 discount kapag namili ako ng more than 15 dollars on selected items.Hindi ako gumagamit ng coupon except yong so bookstore at art store pero itong nasa receipt, ginamit ko. Sarap ng pakiramdam. Kaya lang kulang pang ipambili ng Subway Long sandwich.  ahehehe

Grocery List

Magang-maga, gumawa ako ng listahan para bilhin with a resolve na hindi ko na iiwanan. Sa awa ng Diyos, nakalimutan ko pa rin sa couch. Conclusion: grocery list is a reminder of what you forgot to bring. Toink.

Nakabili na ako ng mouthwash. Maganda kasi kulay. Violet. parang grapes. Ang nakalimutan ko namang bilhin ay cough syrup. ubo, ubo, ubo,

Lalo akong naubo nang matanggap ko ang aking bill mula sa specialista. Yong wala pang 10 minutes niyang pakikiusap sa akin ay nagkakahalaga ng mahigit dalawandaang dolyar. Ahohoy.

The Nanny 

Nanonood ulit ako ng The Nanny. Hindi yong Super Nanny kung hindi yong rerun ng The Nanny ni Fran Drescher.

Kaya lang alas onse siya hanggang ala-una. Ngayon ko lang kaso naiintindihan yong humor. Pag bago ka kasi sa States, hindi mo pa alam ang mga practices. Sabi nga nila it is a cultural thing.

Ang pinagtatawanan ko lang doon noon ay ang mga furniture na nakabalot pa ng plastic. Parang Filipino din. ahahaha


Monday, October 19, 2009

Balloon Boy and Family Busted and the Doctor of Octomom Ousted

Dear insansapinas,

Ayaw ko yong approach nang authorities doon sa pagkundena sa Balloon Boy and Family. Nasisira ng aking kaalaman sa mga napapapanood ko sa Law nd Order.

Sabihin na nating publicity stunt nga yong ginawa, eh yon namang trial bypublicity nila nakakahiya.

1. Sa pamamgitan ng isang ewan ko kung sino yon, shrink ba yon, nagconclude sila na nagsisinungaling yong bata dahil s deep sigh nito. Paano naman kung ugali mo na ang mag "sigh"?

2. Ang emotion daw ng mg-asawa ay arte lang kasi nagkilala sila sa drama school. Nak ng huwe, so lahat ng nagkilala sa drama school ay mga actor at actress? Wala bang mas convincing na reason?

3. Bakit biglang nagbago ang hangin ng investigation? Dahil ba may binayarang sumulat na atat na atat magkaroon ng reality show ang pamilya?

4. May nakita bang ebidensiya na pinatago nga ang bata sa attic ? 

Hindi pa nga tapos ang imbestigasyon, sinasabi nang makukulong ang tatay. Di ba stressful sa mga bata ito.

Hindi ko ipinagtatanggol ang pamilya pero tama yong abugado ng mga Heene. Wala pa siyang crime na nacocommit hanggang di nila napapatunayan.
Lane, asked Monday by CNN about his client's state of mind, said it was "what you would expect someone's state of mind to be after law enforcement searched your house, seized your property, held a press conference announcing you're about to be charged with felony criminal charges. Your state of mind would be rather upset and you would feel somewhat under siege, which is exactly how the family feels at this point
BTW, yon palang asawa ay hindi Pinay kung hindi Japanese. Japanese name pala ang Mayumi. Mukha nga naman siyang Japon.

Naalala ko tuloy yong kaso ng pamilyang Filipino na dahil sa isang statement ng anak na babae dahil galit siya sa tatay niya, nagulo ang buhay nila. Nang tinanong ang bata kung inaabuso siya ng tatay niya. Sabi niya oo.Kinuha kaagad ang bata ng Social Welfare, kinasuhan ang tatay. Sa tinagal ng kaso at sa imbestigasyon, walang ebidensiyang may sexual abuse ang bata. Hindi ako sigurado pero narinig ko umuwi na ng Pinas ang pamilya.


The doctor who implanted six embryos in octuplets' mother Nadya Suleman last year has been expelled from a fertility medical society, a spokesman for the group said.

Dapat lang. Itong octomom din ay mafifeature sa quasi-reality show. Pero hindi yata rito sa States dahil galit ang mga tao sa kaniya.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Compensated Dating or Prostitution

Dear insansapinas,

The video is about young girls who date with older men in exchange of cash in Hong Kong. They're not poor. Many of them are students. They are into this trade to be able to buy expensive and designer stuff.

When I was teaching in one big university where most of the evening students were working and supporting themselves, I took notice of some young girls who were expensively dressed, carried branded bags  and were well-coiffed and made-up. Fragrance was also expensive.

A mature lady student ( she was a bored housewife/businesswoman who wanted a second college degree) intimated to me that these young girls were making "sidelines" aside from their 9-5 office jobs. They're into compensated dating. I did not know what that means.

The men knew the drill when they want to pick up girls from the universities. It is all in the car and how stuffs were positioned in the car seats.

Yes, they dated with men with cars only.

One time, a classmate of mine in the Graduate School told us a story about his friend who got a student for a girl friend. A friend's friend wanted to date with some co-eds so one night they strolled along the university belt. Two young ladies responded to the signs that the men wanted dates.

The friend thought that one of the ladies was familiar. ( He did not see the face yet since he was seated at the back). When the ladies hopped inside the car, he recognized his girlfriend.

My lady friend divulged to me that these ladies were doing these dates not because of poverty. They compete with other girls in terms of luxuries and expensive wardrobe and blings blings.

In some exclusive schools, the girls do it for drugs when the allowance sent to them had already been spent before the month ended.