Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Promises

 Dear insansapinas,
Statements from the Cabinet Secretaries

“We will continue, but implement more vigorously, the existing programs against tax evaders and corrupt revenue officials with help from the Department of Justice,”

That means the programs are already there before their administration.  I hope there are no padrinos for big time cheats. Nothing new.

DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Secretary Proceso Alcala will review farm productivity and rice importation programs in order to determine whether announced targets could be reached.
Paano naman kung may rice cartel and artificial shortage?

DEPARTMENT OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY Secretary Gregory Domingo is bent on delivering “very significant results” as it focuses on jobs creation, a better business environment, fair trade and consumer protection.
May be he should start talking to businessmen who outsourced some of their companies' operations.

Butch Abad
DEPARTMENT OF BUDGET AND MANAGEMENT (DBM) Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad will likewise prepare for a zero-based budgeting process, and will institute measures to enforce more transparency, accountability and efficiency.

Good luck!!! One of the disadvantages of zero based budgeting is it is time consuming and exhaustive. Down below the hierarchy, the preparers do not even know how to prepare a budget. They are used to incremental budgeting where they have only to justify the increases in the budget. Anyway, they have six years to change the system. The last time I heard about its planned implementation was years ago.


DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS AND HIGHWAYS (DPWH) Secretary Rogelio Singson will make flood control projects a priority in view of climate change, according to the recommendation of his predecessor Victor Domingo.
Promise ha.



Anonymous said...

oh promise meeeeee
my looooooooove, pag dika nga naman napakanta nalang oo!

cathy said...

parang mga nanliligaw, ipapromise ang langit at lupa. Eh polluted na.

Anonymous said...

ngayon sila mag promise ng mga langit at lupa sa nililigawan pag hindi nilunod
sila on da spot nung nililigawan nila bwahaha.
sabagay,dina naman uso nanliligaw na lalaki, babae na nanliligaw o kaya kindatan at taasa nalang ng palda este ng kilay pala e ok na,mag syota na sila.

cathy said...

dito nga ang mga hindi noy-pi, nagkainuman lang sa bar, pag-uwi magboyfriend na kaya nga natatawa ako diyan sa mga artista na pinagmamamalaking may boyfriend silang puti.