Monday, July 12, 2010

Speak English Only and Unemployment Benefits

 Dear insansapinas,
I've worked with a company where a department was a mini-United Nations group. There were Chinese, Pakistanis, Indians, Russians and Mexicans. They spoke their language even when I was around. Tado rin kayo sabi ko naman sa sarili ko. 

I've also worked in a company where there were a lot of Filipinos. I talked to them in English when we're with people of different ethnicity. I was often criticized for speaking English to Filipinos. Mayabang daw ako. It was not only a company policy but I feel it is a disrespect to people who do not understand the language. Okay lang kung kami-kami lang. Kahit paulanan nila ako ng mga Put......

magpapayong lang ako. Meron kasi kaming kasamahan noon na ang comma, period at hyphen niya ay "PIM'S." Ayaw niya ng FU kasi maiintindihan daw ng mga Puti.

Ito ngayon ang balita.  Three Filipina nurses in an  East Coast hospital were fired for violating the" Speak English only"  rule.

Having been terminated, they applied for unemployment benefits to the EDD.

They were declined. It is good that there was a judge who thought that not speaking the English language would not kill a patient so that he ordered for the payment of unemployment benefits of the dismissed nurses.

FAIRFAX, Virginia - The Maryland Department of Labor reversed an order that withheld unemployment benefits from one of three Filipina nurses who were fired from a Baltimore hospital for speaking Tagalog.
Administrative judge Stuart Breslow sided with the nurses when he said in his ruling that no patient was ever put in danger when they spoke Tagalog during their break.
Breslow said Filipina nurse Corina Yap should be eligible to receive jobless benefits. The Labor Department earlier said Yap could not receive unemployment benefits because she was fired for grave misconduct.

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