Saturday, July 10, 2010


Dear insansapinas,
I am not a GMA fan. As I have been telling my friend, if she is guilty of the accusations, bring her to court, indict her and put her away for good.

But when she was criticized severely of her economic policies to the point that the President Elect jestingly said he did not learn anything from her (teaching methodology perhaps), I thought the people just have to learn how economics work. The Aquino government is also adopting the same GMA's fiscal policies.

Budget deficit increased by the Aquino government

THE Aquino administration has decided to continue the previous administration’s strategy of pump-priming the economy and raised the budget deficit target for 2010 by another P31.8 billion.
The decision effectively increased the deficit target to P325 billion, equivalent to 3.9 percent of the gross domestic product, Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima said Friday after a meeting of the Development Budget Coordination Committee, which sets the government’s macroeconomic assumptions.
According to business dictionary, pump priming is an injection of )relatively small) sums of money by government into a depressed economy to increase purchaing power of people that will stimulate the demand which in turn will boost private sector investment.

The previous government gave rice subsidies and cash  to  poor people to increase their purchasing power.

Now Budget Secretary Florencio Abad said that the government would look into  scrapping the rice subsidy and instead expanding the dole to increase the number of very poor families receiving cash to tide them over.

While poor people spent the money they received from the government tp stimulate the economy, businessmen deposited their profits in offshore banks.  While poor people engaged in underground economy such as sa-malamig-banana cue businesses, the businessmen who contributed millions to candidates invest in China and Vietnam where they get more ROI because of lower wages.

It is easy to criticize when you are at the other side of the fence. 



lechon said...

hindi priority yong frequency ng paglabas Ni P-Noy sa media, ang importante, matugunan niya yong mga kumakalam na sikmura ng mga Pilipino, una, dapat ipagbawal yang by contract lang ng tigatlo o anim na buwan ang pagtratrabaho sa isang company kung mahigit sa 100 and empleyado nila, bigyan ng tamang benepisyo. maraming nasasayang na talent at wala pang 40 kelangan ng magretire

cathy said...

yan ay dahil walang pang press in charge sa media. pero ngayong meron na, si carandang at coloma, baka mababawasan na rin ang kaniyang mga paglabas-labas para sumagot.

pag pinagbawal nila ang contractual employees lalo sa mga retail outlets magtatampo ang mga mayayamang donor noong campaign period.