Monday, November 12, 2007

San Francisco International Ariport

Dear insansapinas,

Travel tips-The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand.

We landed at San Francisco International Airport at exactly 8:00 in March 8 that year. I left the Philippines 6:00 am same date. If I am going to write this in my diary, I have travelled around the globe just in two hours. Hindi naman ako si Darna. Amazing, these time zones.

Every time the aircraft stops, there is a commotion in the cabin. Eveyone wanted to be the first to leave.

Since SFO was my destination, I remain seated and let those other passengers who may be in a rush to catch their connecting flights in another gates get their stuff and make a line towards the exit. Besides, I was also excited. I am now in the United States. I pondered on what life awaits for me. That was the end of my flight but my journey in life continues. A little ray of sun sparkled on the blue-gray clouds..

The knight-in-the-shining-armor (not) guy had disembarked at LAX. I looked around. There was a guy coming towards my direction. I stepped on the seat, reached for my suitcase and as the man got nearer, I made a loud Hmmmmmpppp. " Let me help you." He came rushing to unburden me with the load.

Tip # 1

According to my friend. Timing is essential in getting the help needed during travels.
See to it that there is always a man around when trying to lift a heavy luggage. Make him feel you needed some extra hand with the proper facial expression and little sound of distress.
Ang mga suplada bawal dito. Yon yon eh. Don't forget to say tink yu with a smile.

So I said thank you to the man and smiled the sweetest I could muster. The man smiled back. The lady behind him frowned and showed her displeasure. Might be the missus. Oh well.

After putting on the leather jacket that I bought from Pakistan for 1,500 pesos (I did not know that it costs $ 300 in the US), I took my small mirror and checked if there was a need for me to dab my face with pressed powder. Checked my teeth too for some lipstick smears. I supposed there will be a brief interview in the immigration.

Tip # 2

During orientation, we were advised to wear something decent and appropriate for your profession. When I heard the word appropriate, I asked mentally what's appropriate for a dancer? Like a ballet dancer? Like a chef? But it is just the humorist in me asking. The lady doing the orientation asked me if i have a question. Can people read my mind? Or they are simply amused by my facial expression. I will try to avoid that brow-knitting and raising habits. Promise.

I shook my head to tell her, none. I liked to finish the orientation fast.

She continued with a story that affirms Melanie Marquez' witty saying, "Do not judge him (his brother Joey Marquez) by his cover. He is not a book.". mwehehe.

One Pinoy engineer ' holding a working visa was almost denied of entry because he did not look like an engineer. This time, I raised my hand and asked, so how does an engineer look like? Like me for instance, I am an accountant, do I have to appear grouchy because I could not balance the books or do they have to expect numbers in my face?

The lady did not give me a straight answer.She continued her story about the engineer who was wearing a denim jacket over a shirt emblazoned with some Gothic designs, denim jeans and Rebook shoes. He was shorter than the average height. Filipinos look younger than their age , so the immigration officer must have thought he was a stow-away slash pinabili slash ng suka slash sa kanto slash guy. No brainer but the lady swore to her neighbor's death that it really happened. ' key.

I joined the line of non-immigrant visa holders. It was a slow processing than those with green cards and blue passports.

Then I came face to face with the first Caucasian I met in the US. I remembered my friend's story that she was looking for someone in uniform when she came to the US. She was fond of watching COPS and other police stories.

The immigration officer scrutinized my passport. "Hmmm, so you're an accountant." I wanted to
answer back, "hmmmmmmm so what do you think?" But I just kept quiet. I remembered the other tip.

Tip #3

If the question requires, yes or no for an answer, then respond with a yes or a no. If there is a follow up question, then reply accordingly. Never volunter to offer any information unless asked. I took note of that. Sometimes when I was in my jovial mood, if you ask me my name, I would even tell you the story how my mother changed my name so I would enroll in the first grade.

He looked at me from head to foot. I did the same to him but it was only from head to chest.
He was sitting inside a cubicle with only half body in view.

He looked at my face again. He must be searching for the numbers in my face to prove that I am an accountant? *heh*

Tip # 4

Look straight to the eyes of the person talking to you.

He looked at me again. I look straight into his eyes. I was wearing my prescription glasses. He was wearing a tinted one. Madaya.

I was thinking he would ask me questions just like what they do in the US Embassy interview.
Remember, I skipped the interview for the reason I do not know. But I theorized the following explanations:

1. Probably someone got enamoured to my photo in my passport. Ahem;
2. Someone got scared of my photo that if he will not approve my visa, something bad might happen;
3. Someone got off in the right side of the bed, went to work humming and just stamping the passport with a visa;
4. my passport fell in an inbox tray marked FOR VISA stamping;
5. or they must have seen my work-related travels in my resume.

The immigration officer handed me back my passport and said WELCOME to the US and have a nice day.

I said thank you and with that I walked past the gate. The suitcase felt lighter.


Little Christmas Tree

Dear insansapinas,

I was looking at Michael's flyer that came in the mail. It is my favorite store for art and crafts stuff. I felt nostalgic when I saw the Christmas trees for sale at bargain prices. It was only last year when I did not have a Christmas tree. I miss the lights, the Christmas balls and the ribbons.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

San Francisco Here I Come

Dear insansapinas,

If you reveal your secrets to the wind you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.

It was the dawn of early March, March 8 to be exact, when we landed at the first destination--LAX. Los Angeles is the second most populated city in the US of A.

Many passengers disembarked in this airport that the cabin was left practically empty saved for some few who were foreigners that we picked up from Japan.

I looked out by the window hoping to see blond and blue eyed Americans--my first ever in their own territory. But of course I have met many, back in Angeles City where I grew up. Our neighbor was an American family who had children about our age--Deborah (pronounced as Debra) and little David who was curious why we ate grass when he saw the sweet potato leaves (talbos ng kamote) that my mother made into salad. We were growing them a lot at the backyard. Then during July 4th, we would go to Clark Air Base to eat ice cream and toured the facility for the whole day.

Except for the aircrafts and the baggage carriers, I saw no one.

I decided to move to the five-seater, raised the arm rests with a plan to stretch myself and sleep in a supine position.

A lady who must be over fifty and with a gold-draped fingers sat by my side.

She asked about my destination. I know she just wanted to break the ice. If I did not get off at LAX, then it must be the next stop which was San Francisco. Obvious ba?

She said that her all seatmates took off. I saw her seatmates on my way to the washroom. She looked like a movie star. The other one must be the mother.

According to the lady, the beautiful young lady is a mistress of a big time politician.

"Ow" I responded with matching brow raising and o-forming mouth expression.

"So she's one among those "satellite families". He's not only spreading his oats, he is also spreading his wealth." "And why is she here, vacationing or pregnant? I asked the lady whose name I did not bother to ask.

" Ah she's going to get married", was the short reply of the woman who did not give her name to me.

"Why? Did she break up with sugar daddy? She must be insane." I asked again the lady without asking who she is and what's her name.

" No. She's being banished because Mistress # 3 felt insecure. She's prettier and younger.",
said the lady. She was powdering her nose but I still do not know her name.

"Ow". Another O-forming mouth for me. If I were smoking , I could have puff out perfect circles.

“But why is she not in the business class?" curiously I asked with the hope that woman would tell me her name.

" They're flying incognito. The people in the business class knew her. She's here to get married." This time the lady without a name was reapplying lip color. So she's responding even without looking at me.

"Really?" This is my wide-eyed expression of disbelief. "who is he getting married to? " I was tempted to ask another question and that was what is her name.

"Ah, it is an arranged married to some US citizen guy. Expenses are all paid for including the house where she would be staying with her mother. That's her mother she's with."
Thinking she must have given a lot of information, she went back to her seat.

" Oh by the way? I did not get your name. Are you a celebrity columnist or something?"
Finally I asked.

" Ana. I am not a writer. I am the mother's friend."

The light "Fasten your seatbelt was on. San Francisco, here I come.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

That's Entertainment in the Airplane

Dear insansapinas,

You must first have a lot of patience to learn to have patience.

Time for entertainment. A big screen was at the center of the cabin unlike these days when some jets have small screens at the back of the seats that you can watch whatever you like. Just pray that the guy seated in your front does not recline the chair.

For that airline, the earphones were free. A lady who must be used to carriers which charged extra, refused when offered these ear contraptions. The audio of the movie was muted for the sake of passengers who aren't going to watch.

Some preferred to listen to their favorite music from the different radio channels.

I saw one passenger. He got an earphone and it looked like he was swaying to a bouncy music.
With fingers snapping and all. The end of the earphone was not plugged at the armrest. Oooops.

The screen was blazing with action that most of the passengers were awake. It was mystery and suspense. Kulang na lang may sumigaw ng dali takbo na, ayan na...Kung meron noon, tatayo ako at sasampal-sampalin ko para tumahimik. Haah!!!

But this was just in my thought balloon. I could not do it. I could not even grab the hair of this pesky little girl who kept on running back and forth in the aisle--- shake her,threaten her that I am going to gag her, tie her up in her seat if she will not stop. I am missing all the actions in the movie. But all these evil schemes were just in my thought balloon which was about to burst.

Trust the mother's instincts. The girl's mother must have sensed of my "evil thought" towards her daughter.She grabbed her daughter the moment she run to her direction; gave her something to make her settle down. Then she glanced at me. It was not an apologetic look. It was more of "you just dare, dude to hurt my daughter".

How did she read my mind? Got to prick that thought ballon. It must have become visible to others to read. Whew!

With the little girl gone, I thought I could watch the movie in peace.

A stewardess' butt blocked the view. The two passengers in the seats next to me were complaining. By the time the issue was settled, the sign THE END was streaming down the screen. Waaah.

I did not even get to know who the killer was.

When I was a kid and watched movies with the adult members of the family, I would often hear the shout "Soli bayad." That was when the audience felt they were shortchanged when the movie abruptlyl stopped due to technical glitch or the next roll of film did not come on time becausethe runner who shuttled back and forth between movie houses was stalled somewhere taking a break. I mentally shouted, Soli bayad.

I did not want to wait for the next screening. I wanted to sleep just like my seatmates who were already alternately producing snoring sounds.

I could make use of the earphones. So I closed my eyes and snored too. I wonder if we produced rythmic sounds. Mine could be alto.



Friday, November 09, 2007

What is your Beef or Chicken?

Dear insansapinas,

-Curious things, habits. People themselves never knew they had them.

Chicken it is.

With it were salad, bread, crackers, jam, butter, sliced fruit, water or soda, coffee or tea.There's also little sachets of salt, sugar and blackpepper and catsup.

I chose soda. A friend in the airline advised me not to drink water not unless it is served in a bottle still sealed. Didn't ask why. The reason is obvious. You do not know where water in the jug or bottle comes from.

I wrapped the bread, crackers and the jam in a plastic and put them inside my tote bag.Shame on me? Yeah. Babaw ko.

But if you have been stranded in a foreign country where you got cash just enough to buy you a bottled water, you may also do the same.

Got this bad experience in Singapore. The connecting flight was delayed for another eight hours because of the storm. My companion and I spent our last few dollars in helping the economy of Singapore; we shopped until we dropped. Cliche. Toink toink. The tourist guide was also partly to blame. He made us feel guilty of not buying from the stores with the blazing signs SALE in exchange of the free city tour with refreshments. It seemed that the tourist bus' GPS always led us to where we can drop a few or hundred dollars.

My lady lawyer/friend/companion in my trips abroad was fond of buying "pasalubong" for everyone in her big household, office and neighborhood. That included the security guards, the janitors and her manicurist/pedicurist. So thoughtful, so kind. Bless her soul.

We didn't expect the delay in the flight that long. We already missed our breakfast. And the time showed that it was already past noon. My stomach started to grumble.To forget the hungry pangs, I walked around the Changgi Airport. The beautiful jewelries, perfumes and books which I used to gloat over had no more effect on me. The jewelries looked more like asparagus or boiled "sitaw" with " sauteed bagoong in a kamatis as dip. The perfume's scent was more of the smell of the pork barbecue and the books looked like the green banana leaves
where steaming rice is spread all over.

Then she remembered the bread, the cracker and the butter and jam that she put away in her bag. She was a weightwatcher so she didn't eat everything served. We bought a bottled water and without thinking that we can come up with a miracle to multiply the single bread, we broke it into two, put a little butter and jam and hungrily devoured it. We were saved from " hunger" by that innocent bread hiding inside the bag saved by my friend instead of leaving it in the food tray to be recycled in the next flight?

Storm over, the flight was resumed. The stewardess barely finished the question, Beef or...?
we chorusedly answered Fish. Then we ate without much talking and burped. We asked each other if we ate like a glutton. The bland fish fillets tasted more delicious than they used to.

This habit could have started when I was a student. My classmates and I used to get extra sachets of sugar, catsup and soy sauce from the fastfood restaurants. They're handy whenever we ate our baon inside the classroom if we have no money to eat out.

My mother too was an influence. She berated us whenever we left something in our plates when we eat in restaurants. She said that every morsel of food was paid for. Even the extra soy sauce and catsup. So when you are invited to dine with us, don't be surprised to find catsup sachets with McDonald or Jolibee brands in the dining table.

Before 9/11, most airlines served food with stainless fork and spoon. Once used, they are sold to recycling companies. If you find some of them in household that means, they were kept as "souvenirs" of the flight.

A friend of mine was an executive in a company that manufactures the disposables and the give-aways of an airline. When it was rumored that the airlines was going to fold up its operation, the wife knelt praying in Quiapo Church.

After the meal, there was a long line to the washroom. I remember when I was a kid and was travelling by bus. The driver used to stop near grassy areas and shout. "O yong magbabawas, magbawas na." Men have advantage over women. They can do it anywhere-- standing. But I saw one lady also doing it--also standing with only the "tapis" as cover. nyahahah.

Time for sleep. It was a long trip. It was already evening but the sun was still shining outside.
The man by the window missed the beautiful sight. Gold rays penetrating the blue gray clouds.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Generic versus Branded Medicines

Dear insansapinas,

The pharmacist where I used to get my medications said that they do not carry that prescription given to me by the gastroenterologist and I could get the generic type over the counter from a big pharmacy.

So yesterday, I went to the pharmacy near our place. I asked the lady at the pharmacy counter where I can find those types of cream.

She got my prescription and made me wait for a couple of minutes. I thought she was looking for it. Then she handed me the medication. $ 28.00. I was expecting that it would be just over $ 5.00. She substituted it with another brand. Whew. A small tube of cream. So I decided not to give her the other prescription. Capitalist!!


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Gynecologist

Dear insansapinas,
I've been sleepy most of the time,making up for the sleepless nights in the past few months.

I went to a gynecologist yesterday. There were findings in the CTscan that he would verify if there's a need for surgery. The doctor turned out to be a man, about more than seventy years old with shaking hands. Ngiii.

But he was an expert. He knew what to do. After an invasive examination and a quick laboratory examination, he said that all those "cells" that were scanned in the uterus had already shrunk.


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Up and Up Away to the USA

Dear insansapinas,

We learn by example and by direct experience because there are real limits to the adequacy of verbal instruction.

The cabin of the carrier is much bigger, more seats--three rows, three seaters for the right and left sides and five or was it six in the middle?

I got the window seat at the right side. The steward helped me put my suitcase inside the overhead compartment. No remark, just a grimace of pain and a little smile. Very pr-ish indeed.

I hoped that my seatmates would not make it. Evil thought. bwahaha.

Every time, a passenger walked towards my direction, I wished that he/she would get past me.
But almost all the seats were taken except those two on my left.

A big man in his late fifties came striding with his carry-all bag.He was fat with gold rings, a gold necklace with a gleaming gold medallion draped around his neck.

He looked at the seat numbers.
He stopped, he exhaled and picked up his bag and thrust it in the still open overhead compartment.

Then he talked with a voice that was a cross of those of Morgan Freeman and Franz Drecher. I raised my brows, asking if he's talking to me. Yes, to me. He asked me if we can exchange seats. He liked the window seat. He wanted to see the view. What view?
The cumulus, the cirrus or the stratus clouds?

Monday, November 05, 2007

Another journey of life commences

Dear insansapinas,

This is the twenty seventh in the series of the Family Tree Project that I launched to leave basic life lessons and work ethics for my grandchildren who would never know how their grandmother, biological or adoptive lived before their birth or age of reason.

He who would travel happily must travel light.

Carrying my heavy luggage, my leather jacket that must weigh another few pounds and my tote bag, I searched for my seat inside the cabin.

Mine was the middle seat, sandwiched between a man and a woman. They must be visiting the extra large section of the department store for their garments' need so that starving them during the whole duration of the flight would save them money from another-lose-20lbs- in- one month diet program. I mentally calculated the flying hours from Manila to Japan where we will be taking a bigger carrier. That was how long I have to endure the mental and physical duress in that cramped space.

I looked at the overhead compartment. Hmm pretty high. I should have obeyed my mother to drink my milk when I was a kid. I realized that being vertically challenged is a disability. I was "disable" to reach the compartment to put my handcarry.

A knight-in-a-shining-armour (not) guy helped me lift the suitcase. He was not doing it to help a lady in distress. He was in a hurry to put his-- a backpack.

" Did you bring Manila Cathedral with you. It must have weighed more than a ton." He complained.

"Ow, I did not get the Mayor's nod for the Quiapo Church so I just settled with the cathedral".
I retorted back.

I haven't even warmed my seat when the lady by the window stood up. She's going to the washroom. So I stood up; the man at the aisle seat also stood up.

I waited for her at the aisle because I thought she would be gone only for a few minutes. The clock ticked tocked and I realized that if I have brought a book of Noli Me Tangere, I must have finished the novel before I saw her emerged from the washroom. Did she take a shower or sumtin' ?

The flight stewardess served us peanuts and soda.

After the drinks had been served, the lady stood up again. I just thought if she has a bladder problem , why did she not ask for the aisle seat?

Anyway, so I stood up again and waited at the aisle again. The clock ticked tocked again.
No, I should not be reading a novel while waiting for her. I could have made gantsilyo and finished one bedspread with matching pillow covers for two.

Then we landed in Land of the Rising Sun. First stopover. Got to transfer to another airline.

The knight-in-the-shining-armour-not- carrying- backpack guy grabbed his stuff. It could be my pleading eyes that made him reached for my suitcase minus the sarcastic remark.

Any way I was ready with more names of churches such San Agustin, Baclaran, St. Jude...


Sunday, November 04, 2007


Dear insansapinas

This is the twenty sixth in the series of the Family Tree Project that I launched to leave basic life lessons and work ethics for my grandchildren who would never know how their grandmother, biological or adoptive lived before their birth or age of reason.

While other people could not wait to fly to the US even as a tourist, my working visa waited for me for months to use.

My mentor discouraged me from leaving the country. He told me about discrimination practices in the Land of Milk and Honey. I am lactose intolerant so I will just take the honey. :)

But I was depressed and I had one more semester to finish another doctorate in another university. Besides my employer already wrote if I am still interested of the position. Then I decided to go.

I had to give up my clients and when I did, I thought there was no turning back.

So I went to the US embassy for schedule of interview on the strength of the approved working visa of a petitioner.

Another CPA/applicant that I met in the agency where we were briefed how to answer
questions said that his application for the visa was disapproved. The consul asked him about depreciation and he failed to mention the depreciation method that was not discussed in any books in Accounting. I anticipated for some questions about my line of expertise.

When the date for interview came, I waited for them to ask me to come inside and face an interviewer. None. Instead, the lady handed me back my passport.(Today, the travel papers such as passport are delivered via couriers).

The first batch who claimed for their visa (working visa may be approved here in the States but the final decision rests on the local US embassy officers) told me that if the passport is returned without interview, it means it is turned down outright.

So I walked away from the embassy with the passport in my hand. I did not bother to look at it.

I went to the agency to tell them that I was disapproved. The old lady secretary asked for my passport while expressing her surprise why I was not even interviewed. Then she leafed the pages of the passport. And there it was visa laminated in my passport. Life lesson learned, ignore the bad news in pursuing a goal. Other people's experience may be different from yours.

Sabi niya, GAGA. hehehe. You're damned lucky that you were spared from interview. Siguro naman sa dami ng papel mo na ibinigay, they don't need to ask you questions to know if you are really qualified for the job. That's one thing I keep in mind. Be friendly to the receptionist and secretary. Some of them know better than their bosses. And some of them can just call you names without malicious intent. Muntik ko na siyang mahalikan.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Milk that is not milk

Dear insansapinas,

I am running a temp since last night. May be because I went out to buy a carton of milk that is not milk, then I saw some big mangoes and unhusked corns and a pumpkin pudding and bananas. No it was not any of these items which made me get a high temperature. Silly.Naambunan ang bumbunan ko. hehehe. In between gulping Tylenol and lemon juice and napping, I tried to make this entry several times with eyes-half closed.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Prayer Wishes

Dear insansapinas,
The hospital called. I have an appointment this coming Friday at Radiology Department for a mammogram. I had one in August this year. It must have been the follow-up mammogram in April which was set for October.

I called the office. I cancelled it. For once, I like to take a break from these lab tests.

I received a big mass card with the picture of my patron saint, the Mother of Perpertual Help. My prayer brigade continues to pray.Thanks guys.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Sleeping like a baby-waking up in the middle of the night

Dear insansapinas,

I used to be awake the whole night because of the pain. After the surgery, I can sleep straight early evening and wake up in the middle of the night, write an article such as this series and go back to bed. Yesterday, I was busy with some papers and calling numbers for my coming doctors' appointments. I missed responding to queries and comments in my blog.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Appointment that is disappointing

Dear insansapinas,

I felt exhausted after going to the doctor's office that I was in bed at eight. It was more tiring to wait than being examined and or treated. The receptionists could not find the documents that I was supposed to pick up. They asked me who called and left the message.
I said, it is a number of the clinic which doesn't accept return calls. So they made me wait. I thought they were tracing the call and looking for that document that I have to pick up. I waited for more than an hour. Then I approached receptionist 1. She said, there's none that she found. She suggested that I asked another department. Why did she wait for me to ask her? I was seated near her desk and she could easily gestured by her hands that she found nothing. And she was about to leave for lunch break.

The receptionist in another department asked me to come back after an hour. When I came back, she was not ready yet. It was one medical asssistant who got my file and found the document that my doctor left for me. Sheesh.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another day, Another doctor's appointment

Dear insansapinas,

I am going back to the doctor's office today. I have just left the clinic yesterday when they called and left a message in the answering machine that I need to come today--again.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Washington Mansion Visit

Dear insansapinas,

We were not able to visit NASA as we have planned, only the Washington mansion. I overestimated myself. I felt nauseous after the tour of the mansion.


Monday, October 08, 2007

The Aftermath

Dear insansapinas,

I still feel bloated. Burp.


Friday, October 05, 2007

The Hospital Date

Dear insansapinas,

I was already up at 3:00 a.m. Still taking the medications that the doctor prescribed for my
hospital appointment. It has already been more than 12 hours that I did not take any solid food. The beef steak looked tempting and the fried chicken looked golden-- oh it was just a mirage.

The problem is that I can't also take my diabetic diet that by 4:00 a.m. my blood sugar dropped to 88. So early morning, I am sipping my 100-calorie coca cola for my needed sugar while downing a couple of pills to stabilize the bs. (not bull shit) and manage my blood pressure.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Preparation for the Hospital Date

Dear insansapinas,

I have to mentally condition myself. I have taken all the medications and followed the instructions of the specialist before the surgery is going to be carried out.

I am praying.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Dear Diary,

Did I tell you that my nutritionist highly recommends tilapia for my low carb-low fat diabetic diet.

I like tilapia fried when I was a kid. My mom used to remove the slimy thing from the mouth and body by rubbing it with ashes. When it is fried, its color is red brown. Yum, delicious.

Tilapia is sold in the US either as fillets or scaled,gutted and frozen. The scales are thrown away. But a Thai designer discovered that they are good materisals for handbags, wallets and bikinis.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Paper Dolls that made me cry

Dear insansapinas,

I do not know what channel was it but the one that made me paused and watched was the familiar faces. They are not familiar because i know them. They're familiar because they look like Filipinos. I was right.

Paper Dolls is about transgendered Filipinos who worked in Israel and London as caregivers. It's a public knowledge that these people are very creative.So during their spare time, they produced a show called Paper Dolls. What I appreciated in the film was the focus on how these caregivers were liked by their old patients and how despite their budget constraints, they still sent money to their family. It shows reality.

I have not watched a single episode of Desperate Housewives. Not my type. I prefer watching CSI, Law and Order nad Ugly Betty. The latter is about a Mexican family whose father was an illegal immigrant and the daughter teaching his boss some family values that the rich and famous are wanting.

In Desperate Housewives, it was noted by some viewers that Teri Hatcher mouthed a racial slur against Philippine Medical School graduates.

Teri is just an actress. Whatever she has said was based on the script. So who's the culprit? Some writers who may have beef against Filipinos? or he is completely clueless that OB/GYNE practitioners in the States are not all doctors. They are NURSE practitioners. At least in the Philippines, they are really Obstetricians and gynecologists.

What the writer did not know that before a professional who has to take a US exam or a residency before he can practice in the US, there is a verification of credentials which is done directly to the university that issued the diploma and Professional Regulation Commission that issued the license.


Monday, October 01, 2007

Ray of Hope

Dear insansapinas,

I am preparing for this coming Friday. I just talked with an internet who is one of the bloggers, I first mer in the blogosphere. He is medical doctor. He told me that heto keep in touch. He gave me a ray of hope.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pinay's Paglalakbay sa Davao-Pinay Reminisces

Dear insansapinas,

Sa Davao ang conference namin noon ng mga executives sa Finance. Boss ko noon ay Vice-President. CPA din siya pero ang tamad niyang gumawa ng mga papers para sa working conference. Pag working ,talagang magtatrabaho ka. Kaya ayun bitbit niya ako. Kasama din niya yong isa pang CPA na tsuwariwariwap niya. Tagakuha niya ng pagkain, tgatakbo para kunan siya ng sigarilyo at kape. 'Lam ninyo na para malakas. Ako. Nevah. Kaaway pa niya ako palagi pero hindi niya ako pwedeng itakwil. Pareho na silang dalawang kumuha ng senior citizen pass noon kaya mahina silang gumawa ng report. Kung hindi naman ay tamad. Magaling lang silang dumiskarte. Lalo lady boss ko na may pipa pa kung manigarilyo at patapik-tapik pag nakikipag-usap. Gaya rin si tsuwariwariwap. Clone talaga.

Gusto kong gayahin pero pag nantapik ako sadsad ang tinapik ko. Ehek.

Sa Davao Insular kami nakacheck-in. Hanap pa akon ng mataas na building. Hindi pala.
Pero maganda naman ang accommodations. Yong panahon na yon, napakainit, ang airconditioned na kuwarto at langit na.

Pero, sayang din ang pagpunta ko roon kung mag momongha ako. Kaya pagkatapos kong
Matapos ang mga reports, labas ako sa aking air-conditioned na kuwarto.

Ababa, pamilyar sa akin ang babaeng nakatalikod. Usli ang pwet niya. Ayyyy, ang kaklase ko sa MBA na CPA din. Nandoon din pala siya. Bise-Presidente ang boss niyang lalaki, pero hindi CPA. Eh bakit nag-aattend siya? Ngumiti lang ang kaibigan ko. May asawa ang aking kaibigan at may tatlong anak. Tanong ko, buti pinayagan ka ng asawa mong umattend ng conference, eh tatlong araw tayo dito. Sinabi niya kasi noon pag nagyayaya kaming mag-overnight sa opisina ng aming isa sa kagrupo, excuse siya dahil nga seloso raw si Mister. OO na.

Isang araw at kalahati lang daw sila. Tapos babalik na siya sa Manila. Ahhh, okay.
Tinambakan naman ako ng trabaho ni Boss kasi nagvolunteer pa ba naman na maging lead person sa isang committee. Sus, if I know, ako rin ang gagawa.

Kaya ayun, ang aking mga happening ay doon sa loob ng hotel. Kain dito, kain doon tapos may sayawan pagkatapos ng conference. Mga ballroom dancing naman. Sus. Malay ko bang magtatanggo at magchachacha. Disco ang alam ko noh.

Pag dating ko sa Manila, tinawagan ko ang opisina ng kaibigan ko. Hinihingi niya kasi
ang mga namissed niyang papers nang-umalis sila ng Boss niya.

Wala pa raw. Nasa Conference pa raw at kinabukasan pa ang dating. Ano yan ha. Misteryo dela ekek. Wala pa rin ang boss. Uhmmm.



Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pinay's Paglalakbay sa Pinas-Camarines Norte Part 3-Pinay Reminisces

Dear insansapinas,

Umalis kami sa Camarines Norte, insan at lumipat kami sa Camarines Sur. Pinagbili namin ang bahay namin doon. Hindi ko na nabalikan ang lugar na iyon.

Pero bumalik ako sa Camarines Norte noong ako ay professional na. Pinapadala ako ng aking boss para ayusin ang mga project niya. Noong una marami kami. Ako lang ang babae. Noong sumunod, ako na lang ang nagtitiyagang lumipad doon pag weekend.

Noong unang mga Linggo namin doon ay pinagkatuwaan ako ng mga boys. Hindi naman kasi nila akong isama sa mga lakad lalaki kaya inihatid ako sa isang beach resort. Hindi naman talaga beach resort yon. Maganda ang dagat, puti ang buhangin at may kaisa-isang restawran sa lugar na yon. Akala ko babalikan kaagad nila ako. Hindi pala. Maaga pa lang ay dinala na ako doon.

So lakad ako sa buhangin, na para bang pelikula kung saan ang bidang babae ay nagpapalipas ng sakit ng puso dahil nagbreak sila ng boyfriend. Ek ek

Naupo ako nang napagod at nakita ko ulit ang mga maliliit na alimango hindi mo makain na nagsisilabasan sa kanilang lungga. Dapat lang anoh. Ang puputla nila.

Yong isa, nag-exercise pa. hehehe

Balik ako sa kaisa-isang restawran. May dalawang customer na doon. Isang lalaki at isang babae.

Ang lintek, binobola ng lalaki yong babae. Blah blah blah. Nilalakas pa para marinig ko. Paniwala naman si babae. May radar ako sa mga ganoong bolero at alam kong hindi siya mayaman na negosyante.

Sa wakas dumating din ang mga kasamahan ko. Ang tagal ko raw kasing dumating. Ang sarap batukan ang mga yon. Paano ako makakaalis sa lugar na iyon na wala akong sasakyan?

Nagpadala raw sila ng driver noong isa sa mga hosts namin. Ginala ang paningin. Nasa buhanginan yong dalawang bagong magkakilala. Palagay ko malapit nang makascore yong lalaki.

Tinawag yong lalaki ng aking kasama. Siya pala ang driver. Hmmm mayamang negosyante ha. Sus.



Monday, June 04, 2007

Pinay's Paglalakbay sa Pinas-Camarines Norte Part 2-Pinay Reminisces

Dear insansapinas,

Pagpapatuloy ng kuwento ko insan. Si Dalena ay nakatira sa harapan ng bahay namin. Taga ibang bayan siya at nakikitira lang siya sa kaniyang tiyahin. Para yatang mga istudyante silang mga nakatira doon pag Lunes hanggang Biyernes at umuuwi sa kanilang baryo pag weekend. May isa pang nakatira doon. Isang binata. Mahiyain yon. Naririnig ko ang usapan ko sa mga pinsan kong dalagang nakatira sa amin. Crush din yata nila. Madalas nasa balkon kami at tinatanaw nila ang mga tao sa kabilang bahay. Excuse nila yong ako ay binabantayan para hindi na naman tumakbo sa dagat para maligo. If I know, nakakatakas ako nang hindi nila namamalayan.

Minsan umuulan-ulan at kumikidlat-kidlat. Takot ako. Hindi ako sumama sa mga pinsan kong pumunta sa dagat. Tapos nagkagulo.

May tinamaan ng kidlat. Hindi yong mga naliligo sa agat kung hindi yong lalaking tahimik na nasa bahay. Ang kuwento ay lumihis ang kidlat, umikot sa puno ng niyog at pumasok sa bahay,tinamaan ang lalaki.

Takbuhan ang mga dalagang nakatira sa bahay na iyon. Kasama si Dalena. Nang makita nito ang lalaki, niyakap daw at humagulgol. Balak na pala niyang sagutin ito noong araw na iyon. Hindi ako isinama sa burol ng binata, insan. Matatakutin ako noon sa patay. At iyon ang unang patay na kilala ko.

Si Magda at si Elena

Silang dalawa ay magkapatid. Si Magda ang mas matanda at tahimik. Si Elena naman ang
madaldal at palakaibigan. Pareho silang nag-alaga sa akin noon pag iniiwan ako sa bahay nila pag may lakad ang aking tatay at nanay at bakasyon ang aking mga pinsang dalaga. Hindi ako puwedeng iwanan sa mga kapatid ko. Suko sila sa likot ko.

Maganda ang bahay nila. Palibot ng tanim at bakod. Mayroon silang malaking bote ng candy at tsokolate.

Pag si Magda ang nagbabantay sa akin at kami lang dalawa sa bahay. May dumarating na lalaki. Malaki ang tanda niya kay Magda. Inuutusan niya ako insan na pumunta sa kusina at kumuha ng candy. Siyempre ako naman, tagal ko sa kusina. Kasi may bintana doon na kitang kita ang dagat. Tapos may puno ng bayabs na abot mo ang bunga.

Minsan nagulat ako. Hindi na raw ako puwedeng pumunta sa bahay nina Magda. bulong ng aking tsismosang pinsan. Magkakababy daw. Saya ko. Kaya lang wala naman siyang asawa ah.

Imbes na ako ang pumunta sa bahay nila, si Elena naman ang iniwan sa bahay namin. May pupuntahan daw ang aking nanay at nanay ni Elena. Hindi raw puwede doon ang bata at wala pang asawa.

Narinig kong nag-uusap ang mga kadalagahan. Rape daw. Sumingit ako. Tinanong ko kung sino si Reyp.

Dinemanda pala ng magulang nina Magda yong lalaki na madalas dumalaw sa kaniya. Menor de edad daw kasi si Magda.

Ewan ko kung anong nangyari na doon sa kaso. Ang alam ko dinala nila sa ibang bayan si Magda kaya si Elena na lang ang lagi kong nakikita sa bahay nila.

Ipagpapatuloy ko insan.



Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pinay's Paglalakbay sa Pinas-Camarines Norte-Pinay Reminisces

Dear insansapinas,

Akshually, natira kami sa Camarines Norte noong ako ay paslit pa at wala pang muwang.
Natatandaan ko ang bahay namin ay malapit sa dagat. Nasa kabilang kalye lang ang dagat kaya pag umaga o hapon ay naliligo kami sa tubig o kaya ay naglalaro sa dalampasigan.

Mahilig kaming manghuli ng alimangong nakatira sa mga butas ng buhangin. Gagawin namin ay huhukayin namin ang butas at makikita naming nakatago ang mga alimangong ito na hindi naman kinakain. Kung minsan naloloko kami. Magbubutas sila papasok tapos lalabas sila sa isang butas.

Sa gabing madilim, nilalagyan ng mga kapatid ko ng maliit na kandila ang alimango at pakakawalan sa kalsada. Pag tiningnan mo sa malayo, akala mo multo. hehehe.

Madalas kaming dalawin ng bagyo doon. Lakas ng hangin at ng ulan dahil nanggaling sa
dagat. Ang natatandaan ko, gumagawa ng tent sa loob ng bahay ang aking father para kung liparin ang bubong, di kami mababasa. Sarap naman sa loob. Siksikan kami.
Ang father ko lang ang lumalabas para kumuha ng pagkain. Minsan mainit na pansit mula sa Chinese restaurant o kaya naman ay nilagang kamote at saging.

Pagkatapos ng bagyo, takbuhan kaming mga bata sa dalampasigan. Unahang pagkuha ng mga inanod ng malaking alon.

Minsan ang inanod ay sinasabing duyong. Para itong tao pag umatungal. Mayroon din itong mammary glands katulad ng tao.

Dito ko kinamulatan ang block rosary. Yong dinadala ang Birhen sa bahay-bahay tapos may kainan sa huling gabi. Noon ko naririnig ang ORA PRO NOBIS sa mga matatandang nagdadasal. Akala ko ano yon. Kaya lang naman ako pumupunta doon dahil sa brown na bag na may lamang candy at biscuit na pinamimigay sa mga bata.

Malapit sa dulo ng dagat ay isang lugar na panay puno at batuhan. May maliit na water fall doon. Maraming mga naglalabang mga babae. Maganda kasing maglaba doon dahil umaagos ang tubig at ang lalaki ng bato kung saan puwedeng ikula ang lalabhan.

Minsan isang buwan, kasama ang aming pinsan, dinadala kami ng aking tatay sa waterfall. May dala kaming baon na binalot sa dahon ng saging. Nilalabhan niya ang makakapal na kumot, kurtina at mga maong niya noon sa pagtatrabaho. Mabigat kasi kung lalabhan sa batalan namin o sa likod ng bahay.

Languyan kami. Sarap. Makikita mo pa ang mga maliliit na hipon, nakikilangoy din. Marami rin kaming nakakasabay na mga dalaga at binata. Excuse nila siguro yon para magkita. hehehe. Tatlo dito ay mga kapitbahay namin. Tawagin natin silang si Dalena, si Magda at si Elena.

Ipagpapatuloy ko insan.



Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tsismosos at Tsismosas sa School Part 3- Pinay Reminisces

Dear insansapinas,

Lumayo na sa akin nang tuluyan yong dalawa kong kaklase na magsweetheart. Hindi ako binabati. Para akong multong dumadaan sa kanilang harap. Oweno.
Sila pa rin daw. Pero balita ko iba ang gimik. Pupunta sa mall pareho, dalawang kotseng hiwalay, magpapark sa Parking Area, magtataxi kung saan sila pupunta. Sinong nagtsismis sa akin? Eh di yong student assistant doon sa Graduate School. Kaya ingat kayong nag-uusap sa opisina ng may opisina. Kahit tahimik ang mga yan, nakasahod ang tenga ng mga iyan. hehehe
Pero isang araw, hindi pumasok ang dalawa. Sa isip ko, aha nagtanan na siguro. Eh bakit ba makikialam ako anoh? buhay nila yon, insan. Pero palagay ko gusto mo ring malaman kung anong nangyari, aminin mo na. Atin-atin lang. Hindi ko ipagsasabi, peksman.

Nasa ICU raw ang misis ni lalaki. Heart attack. Nahuli na naman daw si lalaki. Ah ah ah at, hindi si kaklase kong babae ang kasamang nahuli. Kaya pati yong kaklase kong babae, nasa ospital din. Gulo ng buhay noh?



Friday, May 25, 2007

Tsismosos at Tsismosas sa School Part 2- Pinay Reminisces

Dear insansapinas,

Ang ikukuwento ko saiyo insan ay noong nag-aaral ako sa Graduate School. Syempre ang mga kaklase ko dito ay mga may edad na karamihan, may mga posisyon sa kanilang mga opisina at marahil kaya lang nag-enroll ay para sa promotion. Pero eto tsismis lang ha. Kaya yong iba nag-eenroll para may alibi silang huwag umuwi ng bahay at mag-excuse sa mga family affair pag weekend dahil mya group meetings. Alam mo insan, dinidivide -divide kasi kami sa grupo para maghanda ng aming presentasyon kaya kailangan naming magkita-kita pag walang pasok sa school o sa opit. Eh anong araw ba yon? Di Sunday. Kasi sa Saturday, may pasok kami sa school.

Minsan Sunday, hindi pa ako nakakapagbihis nang may humintong kotse sa tapat. Misis daw siya ni...blah blah. Bakit daw hindi umuwi ang mister niya? Aba malay ko ba. Tagatago ba ako ng mister? At sino ba ang mister niya. Ah ang lintek na kaklase ko, ako pala ang ginawang alibi sa overnight nila ng kaklase kong babae na ang tsismis ay kulakadidang (read: mistress) niya. Akala niya, hindi ako pupuntahan ng misis kasi sa
Batangas ito nakatira eh sa Las Pinas ako nakatira. hehehe buking.

Nang magkita kami ng kaklase ko, hindi ako binati. Lumayo din yong babae sa akin. Kasalanan ko ba kung magsabi ako ng totoo.

Ang problema, kumalat na tsismis yo sa school. Eh hindi naman ako ang nagkalat. Yon namang sekretarya ang nagsabi na nakuha pala ang address ko sa kaniya dahil hinahanap ng asawa ang asawa niyang hindi umuwi. Gulo noh.

Itutuloy, insan. Ang pagkakaospital ng babae. Gulo talaga ng buhay.



Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ang Mga Tsismoso at Tsismosa Part 1-Pinay Reminisces

Dear insansapinas,

Hindi ko alam kung ano na ang nangyari sa
balitang ito kung sila ay nabalik o tuluyan ng nag-goodbye sa kanilang opit.

Susme, naman pag walang mga tsismosa at tsismoso sa opit ay hindi opit yan. Kung hindi yan ay monasteryo ng mga paring may pangako ng KATAHIMIKAN. Yon bagang walang imikan. Kaya panay panis ang laway. Huwag mong babanggitin ang mga monasteryo ng mga madre. Aha. May mga alam akong madre, tsismosa rin. Huwag mo akong wisikan ng holy water, insan at balde ng mineral water ang ibubuhos ko saiyo. hahaha

Noong nasa Pinas pa ako, simula ang araw sa opisina namin sa tsismisan. Hindi lang tungkol sa aming mga kaopit anoh. Mostly tungkol sa celebrities o ta-artits o kaya mga pulitiko. Ah insan, hindi ako kasama doon. (May halo sa ulo katulad ng mga santo. aleluya).

Simula yan sa elebeytor. Alam naman ninyo ang mga babae, pagdating sa opit, tuloy sa ladies room para magretouch. Naku tagal yan doon. Sa Pinas ba naman na hindi mahigpit sa oras hindi kagaya dito sa Estet na bawa't minuto ay binibilang ang tagaktak ng iyong pawis.

Pagdating ng alas diyes, may break. Tuloy na naman yan sa canteen. Grupo, grupo. Ang tagal nang kanilang meryenda ay depende sa taas ng posisyon nila sa opit. Mas mataas ang posisyon, mas matagal ang tsismisan. Ahoy. Kaya siguro hindi natin kailangan ang mga psychiatrist kasi nailalabas natin ang ating mga sentyimento de asucal sa ating mga kaibigan.

AT... pagdating ng lunch break,itutuloy na naman ang kabanata. Huwag mong isama diyan ang usapan sa telepono na akala mo ba ay opisyal. May patusok-tusok pa at pagguhit-guhit pa sa papel habang nagsasalita. Opisyal ang dating. Opisyal na tsismis.

Alas tres, break ulit. Baka tsapter 3 na o kaya ay ikatlong biktima ng tsismis na ang kanilang pinag-uusapan.

Pagdating ng alas singko o alas seis, paalaman na may kasamang Itutuloy ang Kabanata.

Hindi nga ako kasama minsan pero ang tainga ko ay kasinlaki ng elepante sa pakikinig. Total wala namang mga pangalan at panay lang mga aliases. Kagaya ng Si Babeng Tangkad na Nahuling may Kaabrsyete sa Mall. ahey.

Itutuloy din, insan.



Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ang Mga Nina Bonitas at mga Bling Bling

Dear insansapinas,

Ewan ko ba bakit, nacucutan ako sa mga bata. Siguro dahil naalala ko noong bata pa ako at cute din. Arayy naman, huwag masyado ang lakas ng batok.

Pero talaga insan, pag may kasama ako o kaharap ng mga bata, pinapanood ko sila.
Kahapon, may tatlong taong batang Hispanic na nakaupo sa aking upuan habang naghihintay ako ng aking mga gamot. Kulot ang buhok niya na may nakalagay na maliit na ribbon. Mayroon siyang bracelet, maliit na singsing at kuwintas. Tipical na anak ng Hispanic. Dito kasi ang mga anak ng Puti ay walang mga ganoon at Day ang mga damit ay kahit ano na lang na mahagip sa aparador.

Ngayon alam ko na kung bakit ang mga Pinoy ay mahilig din sa mga bling bling at sa mga damit. Minana natin sa ating mga kanununuan. Ang linis din tingnan ng mga batang Pinoy at Hispanic.

Ang nakakatuwa insan, habang tinitingnan ko ang bata, nakikita ko na gayang-gaya niya ang kaniyang mader sa pag-upo. Nakadaop-palad din siya. Panay ang tingin niya sa kaniyang nanay at saka titingin sa malayo na para bang "ano kaya ang lulutuin ko mamaya?". hehehe

Dumating din ang isang batang-batang ina. May dalawa siyang anak. Isang lalaki na napakalikot at isang batang babae na siguro ay wala pang isang taon.

Marami ring burloloy ang ina kahit simple lang ang kaniyang damit. Mga beads lang naman at mga perlas na alam mong "home made". Pero ang batang babae ay may suot ng gintong bracelet na pinag-iinitan niyang malunok. Akala siguro niya spaghetti? hehehe

Hindi pa niya mailagay sa kaniyang bibig kasi panay ang tapik ng kaniyang kapatid na lalaki. Nandilat ang mata ng baby at sinabunutan siya nang mahagip ang kaniyang ulo.

Awat naman ang nanay. Balik ulit siya sa pagpakialam sa kaniyang bracelet. Buti na lang matibay ang kaniyang pagkakatali.

Mahilig din ako sa bling bling. Nakita ninyo ang aking kamay, tatlo na lang yan. Hindi kasama yong hospital id. Dati pito ang nakasabit diyan. Para bang isang bling bawa't araw ng linggo.

Wala lang. Taguan ko yata ng bling bling ang aking kamay at leeg. Pero hindi ako mahilig sa hikaw. Nangangati ang aking tainga pag below 24 karats. Aray nambatok na naman.

Pero bago ninyo ako husgahan na ako ay mala Imelda, gusto kong ipagtapat sainyo na lahat yan ang regalo. Regalo ng aking mga kaibigan, tanga-hanga at ng aking sarili.
Yong huli ay binibili ko pag birthday ko o kaya ay may okasyon. Tapos ibabalot ko at surprise ko sa sarili ko na iniisip ko kung ano yong laman. hehehe Aray. Ah sumusobra ka na sa batok. Hmpph makatuldok na nga.



Saturday, May 05, 2007

Spider Web-Pinay Meets Spider

Dear insansapinas,

Hindi ko ikukuwento ang pelikulang Charlotte['s Web, insan. Nirenta ko lang ang DVD dahil kay Dakota Fanning na paborito ko. Pero hindi nga masyadong nagamit ang galing niya sa pelikula.

Para siyang yong pelikulang Babe kaya lang hindi kasing ganda.

Ang bida ay gagamba. Kaya lang kinukuwento saiyo dahil pagkatapos kung manood ng pelikula, biglang may bumagsak na gagamba sa aking laptop. Kung saan nanggaling, ewan ko. Nakipanood din siguro. mwehehe



Friday, May 04, 2007

Balikbayan Ulit-Pinay Says Bon Voyage

Dear insansapinas,
Tumawag ang kaibigan kong may girl friend sa pinas na nahuli niyang may boyfriend na tinawagan niya at ginawa rin niyang chatmate.

Magulo ba insan?

Ito ang kuwento ko diyan. Virtual infidelity

Uuwi siya sa Pinas nang araw na ito. Sasakay siya sa Philippine Airlines, non-stop kaya 12 hours lang nandoon na siya.

Ayaw niyang aminin na makikipagkita siya sa girl friend niya kaya di ko na siy masyadong kinulit.

Kaya lang paano naman ang kachatmate niya na ka-mutual ng kaniyang girl friend? Pinaghihinalaan siya na lalaki siya. Talaba eheste talaga naman eh. Ang buhay talaga ang gulo. Pinatatawagan sa akin para raw maalis ang hinala na lalaki nga siya. Eh lalaki naman talaga siya eh. Eniwi, paano pag ako ang nagkunwari, eh boses lalaki naman ako. mwehehehe.

Saka walang long distance itong telepono ng aking brother. Kailangan ko phone card. Wala naman akong phone card. Padadalhan daw niya ako. Hige. Pag-ibig talaga anoh? Basta lang malaman niya kung may ugnayan pa ang dalawa, gagawin ang lahat. Kahit magastos. Mabuti pa namang tao ang aking kaibigan. Nakumusta rin nga niya ang aking
SS aka Special Someone. Sabi ko, hindi na tumatawag. Siguro, nasuya na rin kasi hindi ako marunong magtext. Eniwi. huhuhuhuhu

Nagbilin ako sa kaniya na pasalubungan niya ako ng rosaryo na bracelet.Kagaya ng nasa picture sa ibaba na ibinigay sa akin ng aking kaibigan noon pang 2003. Inayos ko lang kaya parang bago.




Thursday, May 03, 2007

Babel-Pinay Ponders on People of Different Races

Dear insansapinas,

Pinalitan ng Blockbuster yong busted nilang isang DVD, kaya nahiram ko ang Babel.


Maraming nominations ito sa Oscar at saka isa pa nandoon ang aking paboritong si
Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt

Ewan ko kung make-up yon o talaga lang tumanda na siya mula nang maging paborito ko siya sa pelikulang Meet Joe Black.

Meet Joe Black

Masyado akong naawa doon sa Haponesang teenager na dahil sa kaniyang disability na hearing impairment, feeling niya, wala siyang pag-asang magkaroon ng magmamahal sa kaniya kaya pati dentista at ang detektib ay kaniyang sineduce.

Naawa naman ako sa Mexicanang ina na sa kagustuhang makadalo sa kasal ng kaniyang anak, kahit pala siya ay ilegal ay bumalik pa rin siya sa Mexico. Ang problema, dahil sa amoy alak ang kaniyang pamangkin na nagdadrive, napag-initan sila ng border Police. Tumakas ang kaniyang pamangkin at iniwan sila sa disyerto. Idineport siya balik sa Mexico.

Hindi ko alam, insan bakit ang iba, hindi nila gusto ang pelikula. Sa eksena ni Brad Pitt, nandoon ang problema ng mga relasyong pulitika ng bansa at sa mga tao naman, minsan ang ibang lahi pa ang masigasig tumulong kaysa kapwang lahi.



Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Break-up-Pinay Goes Dear Abby

Dear insansapinas,

Kausap ko insan ang isa sa mga kaibigan kong blogger. Malungkot siya, kasi kabibreak-up niya lang sa girl friend niya. Mahal na mahal niya kaya kahit ilang beses na niyang nahuling kumaliwa, pinatawad pa rin niya. Yang ang tunay na pagmamahal. Suwerte noong babae.

Tamang-tama, nakapanood ako ng pelikula ni Russell Crowe at Selma Hayek. Magsweetheart sila. Nag-break-up. Hirap na hirap si Russel Crowe kaya panay ang tawag niya kay Selma na inis na inis naman sa mga tawag. Nang minsan, binuhusan niya ang telepono habang nag-iiwan ng message si Russel. Pagkatapos ng ilang buwan, huminto na ang tawag ni Russell, si Selma naman ang tumatawag. Ayaw na namang sagutin ng lasing na si Russell. Hanggang dumaan ang buwan, taon. Nagkita sila sa isang hotel. Tapos nasa loob na sila ng kuwarto ng hotel. Pinapakita nila ang mga retrato ng kani-kanilang anak.

Tapos, nagpaalaman sila. THE END, maybe. daw.

Kung sana, nagkausap sila sana'y nalaman nila na mahal na mahal pa rin nila ang bawa't isa.

Kaiyak ano insan. Sige na nga makapagpunas ng luha.



Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wrong Pills, Right Pills-Pinay Goes Back to the Pharmacy

Dear insansapinas,

Naisulat ko doon sa aking isang "bahay" ang tungkol sa wrong pills na ibinigay sa aking ng pharmacist noong Biyernes.
Kaya sugod ako sa parmasyutika para ireklamo ang maling gamot na nakalagay sa botelya. Nag-iisip tuloy ako ngayon kung ang mga balitang overdosage ng prescription drugs ay dahil sa katangahan ng mga pharmacist.

Sabi noong nasa window na tipo namang hindi pharmacist, kahit technician ay tama naman daw ang labels.

Tama nga. Nanalo siya ng isang batok sa akin. Ang sinasabi ko ay mali ang gamot na nasa loob.

Paano ko nalaman? Ay sus, naman sa araw-araw ba naman at dalawang beses kung pag-inom ng mga gamot na iyon, hindi pa ba naman kami magkakilala?

Pinatawag ko yong pharmacist. Inamin niya na mali. Pwede ko siyang isumbong sa Supervisor niya kaya lang pinaalalahanan ko lang siya na maging maingat siya. Kung ako lang ay Puti baka nadala na ang reklamo sa Kaitaastaasan.

Mabait din pala ako. May nakita akong bilog sa itaas ng aking ulo. Aleluya.



Monday, April 30, 2007

East or West -Pinay Got Lost

Dear insansapinas,
Mayroon akong appointment sa ibayong siyudad. Inexplore ko na ang papunta doon, insan. Tatlong sakay sa bus. May dala akong mapa galing sa Google at sa bus company, pero tumawag pa rin ako sa bus company kung paano pagpunta doon. Yon pala ang ibinigay sa akin yong pinakamahabang ruta. Naksiyapo, tatlong oras ang travel time ko hindi dahil ganoon kalayo kung hindi lahat yata ng sulok ng daigdig ay humihinto ang bus.Tapos, maghihintay ka pa ng isang oras sa susunod na bus. Natapos ko yata ang crossword puzzle sa isang diyaryo bago dumating ang sumunod na bus.

Maaga din akong dumating sa appointment ko kaya isang oras mahigit ang hintay ko sa labas. Matapos ang dalawang oras, labas na ako at tuliro na naman akong lumabas sa may bus stop. Isang babae ang nagsabi sa akin na walong minuto pa at dadaan na ang bus.

Tapos,tumatanaw siya sa malayo at hahagikhik. Nggiiiiii. Ano ba yan, sira ba ulo oa noh. Maayos naman ang pananamit.

Naalala ko pala pabalik ako kaya lumipat ako ng kalye. Lumipat din yong isang babae na lumupasay sa gutter ng bus stop habang naghihintay. Juicekopoh, ano ba itong mga nakakasabay kong mga tao. May mental institution ba sa malapit at mga nakawala ito.

Eniwe, dumating ang bus. Sakay kaagad ako. Sakay doon yong babae. Naupo, sa may likod ng driver, tumayo, lumakad papunta sa likod ng bus, bumalik, tiningnan kami ng kaharap niya nang nanlilisik ang mata. Ngiiii. Tapos pinikit ang mata. Biglang naghilik. Hanubayan.

Pagkadating namin sa susonod na bus depot, sumakay kaagad ako sa bus na akala ko ay pabalik na sa istasyong pauwi sa amin. Papunta pala sa West yon at pag-ikot saka pabalik sa East. Isang oras din akong naglakbay.

Habang break bago umikot, nagkuwentuhan kami ng driver. Sinabi ko na kailangan kong makarating sa pharmacy para mapalitan ang aking gamot. Sabi niya huli na. Pwede rin naman kasing kinuha ko yong isang bus na papunta na roon via highway. Malay ko ba
kasi, bagong salta lang naman kasi ako dito. Hindi kagaya sa San Francisco, magbus, magkotse, hindi mo ako maililigaw.

Pabalik kami nang makita niya ang bus na dapat kung sakyan. Nakaalis na. Sabi niya sa akin, huwag na lang akong bumaba.

Pagod na ako nang dumating sa Metro Station. May dalawang escalators pa namin akong sasakyan. Yong isa, napakataas, eh may acrophobia pa naman ako.

Dumating ako sa bahay, 6:30 na. Whew, magluluto pa. Manonood pa ng Dancing with the Stars. zzzzzzzzzz



Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ginataang Puso ng Saging-Pinay Goes to Market

Dear insansapinas,
Ngayon niyaya ako ng aking brother, pumunta sa Oriental store. Oriental as in pwede kang makabili ng mga producktong galing sa Asia, kasama ang Pilipinas.

Layo, insan. Nasa ikapitong bundok. Dami kong pinamili. May nakita akong puso ng saging. Tuwa ko. Makakaluto na naman ako ng ginataang puso ng saging. May nakita akong kangkong sa isang cart ng namimili, hinanap ko wala na. ANG KANGKONG, bow.

Niluto ko ang puso ng saging.

ginataang puso ng saging

Huwag ninyo akong dustain. Kahit hindi maganda ang retrato ng aking niluto (dahil tira na lang yan), masarap ang lasa.

Ito ang recipe.

Isang lata ng niyog ( o diva, insan noon pag tayo ay maggagata sa probins, aakyat pa sa puno ng niyog si unkel

tapos aalisan ng bunot ang niyog. Ang bunot ginagawang lampaso, pang isis at marami pa. Tapos bibiyakin ang bao. Sarap ng sabaw ng niyog. Ang bao ginagawang uling para sa pamamalantsa at pagluto.

Pero sandali, insan nalalayo tayo.

Pagkatapos biyakin, kinudkod ang niyog. Meron kami noong kudkuran. Ganito ang hitsura.

retrato ng kudkuran

Ang tawag namin diyan kabayo kasi pag hindi ginagamit ng matatanda, sinasakyan namin at para kaming si Lone Ranger o kaya si Zorro na nagkakabayo. Hiyaaaa.

Lumalayo na naman ako insan. Hilahin mo kasi ako. Hige tuloy tayo.

Ang iba pang ingrediente ng ginataang puso ng saging.

1 butil ng bawang
1 buong maliit na sibuyas
ilang pirasong karne ng baboy o kaya hipon.
1 piraso ng Knorr chicken bullion.

2 kutsarang suka (pwede ring wala)

Alisin ang ilang saha ng puso ng saging. Kasama ang mga bulaklak nito. Ang bulaklak ay parang maliliit na saging na madalas pinaglalaruan naming kunwari saging-sagingan.
Ang saha naman ay ginagawa naming bangka o kaya tsinelas.

Naligaw na naman ako. Hige, balik.

Hiwain ang puso ng saging ng pahilis at malililit na hiwa. Mga 1 cm lang ang kapal.
Ilagay sa isang bowl na malaki, lagyan ng asin at kaunting mainit na tubog.

Tapos,pigain nang pigain para maalis ang katas. Imaginin ninyo na ang pinipiga ninyo ay ang mukha ng bruha sa buhay ninyo. Yon, yon.

Palambutin ang karne sa pamamagitan ng paglagay ng kaunting tubig sa kawali. Lutuin hanggang lummambot o kaya maubusan ng tubig. Pero insan huwag kang sisigaw ng tubig.

Itabi sa isang sulok ng kawali, patuyuin ang kawali at lagyan ng kaunting cooking oil. Igisa ang bawang, sibuyas at ang karne. Ilagay ang puso ng saging. Ibuhos ang niyog. Ilagay ang chicken bullion a gitna.

Pag kumukulo na, ilagay ang suka, timplahan ng asin. Hayaang kumulo ang gata hanggang
kaunti na lang ang matira.




Saturday, April 28, 2007

That Bloody Blood, I am a Bleeder

Dear insansapinas,

Kahapon ay dinalaw ko ang aking doctor. Ito yong araw na isasampal niya sa akin ang mga resulta ng laboratory tests, ultrasound, stress test, blood sugar level monitoring and high blood pressure management (kulang na lang ang IQ test kung bumagsak na ang IQ ko).

Unang kinakaharap ko doon insan ay ang medical assistant. Wala yong paborito kong itim na matanda. Isang Latina siya na blondie. Uhum. Kinunan niya muna ako ng timbang. Bagsak na naman ang timbang ko o sinungaling ang timbangan sa aming banyo. Sunod ang aking blood pressure. Talagang lahi kami ng high blood. 150/78. Blood sugar 238. Ang tamis ko talaga.

Habang tinatype niya sa computer ang aking "vital signs statistics" sa aking medical records, hindi ko namalayan na pulang pula na pala ang pantalon kong kulay cream. Akkkk, akkk. Magiging target ako nito ni Dracula kung saka-sakali. Kahit na pinunasan na ang maliit kong daliri ng swab cotton, panay pa rin ang labas ng dugo doon sa maliit na sugat ng tinusok para makuha ang aking blood glucose.

Kaya nga ba sinasabi ko na sa kanila na BLEEDER ako anoh. Sobrang dugo sa katawan ko dahil may pagkalahi akong bampira. Nyahahaha. Nalaman ko ito nang operahin nila ako sa dibdib para alisin ang cyst ko. Naubos ang tuwalya, kumot pati kurtina (hehehe, over extra exaggerated na ako, nepo) bago naampat nila ang dugo nang ako ay hinihiwa.

Nagpanic ang medical assistant. Tinambakan din ako ng tissue paper. Kulang. Kaya pinunasan niya at nilagyan ng band-aid. Itinaas ko ang aking kamay, mataas pa sa aking puso. Ganoon lang yon eh.

So, tuloy na ako sa doctor.

Tinanong niya ako kung ako ay naninigarilyo. Sabi ko hindi. Amoy lang ng usok, hinihika na ako.Tinanong niya ako kung ako ay umiinom. Sagot ko, oo. Tubig, gatas, orange joyce, tea at ang pinakamatapang at okasyon lang dahil sa sugar, apple cider.

Bigla siyang nagpaexcuse. A polite way of saying. Magpahinog ka muna. hehehe

Masyado raw elevated ang ? (did not get that thingy) sa liver, so he would like to test me of hepatitis. Hindi ko naman suot ang aking mga alahas ah, para ako manilaw.(hekhekhek).

Liver ay atay, di va? Hmm, nahahalata ring may pagka-aswang ako. hikhikhik



Friday, April 27, 2007

The People In the Neighborhood-Part 2

Karugtong ng:

The People in the Neighborhood, Part 1

Dear insansapinas,

Acshually, hindi sila mga kapitbahay. Sila lang yong mga taong namimeet ko sa labas, sa bus stop at sa mga hintayan kapag may appointment ako.

Kanina, paglabas ko sa building, may nakita akong isang lalaki na mukhang Latino na nakaupo sa isa sa mga upuan sa bus stop habang ang isang mulatang pakiwari ko ay busa ng busa ay pabalik-balik na naglalakad sa harapan niya. Para bang may lover's quarrel. Walang talkies kasi malayo sila sa akin, tapos maingay pa ang mga nagdadaang sasakyan.

Lumipat ako ng kalye. Kaluwang na daan na nasa kalagitnaan pa lang ako ay nagbiblink na ang pulang ilaw. Para bang sinasabing Bilisan mo bruha. Tsee.

Matahimik na akong nakaupo sa bus stop sa kabilang kalye nang makita ko ang lalaking dumarating. Ngumiti siya sa akin at sinabing wrong bus stop. Aha, nabasa niya ang aking matang nagtatanong nang Why are you here? Kasi nasa kabilang bus stop sya nakaupo. Ibig sabihin, papunta siya sa South. Dito naman kasi hindi naman ibig sabihin, bagong salta pag hindi alam ang mga route ng bus. Yong iba sanay sa kotse kaya pag may pinuntahan sila na mahirap ang parking, commute sila, pero ligaw naman.

Filipina ka? tanong niya. Aba Filipino pala siya. Mukha kasi siyang Latino. Hindi rin daw siya sure na Pinay ako. Matangos daw kasi ang ilong ko. Sabi ko, maraming sipit ang ginamit ko diyan. hekhekhek

At taga Angeles City rin siya. Pero matagal na siyang wala doon. Katulad ko, high school pa ako nang umalis doon.

Tinanong ko kung nasaan na yong kaaway niya sa kabilang bus stop. Sabihin niya, hindi ko kilala ang buwakanang inang yon. Daldal ng daldal, wala namang kausap. Marumi raw ang upuan, marumi raw ang kalsada, blah blah blah. Malay ko ba roon. May nahulog yatang turnilyo sa utak.

Matagal sanang kuwentuhan kaya lang dumating na ang bus. Puno. Ngayon lang ako nakasakay ng bus dito na puno. Karaniwan naman kasi maaga akong sumasakay. Yong ang mga nagpapatulo ng pawis, kahit walang tumutulo dahil malamig ay hindi pa lumalabas sa kanilang mga opisinas. (plural ng opisina, di va).

Ang iyong pinsan,



Thursday, April 26, 2007

The People In the Neighborhood-Part 1

Dear insansapinas,

Hindi sila kapitbahay, insan. Mga tao lamang na nakakausap ko sa aking paglalakad.

Galing ako sa ospital noon at tahimik na naghihintay ng bus. Tinitingnan ko ang magandang puno ng cherries na may bulaklak pa rin.

May tumabing mama sa aking upuan. Disente siya, mukhang kagalang-galang. Pinaunahan niya na ako na may hearing impairment siya. Kaya nagbabasa lang siya ng labi. Kuwentuhan lang kami ng tumunog ang cell phone niya. Tayo siya para sagutin.

Isang babaeng Puti naman ang tumabi sa akin. Panay ang buntong hininga niya. Tapos nagsalita.

I am pregnant. Huh? Hindi ako tatay niyan, sa isip ko. hehehe. Kasi bakit naman sasabihin niya sa akin. Iba pa ang tuno. Para bang hindi siya masaya.

So ang number one pagkatsismosa ko ay umandar na naman.

Ako: Wow, isn't that good news.
Babae: Yeah, if you're married and the father is responsible to help you bring up the child.
Ako: (Thought balloon lang). Nake, isa na namang malungkot na istorya, Ate Charo.
Babae: And I am also looking for a job. I have been unemployed for three months now.
Ako: (Thought balloon ulit)Sabi ko na nga ba. Ilang tsapter na naman kaya ito.
Babae: I've worked in restaurants, sales stores and I just can't go back there anymore. Work is hard. You get only minimum and some tips. My boyfriend doesn't bring home any money. This is our second baby.
Ako: (thought balloon ulit). Eh bakit ka pa nagpabuntis ulit? Husko naman.
Babae: Sorry for the rant. I am just depressed.
Ako: It's okay.Magaling naman akong makinig. Dinudusta ko lang sila sa utak ko. Cruelme. Story of my life. *heh*



Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sa Ospital-Right or Left

Dear insansapinas,

Nakilala ako noong receptionist na lalaki na alam ko hindi talaga lalaki. In fwerness, masyado siyang dedicated sa work niya. Halos hindi umuupo. Wala pa akong sampung minutong nakaupo, tinawag na niya ako.

Habang nilalagyan niya ako ng id bracelet, siinabi ko na bilib ako sa kaniya. Sinabi ko yon ng taos sa puso ko at hindi pambobola. Alam kong nakakatulong sa kaniyang mood maghapon ang makarinig ng papuri sa mga pasyente na kung hindi masungit ay maysakit na hindi nagsasalita.

Alam mo naman insan na early 20's ko nang maoperahan ako sa breast. Cysts lang naman, pero tatlong beses nangyari. Ewan ko ba naman itong mga bukol na ito at mahilig yatang tumubo sa aking mammary gland. Hindi naman sila mukhang keso na nabuo dahil sa gatas dahil wala naman talaga akong gatas. Got milk? No. ahek.

Ang maganda nito, walang makinang ginamit noon ang doctor para malaman na mayroon akong cyst. Ngayon, may mammography na may ultra sound pa.

Dahil sa medical history ko at ang aking pamilya, red alert sila sa akin pagdating sa
breast kaya noong nakaraang taon, nang pinersuade nila akong sumali sa isang programa ng breast cancer detection, sa pamamagitan ng libreng silip at eksaminasyon, pinababalik nila ako sa isang follow-up kasi raw may nakita sila. If I know, gusto nila akong gawing guinea pig. Eniwey, hanggang dito ay naabot ako dahil ang sulat ay pag kumunsulta ako sa aking ob-gyne, kailangan ipakita ko raw ang sulat nila na may findings sila sa right breast. Eh ako pa naman insan ang nerbiyoso't kalahati na para bang may nararamdaman nga ako. Schiso nga raw ako. Nakakain ba yon?

So, to make the story long ehek short, ultra sound daw nila ako, base sa nakuha nilang film sa aking previous doctor.

Pero mammogram daw muna. Eh ang sakit noon. Pero nakita ko rin ang monitor. Aling kaya doon. Wala naman akong makita.

Tapos pinaghintay ako para sa ultra sound. Ang maganda sa ospital na yon, maari kang magreklamo kapag hindi ka naasikaso ng mahigit labinlimang minuto. Titingnan nila ang dahilan kung bakit hindi ka naasikaso. O di va, magandang patakaran yon.

Memya, memya, pagkatapos kong mabasa ang mga katsisimisan sa magasin na US, (sandali na kay Angelina Jolie na ako) a sinundo na ako nang isang ultrasound technician na lalaki. May kasama siyang babaeng technician. Para maiwasan ang kasong sexual harrasment thingy sa mga ganoong pagkakataon.

Magaling sana yong technician dahil pinapaliwanag saiyo ang gagawin niya at ang mga expectations. Pero sabi niya titingnan daw niya ang left breast ko. Bigla akong napasalita pagkatapos kung tumango at umiling lang dahil sa trauma ko doon sa mammography room. Ipitin ka ba naman ng dalawang beses. Sakit.

"I thought it is right breast? " Kung di lang madilim sa kuwarto, baka nakita ko siyang namutla. Eniwey, sabi niya, titingnan din niya ang aking left. Dahil ba kaliwete ako? ehek.

Habang nireretrato niya ang loob ng aking dibdib, sinisilip ko rin sa monitor. AHA nakita ko nga ang sinasabi nila. Para siyang holen sa laki at sa bilog.

Nagpaalam siya sa akin na ikukunsulta niya sa doctor ang findings.

Nang bumalik siya, sabi niya ifoforward ang resulta sa aking doctor.

Pinagbihis niya na ako at sinabi niyang pagkatapos ay puwede na akong lumabas sa pinto.

Tanong ko, right or left? hehehe Kulit ko noh?

Ang iyong pinsan,



Tuesday, April 24, 2007

May mga Filipina-Allelujah

Dear insansapinas,

Break muna tayo sa romantic series ko. Kuwento ko lang ang nangyari sa akin ngayong araw. May appointment ako sa doctor sa nuclear department (radiology) ng hospital.

Malapit lang ang ospital. Mga 20 minutes lang sa bus. Hindi na ako nagpahatid. Isang sakay lang, hindi ako maliligaw.

Sa bus stop, may narinig akong nagsasalita ng Tagalog. Isang babaeng nakatalikod sa akin sa isang babaeng ang kulay ng buhok ay mais. Wala namang ihawan. ahek. Mag-ina pala silang nakatira sa malapit lang sa amin. Sabi ko, sila ang una kong mga Pinoy na nakita maliban doon sa Pinoy store na nagsara na dahil walang bumibili.

Kwento kete, kuwento habang wala pa ang bus. Tinanong kaagad ng nanay, diyan pala kayo nakatira, magkano....

Sabi ko nakikitira lang ako sa kapatid ko.

Natutuwa kasi ako na makakita ng Pinoy. Sabi sa akin noong babae sa Maryland daw marami. Sabi ko naman sa San Francisco, hindi ka makakalakad ng isang metro na wala kang makikitang Pinoy.

Sumakay na sila nang may dumaang bus at ako naman ay sumakay na rin sa isang bus na dumating. Dalawa lang kaming pasahero noong una at anak pa yata ng driver yong isa. Binigyan siya ng isang special pass. Hindi ako binigyan ng driver ng ticket kaya humingi ako. Ano ba siya, wala sa sarili? Dalawang sumakay, isang babae at isang lalaki. Nagpapapara yong lalaki sa bus stop, hindi huminto yong driver. Pinagalitan siya 'day noong babae. Sabi niya, hindi raw niya tinitingnan ang bus stop kung saan puwedeng huminto. Lumampas tuloy yong mama na halatang bagong saltang katulad ko.

Dito pa naman, pag namiss mo ang isang bus stop, ay maglalakad ka pabalik, itsura ang lakarin mo ang City hall ng Maynila, pabalik Quiapo. O di va sinong hindi maiinis niyan. Nag-apologize yong driver. Saan ka nakakita nang ganiyan? Sa San Francisco, pag nalampas ka, ibaba ka sa susunod na bus stop ng driver na bubulong-bulong. Malinis ang mga buses dito bandang amin, insan. Ang mga driver ay malinis din. Pero dito lang siguro banda sa amin yon.

Ang iyong pinsan,



Madilim ang Mundo-Pinay Goes Romantic Part 13

Karugtong ng:

Dear insansapinas,

Ayaw ko nang isulat ang sinapit ni B insan. Ilang buwang nakatakda ang aming kasal, nakatanggap ako ng tawag sa isang ospital. Nasa ICU si B. Ikalawang atake. Ako ang nakasulat na next of kin. Pagkatapos ng tatlong araw, binawian siya ng buhay. Fatal ang stroke. Ang biyudang hindi pa nakakasal.

Hindi ako nag-internet mula noon insan. Pumapasok lang ako para lang pumasok. Hindi ko rin pansin si James Bond. Walang kulay ang mundo. Hindi nalaman ng mga kaibigan ko dahil hindi rin ako lumalabas pag weekend. Hindi rin ako sumasagot sa telepono.

Yong negosyong tinayo lang namin ang inaasikaso ko paglabas ko ng aking trabaho. Ang sungit ko raw.

Isang gabi, nakatanggap din ako ng tawag sa telepono. May nerbiyos na tuloy ako.
Namatay ang fafa ni James Bond. Ako ang huling kausap ng hapon na iyon bago ako umuwi. Wala si JB. Nasa East Coast. Pero parating daw.

Madilim ang mundo.

Ang iyong pinsan,


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