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Mother and Daughter Celebrities for Mother's Day

Dear insansapinas,
Special para sa Mother's Day ang mga movie celebrities na mga mothers na kasama ang kanilang mga anak na mga mothers na rin.

Nora Aunor, Lotlot de Leon

Lotlot de Leon is an adoptive daughter of Nora Aunor, the superstar. She made it big in showbiz before she married Ramon Christopher, the son of Pilita Corrales, a popular singer and Eddie Gutierrez, the current husband of Annabelle Rama. 

After separating from Ramon Christopher, she started being active in showbiz again. She took care of her other siblings, the other adoptees of Nora Aunor. 

KC Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta

KC Concepcion, one of the daughters of Gabby Concepcion to the megastar Sharon Cuneta is not only a singer but also a model and an actress. 

Ruffa Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama

As if you do not know. Ruffa Gutierrez is the daughter of Annabelle Rama, a former B movie actress and Eddie Gutierrez, a Sampaguita matinee idol.  She is also now a mother to her two daughters who are planning to join the showbiz when they grow up. She is estranged from her husband. She is a model, a TV host and an actress. 

Snooky and Mila Ocampo

Liezl and Amalia Fuentes
Liezl with husband Albert Martinez

Maritess Gutierrez and Gloria Romero

Maritess Gutierrez is the daughter of Gloria Romero, once the Queen of the Philippines Movies and a popular matinee idol Juancho Gutierrez. Her career in the showbiz was brief. She has a son who is pursuing his career in the movie industry-Chris Gutierrez She works as a chef. 

Cherie Gil and Rosemarie Gil

Cherie Gil is noted for villainess roles. She is the daughter of Rosemarie Gil, also a movie actress who married Eddie Mesa, a popular singer in the 50's. He was the Elvis Presley of the Philippines.

Cherie is also a mother of grown- up children with her estranged Israeli husband, the famous violinist.  Her brothers are also in the show business and have children who are currently active in TV and movie industries.
They are Mark Gil and Michael de Mesa.  Michael de Mesa used to be married to another actress, Gina Alajar. 

Danica Sotto and Dina Bonnevie

Danica Sotto is the daughter of Dina Bonnevie and Vic Sotto. She is the sister of Oyoboy Sotto. She is now married to Marc Pingris.

Lilia Dizon with daughters Pinky de Leon and Melissa de Leon

Lilia Dizon was a popular movie star in the 40's. She married another movie actor and director, Gil de Leon.
Together, they have three children who all joined the show business; Pinky de Leon, Lara Melissa de Leon and Christopher de Leon.
Pinky's son was among those freed together with Hubert Webb in the Vizconde massacre. Christopher de Leon was formerly married to the superstar, to whom he has a son, Ian de Leon. He has several children with Sandy Andolong, his present wife.

Beverly Vergel and Alicia Vergel

Beverly Vergel is the daughter of Alicia Vergel a popular actress in the 50's and a Famas awardee. Her father was another popular matinee idol in the 50's, Cesar Ramirez. Her late brother was Ace Vergel, the bad boy of the Philippine movies. She is currently connected with ABS-CBN. 

Isabelle Diaz and Gloria Diaz

Isabelle Diaz is the daughter of the 1969 Miss Universe, Gloria Diaz. Her father is  the equally famous, Bong Daza, the son of Nora Daza.

Daisy Romualdez with daughters Kristina and Danita Paner
Tina Paner

Kristina is not a biological daughter of Daisy Romualdez, a Sampaguita star whose sister is another actress, Blanca Gomez. Daisy is married to a former basketball player, Manny Paner. She was adopted when she was still young. Her mother was the younger sister of Daisy Romualdez. She fought with her adoptive mother and run away from show biz. She married a Spaniard and is currently living in Spain. Danita Paner is the sister of Kristina. After running away from home, she reconciled with her mother. 

Pops Fernandez and Dulce Lukban

Pops Fernandez is the daughter of Dulce Lukban, a movie actress who is the look-alike of a young Susan Roces. Her father was Eddie Fernandez, the popular "Lagalag" star who was killed after several years of being incarcerated in Muntinlupa.

She was married and is now separated from Martin Nievera, a popular singer-actor. They have two grown-up children. 


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