Saturday, July 24, 2010


 Dear insansapinas,
 Shocking 1

I am reading a novel about a woman whose husband-firefighter was a survivor in the 9/11. She thinks that it would have been better if he perished as well with his fellow firefighters instead of living that kind of zombie life. No communication, no will to live and is always afraid of airplane flying overhead. I was shocked to know from an e-mail from a friend that 5,000 troops lost their lives in that disaster. And lives of thousands were destroyed due to physical and mental illnesses.
And someone said that military troops are only meant to suppress? No Virginia, they also come to save lives and help during calamity and impending chaos. 

Shocking 2 

The news said that the SONA will be shocking. This news has been headlining the broadsheet for days now. Just to remind you. Thank the 4 new appointees with cabinet rank in the Communications Group  aka former office of the Press.

Aquino  claimed the Arroyo administration had left only a little over P500 billion, of which some P300 billion has already been earmarked for automatic appropriations.

"The [budget] was not actually left for disposal. It was left with commitments" Mr. Aquino said.

If you know how budget works, a big bulk of it is already appropriated because the system would like to see to it that the money appropriated for  operations and projects of the government are not diverted to other purposes. Kaya nga ba there is a question of diversion of fertilizer fund.

What is shocking about it?

As Purisima has explained:
“Spending for maintenance, operating and other expenses or MOOE was higher by P22.0 billion or by 30.8 percent due to the release of funds for the El Niño mitigation activities; for the financial subsidy to LGUs; for the activities of the Philippine National Police to sustain peace and order; and the frontloading of funds for the 2010 Census of Population and Housing," Purisima said, citing the major expenditures government made to incur a budget shortfall of P196.7 billion.

I hope the SONA is not used to blame it all to the past administration. I hope Purisima is sincere when he said that:

Asked whether the numbers would be a cause for concern, Purisima said the Aquino administration is trying to "look forward.

"We believe that what's past is past and we cannot do anything about it, so what's important to us is what we will do over the next six months which we have declared, and what we'll do over the next six years," said Purisima.
But I will still listen to the SONA even though I am already disappointed that the pork barrel is not scrapped. With 200 million for senator and 70 million for congressmen as discretionary funds, it is not surprising that it is a source of corruption. And I thought, the government wants to eradicate corruption?

That the jueteng did not become a priority of the government because they found out that it is not easy to stop jueteng as they viewed it when they were at the other side of fence. And jueteng is a big source of corruption.

And I will listen to the SONA although one of the ways by which they can increase tax revenues is to tax the poor entrepreneurs while the MBA professors try to encourage entreprenueurship in the Philippines. Duh.



biyay said...

"I hope the SONA is not used to blame it all to the past administration."

asa ka pa. Noynoy is one of the most unprepared for winning the presidency. all he wanted was to become the anti-thesis of Arroyo. Now he's finding out na mahirap din pala ang trabaho.

Hay naku, what I would have given for someone more prepared, more qualified to become president! Para naman upon oath taking, hit the ground running agad, hindi yung nangangapa pa muna. konti lang panahon ni noynoy, 6 years lang para malutasan mga problema. dapat wag na muna sya day-off ng day-off para kahit papano, mukhang may magandang accomplishment man lang

lechon said...

my daughter has a handkerchief with all the names of about 4,000Young Men and Women who were casualties of war in Afghanistan. If you came back alive, there is post traumatic symptoms, it is hard to get to back to the normal life, we civilians know if you are a soldier or a Marine who have slept, walk, work while bombs are exploding all around you while you are deployed

cathy said...

baka hanggang matapos ang term niya kay gma pa rin lahat ang blame.

si obama noon hindi na isinisi sa past admin yong pagbagsak ng economy ng states. gawa na sila ng paraan. argh.

cathy said...

yon nga ang mahirap doon yong pts.