Thursday, July 15, 2010


Dear insansapinas,

Remember Amado Pineda and Ernie Baron?

Amado Pineda is a meteorologist which was popularly called weather forecaster at that time he was commissioned to make the weather forecast for a network.

Ernie Baron was a broadcaster but I think he also reported on the weather in the evening news. Children and parents alike waited for the announcement that there would be suspension of classes in anticipation for a coming storm.

When the son of our neighbor told us that he would like to take meteorology, the clueless me thought that it was a study of meteors. hahahaha.

 The "palpakesyon" of the weather prediction re Basyang early this week led the President to scold the remaining 14 meteorologists of the bureau. Wala nang natitira.

I believe that it is not the ineptness of the Bureau's staff which makes the weather forecast unreliable.

For one, the Basyang can be blamed on the President. He sang two songs before Basyang decided to hit Metro Manila. Sa akin pag kumakanta ako, di lang umuulan, nakikiduet pa ang mga palaka. HAHAHAHA.

For years, the Bureau had been criticized for its "unacceptable" delivery of service. There had been turnovers in the staff--. retirements, terminations, resignations and yet the bureau remained the same. Lacking the state-of-the-art equipment.

If it were the personnel, how come in ten years, there were 24 who got hired abroad, the latest of whom was the deputy administrator of the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration, Nathaniel Cruz, who recently went on leave to work in Australia.

If some barriotic hospitals can purchase equipment which are not used because there are no experts to operate them-- purpose of the purchase was to make use of the budget before the fiscal year ended and avail of the commissions for the people of interest, why can't we buy the sophisticated equipment for PAGASA.



biyay said...

may equipment nga, ninanakaw naman ng mga tao para ibenta yung parts sa magbabakal. tapos, tama ka, kulang din naman ang support ng gobyerno sa kanila,maliit lang ata ang budget.

cathy said...

may bsgo raw biniling radar last year. ewan ko kung natuloy, knowing how it is to purchase million worth of equipment. ang daming dinadaanan.

i took a look at the organizational chart ng pagasa, isang tao dala-dalawa ang position. tapos ang dami nilang vacancy. ang mga item ay mababa ang sweldo. imagine isang bureau kung saan nakasalalay ang buhay ng maraming tao, kakarampot ang suweldo. sino nga naman ang magtitiyaga diyan.

iniisip ko ang navy ba walang weather forecasting?