Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Benigno Aquino III and Jejomar Binay

Dear insansapinas,

Prinoklama na ikalabinlimang presidente si Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino at si Jejomar Binay ns kaniyang Bise-Presidente.

There are firsts in today's Republic;

1. The former president becomes a congresswoman.

2. The first bachelor president. The late President Quirino was a widower so that the first lady was Vicky Quirino, the daughter.

3. This is the first ever, a military chief of staff in recent history who will be removed from the position by a new president.

Gen. Lisandro Abadia, who was appointed by the late President Corazon Aquino a year before the 1992 elections, was able to complete his term under President Fidel Ramos who, meanwhile, chose to extend the term of his last chief of staff, Gen. Clemente Mariano, to four months to ensure a smooth transition for his successor, Joseph Estrada.

4. This is the first if the movie celebrities will accept that cabinet members are from the show business.

5. This is the first that the President will not reside in Malacanan or the guest house where his mother stayed during her incumbency.



Lee said...

and this is the first time na gumamit tayo ng electronic election(tama ba hehe)

and this is the first time we will have a very confused, tactless, sabi-bigay-bawi president ever.

and this is the first time (kung sakasakali) we will have a bunch of first ladies (pink sisters).

and this is the first time (kaso di natuloy kasi di pwede) na presidente nanumpa sa barangay capt.

and sure it will go on....

heniwey, congrats to our new president and vice president congrats Noy-Nay tandem!

cathy said...

at first time nanghula sa Madam Auring sa presidente. hehehe

Lee said...

ay dimpala sakali, nanalo na pala, i mean naka chamba si madam auring hahaha

Lee said...

you mean sya ang hinulaan ni madam auring na magiging pres? hahaha for the first time tumama sya sa hula nya kung sakali haha

cathy said...

hindi hinulaan ni madam auring na hindi pa raw magpapakasal ngayon si noynoy ngayon 2010.

natural naman anoh.

sinabi na niya yon bakit ihuhula pa niya.