Thursday, February 09, 2012

Your Honor Not

 Dear insansapinas,

I am reading a novel about a new lawyer who was blackmailed to join a law firm that is the opponent of his new employer to steal files that would be used for an upcoming  trial between the two firms. . If he is not going to cooperate, a video will be shown in the internet showing his  sex escapades with a promiscuous minor. The lady involved will bring the rape case against him and his former classmates that could end his  career.What's the relevance of this story to my blog today? Just want to show that the  world stinks. To become successful, you've got to do a lot of sucking up, kissing asses and backstabbing. And that's what some senators do. Now back to the impeachment trial.

How can I trust the senator judges when many of them do not know what they're talking about? One senator judge asked the witness to categorize the bank accounts according to the types of deposit. Well and good. He wanted to know what are time deposits, cds and other financial instruments and find out if they are included in the cash balance.

The good senator should be lectured on how the SALN is prepared. Bank accounts that fall under time deposits are not included in cash. They're included in Temporary Invesments because that's what they are.

One more thing that bothers me is the deposit of millions in the current or checking account of the Chief Justice. There are two types of deposits; the current or checking/ATM and the savings deposits. The current deposits do not earn interest so that some depositors opened two accounts--one is the checking and the other is the savings with automatic transfer--that is the checking account maintains a minimum balance but in case the check payments exceed this balance, an overdraft charge is not debited in the account since an equivalent amount is transferred from the savings o the current deposits. So back to the question, why was the current account in millions which is not also safe to maintain since the kidnapper can just force the owner to withdraw from the ATM up to the allowed amount?

In my previous blog, I mentioned that there is a need to see the previous and recent  bank statements in order to keep track of the movements of the running balance of the bank account. What were subpoenaed were the bank statements  for the previous years only.  There are depositors who borrow money, put it in their checking accounts to pay  certain transactions which require checks as payment.  So parang dumaan lang yong pera sa bank account.Since this is a checking account, there are returned checks that go with the bank statements. The bank may have microfilms of these checks which can be verified to know what those payments were. Nimcompoop Corner. Brinoadcast na ang bank account, pati ba naman address, brinodcast pa. Para bang o eto dito nakatira ang may milyones na pera. (Rolleyes).
Observations in the day 15 impeachment trial

1. Drilon is the honorary lead prosecutor, bravo. impartial, my foot.

2. Why is Cayetano arguing with the witness as to the provision of the Foreign Deposits Account Secrecy Law. The President is a banker and not a lawyer. There is a law. Question the lawmakers.Do not badger the witness,.

3. Lesson learned: If you can not get the information because it is confidential, reform the question to get it indirectly.

4. Why are the senator -judges cross-examining the witness. As judges, isn't it their function is to listen and make clarifications when necessary. Let the lawyers do the cross examination. That's what they are being paid for. Problem is incompetence.



biyay said...

ang tanong ko naman, why is the prosecution presenting evidence on the bank accounts when it relates to the issue of illegal wealth which in turn, is already excluded?

cathy said...

tama ka diyan biyay. dapat hindi na yan tanggapin. I do not buy the idea two, three, four. hehehe