Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Other Fight

Dear insansapinas,

While there is a big battle  between the prosecution and defense panels in the impeachment trial of CJ Renato C. Corona, there is another fight being witnessed by the public. It is between Grace Ibuna  the companion-partner (mistress daw)and Aleli Arroyo -  the legal wife.

Ted Locsin wrote:

Grace, who pulled plug, should just say, I ended his misery, you who started his misery can have his body or ashes. Eat it.
This statement pertained to the news that the two women in Iggy's life are fighting as to who can claim the body.

Alicia “Aleli” Arroyo, the lawmaker’s estranged wife, and her lawyer Lorna Kapunan failed in their mission to bring his body home from London because the director of the mortuary would not turn it over to them.The director was said to be acting under the instruction of Grace Ibuna, Ignacio’s longtime companion who was at his bedside when he was taken off life support on Jan. 26. The director allegedly continued to recognize Ibuna as the lawmaker’s next of kin because Alicia Arroyo failed to show proof that her marriage had not been annulled.
When patient is admitted in the hospital in London, he is asked to name his next of kin. The first person that the hospital is going to call  in case of emergency or make decisions what to do with the body in case the patient expires  is the next of kin recognized in the document. 

What I am wondering is why the legal wife was  insistent to claim the body and parade herself as the person who has the right to claim when their friends' circle knew  the reason for the annulment and they had been estranged for years.

Sana man lang kaya ganoon dahil gusto niyang maging kasama niya sa huling sandali.  *heh*. Totoo kaya yong nalimas na bank account.  I would go for someone who did not leave you when you needed her most.


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