Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Dear insansapinas,

1.There was a brief rejoicing among the prosecutors. Chief Defense Counsel Cuevas was late for the the first time. He was on his way to the impeachment trial when he was held up in traffic because of the rally of the INC members. The truth is, hindi natuyo yong puti niyang suit.
2. Another witness was presented instead of the cameraman. I wonder who was more nervous, the witness or the prosecutor -lawyer. kakaba-kaba-kaba.

3. Another cameraman was presented as a witness. This time, the guy did not object when he did not want to respond to the questions posed by Cuevas. He asked the most difficult question tonight. Do you know Gloria Arroyo? 

4. Cuevas must have really intimidating effect to the witnesses being cross examined that  the librarian from ABS CBN denied that she had something to do with the labeling of the CF of the videos taken by cameramen. She denied vigorously that lawyer had still to think of a question and yet  she was already shaking her head. She may have also denied that she was the cause of the break-up of Hayden and Vicki Belo when queried. 

5. The prosecutor lawyers thru Tupas, Jr. put into motion  that they are going to stop presenting witnesses (read: naubusan na sila); and documentary evidence. (read: naglaho na ang small lady at nagrefuse ng mag-door-to-door delivery yong naglagay ng papeles sa bakod. In short, kawawa naman sila inaapi. 


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