Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Dear insansapinas,

Madalas mapanood ko sa police/law/court/oriented series na it is useless to procure evidence illegally because it can be tossed by the court before it is even aknowledged, Some police wait for the thrash of the suspect to come out of the residence before they search it for possible evidence.

So I was surprised when the Senate accepted a piece of evidence listing down the bank accounts of Renato Corona courtesy of a vertically challenged woman. This story even stinks. To think that there is such a law as Bank Secrecy Law paricularly the foreign deposits which prevents the accounts to be released. Ayaw ko ng maging lawyer paglaki ko. *heh*
I heard the name Farinas from the bus that plied Manila and Ilocos (?). Our male friends knew him as the husband of Si ako, si ikaw, former boyfriend of a sexy movie star and another popular star who is now a politician.

I was amused watching him yesterday, responding to the query of Jinggoy Estrada as to why he did not sign the impeachment complaint by the House of Representatives and yet now he is the lead prosecutor. Tupas was relegated to chuwariwariwap daw.  For me, being honest to state the reason, sampal yong sabihin niyang hindi siya speed reader para matapos agad basahin ang documento, lalo nang sampal sa HoR ang sinabi niyang hindi maganda ang pagkakagawa ng impeachment complaint. Ayaw ko ring maging congressman paglaki ko. *heh* 



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