Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Long Day

Dear insansapinas,

I am still stuck near the phone to wait a call from my doctor's office. Sabi ko na nga hindi na naman finollow-up. ARGHHH.

Last week, I was watching BLUEBLOODS, a drama series about a family who are all in the law profession; the father is the Police Commissioner, the son is a detective and the daughter is the ADA.

The episode last Friday was about a playboy whose cottage industry is to marry rich women and kill them when he's sure he is in the last will of testament.

His latest victim was diagnosed to have died of heart attack when in fact she was injected with a drug that was more lethal than morphine.

Where an I going in this discussion? 

The daughter of the woman who died  was labeled as paranoid since she claimed she talks with God. She claimed it was God who told her that her mother was murdered.

No one would believe her so she gathered the stuff of her stepfather and hauled them to the police station for whatever things that may be used as evidence. 

The ADA (sister of the detective) warned his brother that he can not touch them because they were illegally obtained.Even though they live in the same house, the daughter does not own those things.

When Miriam Santiago declared that the lawyers face disbarment if they present fake or illegally procured documents because it is tantamount to insulting the trial judge, I waited for the impeachment trial to attend to the issue of the alleged fake document attached to the request for the subpoena.

According to her even if the lawyers are not aware about the authenticity, they are still subject to disciplinary action.

How come Umali was still smiling during the long break? Was he not scared of the sanction? 
The tactic was to present first the BPI staff. Delaying tactic?


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