Monday, February 27, 2012

Wash Day

Dear insansapinas,

When I was working with the government, we were obliged to wear a uniform but once a week, we had a wash day--the day when we can wear civilian clothes. Pabonggahan.

Yesterday was also a WASH DAY in the impeachment court where the prosecutors were reprimanded not only by Miriam Santiago, Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, Defense Counsel Cuevas but also by other senator judges. Sinabon talaga sila.

By the time, the  impeachment proeedings would come into conclusion, maputi na ang mga presecutors pati ang kanilang damit dahil sa kasasabon. Ohohoy.

Pimentel tried to embarrass Cuevas by pointing to him how he screwed up in treating his documentary evidence and to think that law students were  observing and learning from him. Siya yata ang napahiya.

Even the non-lawywes were learning from Cuevas and Santiago.  By the time, the impeachment trial has  ended, many people can receive law degree by virtue of continuing education principles. *heh*


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