Sunday, February 26, 2012

And the Oscar Goes to

Dear insansapinas,

I like balut but I eat this duck egg only in the darkness  inside a movie house  or while watching a DVD at home while the lights are off. Can't imagine eating the small chick with hair and all. Pero kain pa rin ako. 

Tonight, while watching the Oscars, I decided to eat the balut that we bought from the Filipino store. No chick. The part which is usually hard as a rock was soft although there was not much juice inside. The eggs were big compared to what I usually bought back there in the Philippines. Hindi siguro nagdadiet at naggym yong ducks  para maging sexy.  One website wrongly identified balut as a delicacy of another Asian country. Sabihin na nating kumakain din sila ng balut pero hindi naman siguro balut ang tawag doon. Estopido. But we are not talking about balut here. 

Back to Oscars, I really liked the actress who won the best supporting actress in the movie " THE HELP" , Octavia Spencer.

She was among the guests in the Ugly Betty as the INS agent who fell in love with the illegal father of Betty. She did everything to make him marry her to the point she used her powers. Of course, it was not the way papers are processed for adjustment of status. It was just for the humor side of it . It turned out she  already lost her marbles while pursuing the old man. She was kicked out of the agency but she kept it a secret that her former employer put her under wanted list.  She played her role so well that you would hate her and laughed at her at the same time for being so funny. She deserved to win si Mang Oscar.
 Other winners are the following of the Oscars are:
Best Picture- The Artist


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