Thursday, February 16, 2012

Banal, Small Lady and Tall Tales

Dear insansapinas,

The comment of the lawyer of the bank that the pretermination of the time deposits on December 12,2011 had something to do with the looming  impeachment trial of Corona was uncalled for. Speculations, your honor. I would like to think that the TDs was not his so that he did not want the money affected in case there are invesigations or worse freezing of assets.Speculations din. haaay.

So  dumb were also  the comments of some observers as to whether these amounts were included in the SALN of the 
Chief Justice. They're not included silly because the SUBMISSION of SALN 2011 is not even past due yet. 

Besides only assets owned as of December 31, 2011 should be reported in the SALN for the calendar year 2011. The amounts were taken out from the time deposits thru manager's check before the year ended. If these manager's checks have been negotiated, they may be in another bank.  The latest news was that the TDs were owned by BASA GUIDOTE under the name of the Chief Justice which is not illegal.


Banal could have waited until Monday to give a more convincing story about the "spurious" documents. Kasama rin ba ang instructions na makipagkita siya sa PSB btanch manager? Sino yong mga tumutulong ?
Another tall tale which is similar to the small lady story. Aagawan pa niya ng 15- minute fame si Umali?

Ano kaya ang susunod? Na isang anghel ang nagbigay sa kanila?



biyay said...

A few years ago, during the Erap impeachment trial, a pretty young lawyer testified that she was asked to set-up some dummy corporations for Erap. She was then working for Erap's adviser. Her name was Jasmine Banal. A few years later, another Banal would figure in the impeachment trial of CJ Corona. His name is Jorge Banal. Interesting that both father and daughter would be involved in the impeachment trials .

cathy said...

akala nila sila na ang pinskabanal na ao. Genetic kaya?