Monday, February 13, 2012


 Dear insansapinas,

To resolve the TRO issue filed by PSBank, the senator judges had a caucus. The result was a surprise . Say SURPISE please.

There were 13  senators who voted to respect the TRO: They were:

:Arroyo, Estrada,Honasan,JPE, Santiago, Recto, Escudero, Pimentel, Legarda, Revilla, Marcos, Sotto, Vllar

There were ten  senators who ignored the TRO: They were: 
 Angara, Lacson, Pia Cayetano, Alan Cayetano, Lapid, Pangilinan, Guingona, Trillanes, Osmeña, & Drilon
1. Wala pang limang minutong nabasa ang resolution ungkol ss TRO caucus, nagcomment agad si Guingona
tungkol sa feeling ng mga tao? Sinong tao? Nakatawag sa kaniya? Nakapagsurvey siya? O feeling lang niya?

The defensive defended themselves including the Cayetano siblings who kept on citing US cases.

Miriam Santiago and JPE advised the two Cayetanos that the Philippines can not use the American model as precedence of the impeachment case since, Philippine laws are different from those of the US.


Santiago reviewed her former student of what he learned from law school. He was given three again. 

Ako bibigyan ko siya ng 4. He should be made to  understand that when you subject the Filipino depositors regulations different from those of the foreign depositors...that is DISCRIMINATION.

I might have dozed off and I missed the testimony of the branch manager of PSBank. Were the documents fake or leaked? Tiongson said that the documents did not come from their bank. Umali is missing in action but he was instructed to esssplain. Tupas was reprimanded for attaching "fake" documents, if indeed they are fake. Ang gulo.

At the end, JPE commented that the prosecutors did not have evidence from the beginning and was just fishing information from the subpoenaed witnessess. BOOM. 


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