Friday, October 21, 2011

The Welcome Party in Hell

Dear insansapinas,
Despots or tyrants come and go; as to how their lives ended we can not help but ask did they suffer ? If not, are they suffering in hell right now?

There must be gnashing of teeth and screaming in agony to welcome Ghadafi in hell  by  the world's worst tyrants  who were responsible for the death of so many lives. Let us take a look at the top three  who were selected according to the number of people who died during their reigns.

1. Mao Tse Tung- 49 to 78 million deaths
His Great Leap Forward claimed as much as 20 million lives due to mass starvation. The program was meant to accelerate industrialization of China at the expense of the farm produce. People who were scared to be punished produced steel products from out of their household items made of steel. The goal was not achieved since the steel was not of good quality. There were no food and  money.

His second program was cultural revolution which sent professionals from the city to the provinces to become farmers. It claimed million deaths too.

As to his death, the book written by his personal physician  The Private Life of Chairman Mao,  claims that Mao chain smoked cigarettes, never bathed or brushed his teeth, rarely got out of bed, was addicted to sleeping pills and had a large number of sexual partners from whom he contracted venereal disease.It was rumored that he was already for weeks or months before they announced the death.

2. Josef Stalin-23 million people
His economic policy led to famine that killed millions of people. His Great Purge killed another several million people who opposed him.

His death:
He was discovered lying on the floor with his undershirt soaked in urine after he failed to come out of the bedroom the day after he had dinner with friends.  He never recovered and died at age 74. His death was diagnosed as cerebral hemmorhage.

3. Adolf Hitler - 17 million people

 Hitler's racially motivated policies resulted in the deaths of as many as 17 million people, including an estimated six million Jews and between 500,000 and 1,500,000 Roma targeted in the Holocaust.

 His death:
He committed suicide together with his wife Eva Braun.

And now these tyrants welcome Ghadafi who died a horrible death. 

Despite the fact that people know that despots/tyrants' reign will come to an end, many leaders still become tyrants for fear of losing power and lifestyles they enjoyed but they condemn in public. 


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