Sunday, October 23, 2011

Smart Babies, Ridiculous Adults

Dear insansapinas,
Destroying the Evidence

One of the babies escaped from the crib. The mother put her back. Once her mother left the room, he escaped again and destroyed the evidence--the camcorder. hohoho
When I was preschooler, I used to escape from the watchful eyes of my cousin-nanny.The seashore was just across our house. I liked digging the small holes in the sand where you can find live small clams.

One time, my mother almost caught me. I got a few clams in my pocket. In the kitchen, I found a small bowl, put little water in it with the clams and hid it behind the earthen water jar.

My mother kept on asking my cousin about the bowl. You see when clams die, they stink. And that was how they found the evidence that instead of taking a nap that afternoon, I was out getting clams,

Ridiculous Baby Products

In case, you need to go to the bathroom and no one would hold your baby for you, this harness comes handy.

And I thought my elderly cousin was weird. To humor his  stressed wife, he would hang his baby on the wall using the baby's diapers and shirts. The more, his wife became stressed. That baby is already an adult and he would laugh on the craziness of his father.

If you are here in the US, you must have seen the commercial for an expensive toy that teaches babies to clap. And I thought babies do not need to be taught how to clap. It comes naturally.

But anyway, the baby model in the commercial has still to be coaxed by the adults to follow the toy in clapping. 

The ad ended where the baby was biting the ears of the stuffed toy.
The baby is definitely in its hands- to- mouth development stage. Everything that he can get hold of goes to his mouth.  

Ridiculous Ad
This is not a toy but an ad. The baby's picture is being sent to relatives via email. The model is shown in a walker travelling in highways with the cars, trucks and bicycles. This is to show how fast the picture reaches the destination. Fine. But the last frame shows that the parents are fussing over baby's picture while the baby is trying to reach the wooden rails  that secured the elevated place where the family was supposed to be enjoying the site below.

Who are the  stupid parents who would put their  baby close to the rail where there is a possibility that he might fall in the ravine. Granting that the  background is not the real thing, still it shows that the parents are endangering the baby.


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