Monday, October 24, 2011


Dear insansapinas,

HR Practices
I was in high school  then when a close friend confided to me that his father just lost his job but was accepted in another company. I can not understand why she's sad when his father was able to find a job in barely a month.

She said that the new company is still owned by the old company. It is a strategy to make their old employees sign another employment contract as if they arr new hires. The benefits may also accrue to them after two or three years which could give a lot of savings for the old company.  The separation pay given to these employees may be recouped from the savings obtained from decreased number of years of service.

Brilliant idea. Para tuloy gusto kong lumipad sa eruplano.


Companies can discriminate in accepting new employees without being obvious. Employers avoid hiring women with little children. But they won't tell you that and they have no way of knowing that from your resume. So some HR interviewers will go as far as walking the applicants to their cars to check whether they have baby car seats or signs that there are babies in the family.

In the Philippines, they may ask the applicants. 

When I applied for a job when I was a new graduate and a young mother, they didn't ask me. They did not even bother to ask me if I was married. They thought that as young as I was, I still was single.  The manager trusted the CPA under retainer who did the interview. It was only when I left the kob when manager realized that I was already "double". Balak pa raw niyang ligawan ako. Bwahahaha.

This article of Angela Stuart-Santiago  reminds me of the movie rules of engagement where tommy lee jones acted as a lawyer of a bemedalled colonel (samuel l. jackson) who was put to trial when he ordered his troops to fire at civilians who stormed the embassy in a third world country.

it turned out that these civilians(women and children including the physically disabled) were armed with high calibre weapons and did the shooting. After they  all died, these weapons were collected by the rebels to make it look like a massacre.

 I just finished reading a book about a soldier who almost died because he hesitated to fire back st his shooter who was just a boy. The parents are convinced that they can offer their young sons for martyrdom.

The last one was a novel about a boy who was asked to be saved by the grandfather for martyrdom only to find out that it is the father himself who offered the boy to commit suicide with the bomb.

Nakakalungkot at nakakaloka.

Stimulus package

Ayaw ko nang magsalita tungkol sa stimulus package. Ang economista natin ay salita ng salita na akala mo walang nakakaintinding tao sa mga mali nilang sinasabi.

Tama si Solita Monsod sa sinabi niyang hindi stimulus package ang sinasabi ng Palasyo. Talagang gagastusin na yong perang yon.

Ang halimbawa ng stimulus package ay ang kagaya ng tsekeng natanggap ng mga retirees at pensioners dito sa States. OVER and above sa tinatanggap nila. Ibig sabihin
dagdag gastos at dagdag din sa budget. Di pa kasama sa budget. Sus.
Makaahit nga ng kilay. 


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