Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Dear insansapinas,

Bakit nagbabayad tayo para manood ng horror movies para takutin natin ang sarili natin? Ngiiii
Bakit kung kailan nag-iisa ang actress at actor sa pelikula saka sila nanonood ng horror movies sa kanilang DVD player?
Bakit nanonood tayo ng tungkol sa multo pero marami naman ang hindi naniniwala?
Bakit nanonood tayo ng horror movies pero nakapikit naman tayo pag nakakatakot na? 
Bakit ba ako nanood ng horror movie ngayon ay pangkaraniwan na sa akin ang mga nagbubukas-sarang pinto, mga yabag na pabalik-balik at umiikot na silya. BAKEEET?

For days now, I have been researching on the history of our place. 
Last week, while trying to go back to sleep after a visit to the bathroom, I heard a sort of conversation. Nah, there is no radio, the TV is in the living room and there is no way by which I will hear my neighbors talking.

The lady's voice was not clear. But the man was loud although it was more of a whisper. He said, Goodbye my love. If I may interpret what happened, it seemed the man was going somewhere and he is bidding goodbye to a wife or a loved one.

I thought at first, it was a telepathic message for me. But it can't be. No one calls me MY LOVE. My hate pa siguro. bwahahaha. Besides it was a foreign accent. My ex calls me Wifey. Para bang yong pamunas ng pwet. 

So I am thinking that it is a husband and wife or lovers who separated because of the civil war whom I heard to be talking. Then there are  times I see a vision which I rather would not discuss because it is scary.


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