Friday, October 07, 2011

Teleserye Moments sa buhay ni Steve Jobs

Dear insansapinas,

Biyay asked me if I am okay. Usually the news about death of someone with cancer affects me. At the time I read the news about Steve Jobs' death, I just had my MRI and unlike in the latest cancer screening last June, the doctors would like to meet me again next week.

Jobs' surgery did not entirely eliminate the disease. Like what my team of doctors said, liver transplant may extend life for five years or less depending on the acceptance or rejection of the new organ.

But that is not what I like to discuss here because his demise reminds  me that no amount of money or intelligence can make people escape the inevitable-death.

Iba-iba nga lang. I feel personally, except for the pains and the expenses that go with the treatment, people with cancer is a little luckier than those who died in other ways. They have more time to prepare, to make amends and to plan for their loved ones.

And these are actually what we are going to discuss. Pag ang buhay mo ay nakasulat na sa aklat ng kamatayan, magsisimula ka ng magsuri ng iyong mga nagawa, mga kasalanan, paglilinis ng budhi at pagtitika.

Ayon kay Steve Jobs:

Jobs was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs, who promised his birth mother, Joanne Simpson (whom Jobs later tracked down with the help of a private investigator), that they would send him to a university. He dropped out of Reed College after one semester, and he reportedly never was willing to talk to his birth father.

Jobs had a daughter, Lisa, out of wedlock with Chrisann Brennan. He denied paternity for many years, swearing in a court document that he was sterile. Later, he had three more kids with Laurene Powell.
"I've done a lot of things I'm not proud of, such as getting my girlfriend pregnant when I was 23 and the way I handled that," Jobs said in a statement in 2011 to promote his authorized biography.


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