Saturday, October 15, 2011

Manny Pacquiao in the Second Episode of the New Season Law and Order SVU

Dear insansapinas,

Manny Pacquiao's photo appeared in the second new episode of Law and Order SVU. Nahh, he was not a guest in the series, but his photo was.  Huwag ninyo akong batuhin ng kamatis. Acidic ako. 

The episode entitled Personal Fouls showed the basketball coach being given an award for training players in the ghetto.  He was shown with other popular men in sports where Pacquiao was among them. (Kamot ng ulo). Boxing naman yong kaniya.  He was not given credit however so was Arnold Schwarznegger. It turned out the coach was a pedophile in that episode. The dilemma was, the accuser got killed and another victim was a well-known popular basketball player who has  a reputation to protect. Abangan. 

As you know, the  Detective Stabler (Christopher Meloni)  is no longer in the team since "he shot a girl" (a story to justify his leaving the show). 

Danny Pino, the detective in the Cold Case Files and another lady, Detective Rollins replaced him. This is in preparation of less participation of Mariska Hargitay in the coming episodes. Hayyyy.  Kahit na sa computer, marami pa ring commercial. Sus.


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