Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Excuse me and Nepotism

Dear insansapinas,

Excuse me?
I called the pharmacy this morning for the refills of my meds. The pharmatech told me that the prescriptions of  my doctor have expired. My prescriptions for my regular meds are good for one year. I advised the lady to call my doctor since I already informed them of the expiry dates. The lady responded, I am going to
fu#k them. What? I am going to fu#k them, Oh you mean you are going to FAX them.

Muntik nang dumugo ang aking tainga. Naalala ko noong FOB din ako. Iba ang pronunciation ko sa mga pangalan kaya di ako maintindihan. Kagaya ng Balboa. Yong pala ay BALBOOO. Toinkzzz.

In the episode of the Good Wife last Sunday, the junior partner was given the task of interviewing and selecting an applicant for the law firm. She chose two ladies and she recommended the one who she thought is more qualified. She was surprised when a senior partner approached him to nag her that she should have recommended the other one who is his niece.

In the committee of hiring, the senior partner did all his best to have his niece selected by his peers.
The junior partner was disappointed with him and his fellow associates.

It just goes to show that nepotism is a reality in any country, any firm whether private or government.

I have worked with these kinds of employees whose only qualification is to have the same DNA with the owners or top officials.

But I got a lady friend who did not take advantage of  being the daughter of our president. In fact, I did not know that she was related to the top honcho since her last name was that already of her husband.
We became close friends and I never asked favor from her. She was the one who offered when she thought that a problem initiated by one official affected our department.

It is a pity she died young. It is her death anniversary. She married at age 15 and separated in her early 20's. She went back to school and then remarried. She died of heart attack when she learned that her husband died in the hospital because of stroke.


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