Saturday, October 29, 2011

Do the departed relatives watch over their loved ones?

Dear insansapinas, 

I must have written this somewhere in my blog but this is the continuation of my blog about the family tradition during All Saints' Day. 

I was already married then and was residing separately from my siblings and mother so I also prepared a food offering for  my father and grandpa and whoever they would bring along. 

After a few hours. I was about to blow the candle so that I can retire to bed when I noticed that the sweet rice cake formed a face. Two eyes, a mouth and a nose. Interesting. I turned it over and I found that the same facial impression on the other side. I got goosepimples.

I could not sleep. Someone was stalking me. My dad. He was warning me about a person. He gave me his name. It was a deception intended for a member of the family.

I can remember that it was a Wednesday. My father asked me to visit our house. I did during the weekend. I learned that on Wednesday, someone manifested thru simultaneous knocks on the doors of the bedrooms. 

Then I met the person. His name was the same name given to me by my father. 

The problem began and was solved thru the messages of my father. It was a nightmare that soon was forgotten by the family as if it did not happen.

After the incident, I started asking if the dead person does not really leave his loved ones after all. He is still there to watch over them.

When I was new in the States, I felt so homesick and alone that I fall asleep depressed. It was this night when my father would appear in my dream assuring me that I am not alone.

Now, he seldom manifests. Baka pagod na or because my mom took over.

It was my mother who warned me that the ceiling of the apartment in LA where I temporarily resided was going to be rain-soaked and that water was going to drip on my bed. It was also who forewarned me that there will be problem in my travel to the Philippines with regards schedules and misplaced luggage.

And yesterday, I was worried about cash. I am going to buy something today and ayaw kong pumunta sa banko. Then she led me to my jacket and whispered look. Lo and behold, there was indeed cash. Naah, hindi niya ibinigay. Pinaalala lang sa akin na may naiwanan akong cash doon. Makahanap pa nga.  


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