Sunday, October 16, 2011

Liezl Martinez Bumalik ang Breast Cancer

Dear insansapinas,

Kung mayroon mang mag-asawang nasa show business na tumagal ang pagsasama, isa na rito ang mag-asawang Albert Martinez at Liezl Muhlach Sumilang.Si Liezl ang kaisa-isang anak ni Romeo Vasquez at ang kahiwalayan niyang si Amalia Fuentes ang mga superstarsng 1950s.

Nadiagnosed ng breast cancer si Liezl noong 2007 at nabigyan ng clean bill of health ng kaniyang mga doctor noong 2010. 

Sabi nga ng aking doctor, the disease is not eradicated. Treatments are merely to enhance quality of life and to extend life for a few more years.

I believe in miracles but they come in different forms like accessibility to the most modern cancer facilities as compared to some others whose finances can not afford the expensive treatments to manage the pain.  But our  doctors  here do not give assurance to patients that the cancerous cells are not going to come back. 

Steve Jobs was  diagnosed in 2004 and died in 2011.In between surgeries, I read that he tried also tried diet therapy. 

Rio Diaz cancer came back after a year and she lived for a few years more because of medications until her body gave up.

Breast cancer is treatable or operable. Ang iba ay hindi. Pagna-kacancer ang tao, lalo pag nasa late stage na, mayroon na siyang sentence. The sentence ends with a period.


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