Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wedding Dresses of American Royalties and Celebrities Part 3

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Jack and Jack Kennedy may not be British royalties but Jackie Kennedy considered her husband's reign as Camelot.  Camelot refers to the seat of the court of the legendary King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table; it has come to mean a place or time of idyllic happiness. 

Jacquiline Bouvier married the then US House Representative John F. Kennedy on September 12, 1953 in  at St. Mary's Church in Newport, Rhode Island, in a Mass celebrated by Boston's Archbishop Richard Cushing with an estimated 700 guests who attended the ceremony and 1,200 attended the reception..]

The wedding dress, now housed in the Kennedy Library in Boston,Massachusetts, and the dresses of her attendants were created by designer Ann Lowe of New York City. It waa published that Jacke did not want the dress but her mother insisted.

Mrs. Wally Simpson was not only a commoner and a divorcee ; she was also an American but British King Edward VIII gave up the throne to marry her. If he did not abdicate, the father of Queen Elizabeth, King George VI would not have been a king and Princess Elizabeth or would not have been Queen.  


Above was the wedding dress of Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, the title of Duke was given to King Edward VIII after his abdication. It-was a waist dress created by Mainbocher in what was termed her signature colour of "Wallis blue" reportedly to match her eyes.

The King of Rock and Roll married

 After an affair with another woman,(was it Ann Margaret?) Elvis Presley realized that Priscilla is his princess to marry on May 1, 1967. She was even a virgin when they got married. Five years later, they divorced.

Even her wedding dress was very conservative covering everything.


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