Thursday, October 06, 2011

Pinoy Humor

Dear insansapinas,

One of the reasons why Filipinos can weather bad weather, natural and man-made disasters and incompetent government leaders is because of  our unique sense of humor.  At slightest provocation, even the serious and formal discussions are interrupted by humorous statements. Many jokes are made into funny punchlines. These jokes are not meant to embarrass some people but merely to elicit laughter. Sometimes with a tinge of sarcasm. 

Take for instance the photoshopped photos. The three officials have gone a long way. I reproduced only three pics. You can see more here. 

Like the house at the background, they are also submerged in the water. 

At the Rizal monument...

and at the parting of the sea...

It seems it is not only the suspended over-eager photographer who knows how to photoshop. There are other eager-beavers too.

I did this when I was masquerading as a cat. It was not photoshopped. I used a software that is simpler to use.


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