Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Dear insansapinas,

Businesses hate inventories especially those which are slow moving items. Inventories entail costs which may include the following:
1. production cost
2. Interest
3. risk of obsolesence
4. risk of deterioration

In the US, after the holidays or at the end of the year, inventories are disposed of even at a loss. Storage costs are added to carrying the inventories.

With the slump of the housing industry in the US there are some states where houses which are ready for occupancy are being sold for a song. Instead of letting the money sleep in housing inventories which may become dilapidated with wear and tear of the passage of time, the developers were offering them at huge discounts. In all businesses including  housing , discounts are not reported under sales and therefore are not taxed (Take note Mr. Senator Judge). Kaya nga may Net Sales sa IS dahil from gross sales, discounts and returns are deducted.

One other consideration is that if the unit is what prevents the whole building to be finished, disposing the damaged unit even at a discounted price will be a sound financial decision for a company.

There was a prosecution lawyer who can not understand the fair market value. The fair market value changes over the years, your honor. Tseh.

I do not know if these senator judges are focused on the discussions. 
Makapagsalita lang, inuulit-ulit na lang ang napag-usapan na. Susmaryanong garapon. Nagmumukha tuloy silang sano. Nasaan  ba sila noong pinag-uusapan yan at nagpapalitan ng tanong at sagot ang mga abugado at witness. Talagang mawawalan  ng buhok ang witness. In fwerness, articulate ang witness ngayon, hindi kagaya kahapon na akala ko nagdadasal ng opa pro nobis. hahaha. Pero kasi naman wala naman talaga siyang alam sa marketing. Finance man siya eh. Tapos tatanungin siya about marketing. Parang abugado  na tinanong mo saiyong sakit.  Alam ba nila ang ginagawa ng finance man? 

By the way, yong mga bopol na nagcocoment kung bakit hindi dineklara ang discount at binayaran ng tax, pumunta kayo sa sales ha. Pag may discount ba kayong nakuha, considered as income? Tseh. 


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