Thursday, January 05, 2012


Dear insansapinas,

When I read about the recruitment of walking extras for Bourne Legacy, these had caught my attention:
1. they need the vital statistics aside from age, picture and, height. WHY? The extras will just form a crowd. Makikita ba doon kung ilang taon ka na, kung saan ka income bracket, galing, kung ano ang iyong weight, baywang, etc, ?
Outside the Philippines, one thing that you do not put in your resumes are important statistics which are not relevant to the jobs being posted.

2. The fee is Php 300. Sus. mababa pa sa minimum. It is not naman, na you will just walk for a few seconds and you earned your keep. It is the waiting time which keeps you tied up in the "shooting".

There was this commercial about a credit card and an extra in the movie. She had a small part but she had been staying in the island up to the time the director gets his desired "BOOM" from the boat that they exploded.

3. Minor needs work permit from the DOL.
3. The stand-in. Bakit naman dito pa kukuha. Ala bang stand-in yan from the beginning. Have you seen the documentary that went with the movie of Harrison Ford. He was of the same height, body, hair and costumes that Ford used in a particulay sequence. He took over once the director had the full shot of Ford, closeup. Iba pa yong stunt men.

So the producers of Bourne Legacy made this announcement. Huwag muna kayong mag-apply.

Contrary to a spreading rumor, the producers of the movie Bourne Legacy said on Friday that they did not send out a casting call for Filipino extras.

Bourne Legacy Philippine producer Lope ‘Jun’ Juban Jr. denied that they are looking for 1000 extras to be part of the film.

Juban said the names cited in the web entries are unknown to him and are not part of the film’s local unit, Philippine Film Studios, Inc.

ANO BA ANG TOTOO. Balak ko sanang mag-apply.

Pork Barrel

MANILA, Philippines - Budget Secretary Butch Abad apologized Wednesday to Sen. Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr. after a technical glitch in the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) website boosted Revilla's pork barrel by over P100 million.
Glitch or no glitch, the reports should have been  thoroughly checked. Then the Secretary could have avoided this embarrassment. Even the conputers spewed garbage if you feed them with garbage and it is up for the humans to find the red flag. In this case, the red flag was too big a pork barrel compared to the other senators'. Bigla kang mapapatanong, bakit naman ang laki kaagad nang nakuha ni Senator Revilla? Then i- check na ang napakalaking diperensiya. Not unless, may story behind a story there really need a second look. Wooops.

Witness Protection Program

Ang alam ko pag inilagay ka sa Witness Protection Program, you will avoid being seen in public. Dito (di ko alam kung diyan din), the proctee assumes a different persona.

Bakit si Janelle na girl friend ni Ramgen, ininterview pa sa TV? Woops. Mali ang script.

Kabayo bago Karitela

At the rate the charges and evidence are presented in the media for the impeachment of Corona, I can say , Tsssk tssssk tskkkkk. Paurong yong kabayo. Nauna ang karitela. ho, ho. ho/


Last December, I was informed by the specialist that the notice of the result will be mailed to me within a week. The next morning, I received a call from the hospital to tell me the result and made me come back for second screening. This Monday, they scheduled me for biopsy. Muntil kong malunok yong aking kinakain na matigas na chicharon nang mareceive ko ang notice. Nakapagpatingin na ako, saka lang dumating. The procedure was, you receive the written result of there is no anomaly. If there is something wrong, they call you asap. 


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