Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Breast Surgeon, the Black Nazarene and the Cell phone

Dear insansapinas,

You may be wondering why I have a number of posts today. I am trying a schedule to a breast surgeon as per advice by my primary care physician  although the result of the biopsy is not yet released. The BS is asking me to get a  copy of the films of the laboratory so I have to wait for responses. If not, I will get sleepy.

 I have also been pondering on the threat to the Black Nazarene and some bloggers' expressed cluelessness about the devotion to the ICON.Kaya nga FAITH eh. 

Those who think that the Black Nazarene can be destroyed by a human made weapon or incendiary device or the devotees can be dissuaded from doing their promise to attend the procession, they should give the following a thought:

1.  The Black Nazarene  had survived the fire that destroyed the Quiapo church back in 1791.

2. Again, it was spared from fire in 1929.

3. During the World War 2, it was spared from bombing of Manila. Bomba na yan ha. 

The wear and tear of the four centuries old image prompted the Church to produce a replica in 1998 to be used in the procession.

When I heard the threat, my feeling was. matanda sa kalolololohan nila ang gusto nilang sirain? O kaya baka habang inilalalgay ang bomba magkaroon ng change of heart ang gumagawa. 

 Non-believers are puzzled why the fanaticism? I do not call it fanaticism  because many of the devotees joining the procession are just being grateful for the wish (especially health) that was granted to them after their prayers, with or without procession.

My brother was due for surgery when my mom asked him to go and pray. He got healed.

My tsikiting gubat was given 50-50 by the doctor and I had prayed in Quiapo. Because we no longer reside in the Philippines, we go to Quiapo every time there is a chance. The procession is solely for male devotees  who walk barefeet. They carry the Black Nazarene in their shoulders by forming a human chain. So the women  sa sideline lang..  I saw former VP Noli joined these people with panata.

You may ask why don't I ask for my cancer to be cured? I did via long distance. Pag hindi ako nacure, siguro, may nagjam ng cell phone. hehehe


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