Monday, January 23, 2012

Sleeping Beauty Sickness

Dear insansapinas, 

I dealt and am still coping  with stress, disappointments and break-ups (may s?) by sleeping. But then I get up from bed when I feel hungry. yuk yuk.yuk.

Last night, I was watching Once Upon a Time, a new drama series about fairy tale characters who were cursed  by the Evil Witch to live in a town in the modern world without remembering their past except for the boy who is the grandson of Snow White. Oo, Virginia, meron na siyang apo sa story and he is the adopted son of the Evil Witch who is the mayor of the town. It is not for bedtime story vaga.

The episode  last night was about the sacrifice of Snow White to save the Prince from his father. In their past lives, he was forced to marry someone else or he would be assassinated by the order of the king. They met again in the world of mortals and they could not understand why Snow and Prince Charming are attracted to each other despite Charming being married.   May kilig factor sa akin. May puso pa pala ako. boink, boink, boink.

But our story is not about Snow White. Our story is about sleeping beauty sickness. I confused  Sleeping Beauty with Snow White all the time. Parang yong nabasa ko--tatlumpong pirasong ginto raw ang pinagbilhan kay Jesus, eh pilak lang naman yon.(nakasingit na naman)  As in SILVER away. 

This is the news article:
When 15-year-old Louisa Ball takes a nap, she doesn’t mess around. She sleeps for days on end, and no amount of shaking or prodding can fully wake her up.
The British girl has a rare condition called Sleeping Beauty Sickness, but there’s no Prince Charming on the way to rescue her. Doctors don’t know what causes it or how to cure it — only that it strikes teenagers and goes away by itself after eight to 12 years.
Until it goes away, life is groggy ever after.
Louisa’s mum, Lottie, told NBC News that the girl had flulike symptoms just over a year ago. Shortly afterward, she had her first bout of extended sleeping.

 I got interested in this case is because I had a similar problem with one of our freshmen when I was still the Dean of the college in a university.

The girl would be absent for days and the faculty had to remind the parents that every student in that school is required ro maintain a certain average to enjoy the scholarship. Absences made her missed several quizzes.

The faculty referred the case to me. The mother saw me  together with the teener when I summoned them to come. The young girl was beautiful with unusually long hair. (literally speaking).  Most of our students do not wear make up so that with their uniforms, they are mistaken as high school students only.

The girl said that every time she slept, a man appeared in her dream state. The spirit claimed that they were supposed to be together but he died. I did not believe the story. I told the mother that the student would be given another chance provided she saw a doctor. It could be a sickness. I was not even aware of the sleeping beauty sickness then. 

The parents complied.Nothing. She was normal. Ako pa nga ang hindi normal eh. :) After several weeks of attending religiously to her classes, the girl was  gone missing again. The mother said that she won't wake up. She was not in a coma. She was just sleeping for days.

When she awoke, she said that she was toured by the spirit in Manila during the Spanish era. (Nakita niya kaya si Rizal?)  They  brought her to a faith healer who exorcized her. She said that the spirit was not afraid of crucifix since he was not evil. He was a spirit waiting for his bride more than century ago. He  just wanted to marry her. When it did not work, they brought her to another faith healer who suggested another kind of treatment whereby  a doll dressed in wedding gown was buried in their yard. I did not know if it was effective but the sleeping beauty sickness was gone or she must have outgrown it. 

Believe it or not? I do not care. Even the  doctors could not explain the cause of the disease. 


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