Monday, January 23, 2012

My Battle with Two Cs

Dear insansapinas,

Isa munang patalastas. I like this photo of Shalani and Roman. Look at the eyes of Shalani which were directed towards the Crucified Christ. Parang sinasabi niya...may nakakakita sa atin. 

Now back to regular programming. 
A friend who is a nursing assistant called me this morning after I arrived from the hospital. I had my four types of blood tests in preparation for my breast cancer surgery and as a requirement for my quarterly MRI for my liver carcinoma and so I braved the winter alert issued by the State.

She said that she personally attended to a suicidal liver cancer patient last night. What she could not understand was that the hospital saved his life when he wanted to die because of the pain that he could not bear any longer.
She asked me how I coped with pain. I told her, I watch TV, blog , read books and moan. Araaaaaaay. Yes, death wish comes to mind but I just entertain the thought that my mansion up there is not yet finished. Pinalalagyan ko ng spa. 

Last week, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and a sister of my friend called me up. She is a survivor for three years now.

I met her more than ten years ago when we (we, raw oh) the girls were single. One friend had a broken heart so we decided to comfort her with the clink clank of the coins from the slot machine. I gave up when I lost ten dollars. 

 That sister of my friend offered the family vacation house in Reno. She was just newly married. Two children after, three years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
She was advised by the surgeon about the options open to her. She chose to have mastectomy. Although only one breast showed lump, she decided to have the other breast taken out too. Madugo. I am not talking about the blood in the surgery. Am talking about the surgeon who would not take insurance. Just cash, take it or leave it. They took it. Anyway that was only money equivalent to her arm and a leg with a diamond ring and a Jimmy Choo's shoes. That included the artificial silicon breasts that the surgeon attached to her bare breasts.  Her treatment lasted for one and a  half year. She chose chemo because she liked an agressive treatment to ensure the cancerous cells were all eliminated.

This afternoon, a friend called for assistance in filling in  the form for his spouse he petitioned. He told me that his aunt is a survivor for 30 years already. Like the sister of my friend, she had also mastectomy. That time, the surgery was not that expensive. Her ovary was also removed because she had also  ovarian cysts which could become cancerous later.

After getting off from phone, I started  calling for  appointments for my two MRI's ekg, x ray and consultation with my specialists.

It tires me to call each and every one but the thought of the taste of clorox discourages me from taking the whole gallon. hehehe kidding.



Arvin U. de la Peña said...

ang bilis mapangasawa siya.....kailan lang ng maghiwalay sila ni Pnoy....muntik mapunta kay Willie.....tapos sa latest hindi umabot ng taon ay kasal agad.....good luck sa kanila..

cathy said...

pag-ibig di man hanapin, lalapit at lalapit kung meron kang facebook at twitter. hehehe

Missus Cee said...

hi. your blog is entertaining. :)

my mom is also diagnosed with liver cancer last stage but thank the Lord she is not feeling any pain at all. yun lang she just looses her appetite but aside from that she is okay. :)

we pray to the Lord that her life is extended too, same as yours, her mansion is not yet done. pinapalagyan pa ng 2nd floor. :)

God bless you.

cathy said...

aside from liver cancer, i have liver cirhossis. tindi nang tumama ano. Pero grabe pa rin yong kay Job.