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The Legal Eagles Fly for Supreme Court Justice Corona

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You can call this impeachment trial, the battle between the former deans and their students. Three  of the lawyers in the defense panel were former deans of Ateneo College of Law., Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila and Pamatasan ng Lungsod ng Pasay. Three panel members had have experience in the impreachment trials having participated in the Estrada and Davide Trials.

Here are the profiles of the defense panel of Supreme Court Justice Renato Corona.

1. Serafin Cuevas

1. Former Associate Justice during Marcos regime
2. Professorial Lecturer/ Judge
3. Elementary- Las Pinas
4. High School- University of Manila
5. UP- Law 1952
6. Defended Joseph Estrada in his impeachment trial
  1. Observations on Trial Techniques, in Law Practice for the Young Lawyer, 1970. QC: UP Law Center, 1970. p.223-272.
  2. The Role of the Department of Justice in Sustainable Development, in Southeast Asian Justices Symposium: the Law on Sustainable Development. Judges and Legal Experts Debate Key Environmental Issues. Manila, March 4-7, 1999. p. 163.

2. Atty.  Jacinto D. Jimenez

1. Practicing Lawyer, College Professor, Reviewer 
2. Bar Topnotcher with grade of  86.8
3. Bachelor of Arts (Cum Laude), Ateneo de Manila - 1964
4. Bachelor of Laws (Cum Laude), Ateneo de Manila - 1968
5.Junior Partner of a law firm
6. Knows every Supreme Court decision like the back of his hand.”
Monograph on Commercial Law in the Philippines in Commercial Law in East Asia published by Sweet & Maxwell
Monograph on Intellectual Property Law in the Philippines in Intellectual Property Law in Asia published by Sweet & Maxwell

Philippine Law on Insurance in International Insurance Law and Regulations published by Oceana Publishing, Inc.

Philippine Law on Intellectual Property in International Encyclopedia of Laws published by Kluwer Law International

Political Law Compendium given the Centenary Book Award by the Supreme Court

3. Eduardo delos Angeles 

1. Former Dean of Ateneo Law School
2. Former President of Philippine Stock Exchange
3. Managing Partner at Romulo Mabanta, the third largest law firm in the country.
4. Bar Reviewer and College Professor
5. Ateneo - AB Degree
6. Ateneo - Law
7. Columbia Law School - Master of Laws

4. Ramon Esguerra
1. Former Department of Justice Undersecretary
2. Managing Partner of Esguerra & Blanco Law Offices
3. He helped when Davide faced impeachment complaint
4. He is teaching Remedial Laws at the UP College of Law
5. UP - Law 1979

5. German Lichauco II

1. He is from topnotch Siguion-Reyna Montecillo & Ongsiako Law Offices
2. Lichauco is described as “an intracorporate dispute litigator whose expertise includes hostile corporate takeover and control.” He also “handles a wide array of cases that include heinous crimes, medical malpractice, construction and commercial arbitration, personal injuries and business tort or contractual controversies.”
6.  Dean Jose Roy III
1. He was former dean of the College of Law and president of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. 
2. ATENEO - Law

 7.  Joel Bodegon

1.  He is managing partner of Bodegon Estorninos Guerzon Borje & Gozos Law Offices.
2. He was also partner in Angara Abello Concepcion Regala & Cruz
Law Offices from 1982 to 1986. 
3. Office of the Solicitor General as former trial attorney4. UP - Law 1974

8. Dean Tranquil Salvador III

1. A partner at top law firm Romulo Mabanta Buenaventura Sayoc & De Los Angeles
2. Former  Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasay law school dean 
3. UP law professor.

9. Rico Paolo Quicho

1. A partner in Quicho and Angeles Law Offices
2. He is an expert in litigation
 3. He is also lawyering for embattled Civil Service Commission chair Francisco Duque III in a corruption case involving Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) funds

10. Karen Jimeno

1. She graduated cum laude from the UP College of Law
2. Harvard Law School - Masters degree in Law

11. Dennis Manalo
1.He is also  from the Siguion-Reyna Montecillo & Ongsiako Law Offices 

2. He is described by the firm as concentrating on “criminal and labor litigation [with] substantial experience in trial work and appellate practice.”

12. Noel Lazaro

1. He is also partner at Siguion-Reyna Montecillo & Ongsiako Law Offices. 

2. He is described by his firm as “a trial and appellate litigator with concentration in commercial, criminal and civil disputes.” 

3. He obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree from the UP College of Law in 1995.

Good luck Gentlemen!!!


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