Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Dear insansapinas,

I have never been athletic or sportsminded. Jackstone nga lang hindi pa ako manalo. Arghhh. Last week, I went to a specialist who tested my bone density since I was experiencing pain in my inflamed outer part of my elbow. At last, I can claim that it was because of playing tennis. I got tennis elbow. Truth is, I am left handed and most of the pressure of lifting and moving is absorbed by my left arm. The past few weeks, I have been giving my right hand a break because of the cream I am applying twice a day. Lalo nang lumalala.

Yesterday, I had my mammogram. My last mammogram (parang my last confession was ...)  in 2008, when I was diagnosed with C). That was when the radio tech took an ultrasound of my left instead of my right  (kasi yon ang kaniyang left). No brainer. 

So  I was out the whole day, yesterday because I had also an ultrasound. Okay daw ang bata. Ooops ano bang bata pinagsasabi ko. Sensiya na.  The temperature was below 20 degrees F. Brrrr. Parang kulang na lang budburan mo ako ng milk, cream at sugar, meron ka ng lollipop. Pag hindi ako lumakad, baka maging estatwang yelo ako.

Anyway, after the mammogram (ARAY), may findings sila kaya I had to go to the radiology department to have an ultrasound to confirm kung may nakaupong nodules doon. Arghh. Meron nga. The doctor recommended a biopsy. 


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