Sunday, January 22, 2012

Karen Jimeno, Crush ng Bayan

Dear insansapinas,
Maraming bilib kay Karen Jimeno paghandle niya sa  role na spokesperson for the defense team.

Crush ng bayan, beauty and brains( cum laude, UP law; Harvard, Master of Laws) kaya lang kakakasal lang noong January 7, 2012(kung totoo ang nasa website na ito)   kay Evan Charles McBride, an investment banker sa Guadalupe , Makati.  

Sila ba ito? 


She has postponed the honeymoon and has taken the job pro-bono. 

Unlike other spokespersons I know, she proves she really got a lot of brains when she is asked about some issues  which need her personal opinion.

Asked if she thought Corona was innocent of the charges, she said: “I don’t think I’m competent to decide on that. We’re still at the beginning of the trial, we have yet to see what evidence the prosecution has, but I do believe that every person has a right to prove their innocence and be protected from a trial by publicity,” she said.
Every accused has a right to due process, which involves notice of charges and right to be heard in court, the young lawyer said.
“Definitely, the law is neutral and should be impartial, so regardless of where you stand, you should always apply the law,” she said.


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