Friday, January 13, 2012

Just like cancer

Dear insansapinas,

Some bloggers are of the opinion that impeaching alleged corrupt officials is part of improving the economy. They were convinced that the government can focus on the economy after the undesirables have been removed from the government service. Hah.

Just like cancer, corruption can not be eradicated. Kill the tumors in one organ and new ones  will spread in other organs. In the meantime, there are parts of the body that need to be nourished so they will stay healthy, I am talking about economy, stu..... It could not wait until the government is sparkingly clean of corruption.

Just take a look at the news about Philhealth. The premium payments of 22,000 employees were not recorded 
paid to Philhealth as the checks were encashed by parties who are responsible for the remittance. This is just recent so it could not be blamed to the past administration.

 . . PhilHealth President and CEO Eduardo Banzon imposed a 90-day preventive suspension against 5 officials, including one occupying a senior management position, for diversion of P114 million worth of premium payments from Accenture, Inc., a global firm employing 22,000 workers.
The Accenture, Inc. checks never reached PhilHealth and were encashed in two Metrobank branches in Tanauan, Batangas from October 2010 to September 2011, the first recorded case of major corruption under the Aquino Administration.
So bakit di gawing sabay-sabaw. erm. sabay.

 Improve economy and punish the wrongdoers. If parents spend most  of their time in grounding erring children instead of earning a living ang plan for the future of their kids, nothing will happen.  


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