Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bullet Points

Dear insansapinas,
Let me discuss the following in bullet points so I can add some more subjects that I found worthy of writing as the day progresses.

1. Rep. Iggy Arroyo is dead. He died of liver disease in London. No amount of expensive treatment can save the person affected with this dreaded disease.

2. I find the Commissioner "cute " when she giggled. Promise. But when there are too much giggling and smiling, it becomes annoying for some people. I for one was blamed for snickering when I tried to make an impression that I had the  equanimity in that challenging moment. Some misconstrued too nuch smiling as overconfidence or that I have put-one-over-you-attitude,

3. I still feel uncomfortable hearing alpha list  presented as ITR of Corona. There are no ITRs of the Chief Justice in the same manner that other  people who are categorized under the Tax Code as exempted from filing ITRs because their gross incomes do not exceed the personal and additional exemptions do not have ITR.

4. I was surprised when I saw the photo in one of the tabloids showing bar graphs indicating the incomes and assets of the Chief Justice and how they did not match.  My understanding is that the documents presented for marking as exhibits only and not as evidence yet. I must have missed the visual aid in the video by blinking or going to the bathroom because as far as I saw there were  only the "flying" of papers from the Commissioner's hot seat to the hyper prosecution lawyer for that tedious function of marking.

5. So when Sen. Joker Arroyo asked the prosecutors as to whom  these documents presented  to aside from the court , I saw Pinnochios inside the Senate. Ang hahaba ng ilong ng mga prosecutors na hindi pa man nakikita ang SALN, sinasabi ng may ill-gotten wealh. hahaha.

6. Senator Guingona said that it is people's court and it is the people who decide. Come again?

7. The Commissioner and the prosecution lawyer presented docs in in their attempt of trying hard  convince the observers that there is illegal wealth acquired.

8. The defense, the Presiding Officer (Enrile ) and some of the senator judges that there is a need for further inquiry to find out where the money that the Coronas used to buy the properties.
9. It is only now that the representation allowances and bonuses are mentioned in the alpha list  including the non-taxable income that are received by government employees so that the income cited previously were really understated.

10. The trial ended with the reprimand of Enrile of the prosecution's subpoena to the real estate companies of almost their records which indicated that they have no definite objective but to look for evidence that they can find.

11. The more confusing the docs and procedures are, the better to win in the trial by publicity. Not everyone knows what alpha list is even the lawyer-senator because this is not the normal procedure.


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