Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blind Item na talagang bulag na bulag na

 Dear insansapinas, 

Hindi ko mahulaan ang blind items na ito. Peksman, kahit paputulan ko ang aking bangs.

‘Politely declined’
Speaking of “Bourne Legacy” … Publicity Hound wanted desperately to land a cameo in the flick. Siyempre, Hollywood e.
PH asked Influential Relative to pull strings. IR’s Underlings, who had tripped all over themselves giving in to PH’s every whim in the past, failed this time.
A mole whispered that the international production “politely declined” the generous offer. After all, real professional actors with discernible skills vied for small roles by going through three rounds of auditions. PH couldn’t just sashay into the set with family connections as credentials.

Multiple versions

Smells fishy: Seasoned Insider was aghast to learn that the box-office results of certain films had more than two versions.
Quite tellingly, there was a P30-million discrepancy in the figures in versions 1 and 2.
Major Star was upset because the figures were obviously tampered with to favor some people over others.
Insiders are considering a “boycott” next year, unless some quarters shape up and stop the deceitful practice.


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