Monday, February 28, 2011

The Mystery of Afterlife

Dear insansapinas,

I decided to watch Criminal Minds instead of the Oscars. Anyway I know who's going to win and I just am bored listening to their thank you speeches. Kulang na lang pasalamatan pati aso nila. But even before both
shows were finished, I was already in the Lalaland dreaming about school. Then I woke up, went to the bathroom with eyes half-open; returned to bed and continued dreaming about school. Weird. Did I wake up at all? Will it be my unfinished business? This has been my recurring dream for months now.

In the recent CSI episode, a man who was pronounced dead and was about to have the "Y" incision walked out of the morgue. He was found dead again in the decompression chamber. A blatant force and drowning sent him back to the land of the dead--for good. Obviously he was murdered. Investigations turned out that  three students of a professor who was expelled because of the theory he was working on were experimenting on temporary dying to know what is there in the afterlife. With the use of some chemicals, their bodies died, their souls departed but they had to come back before the bodies become corrupted. In short they turned into zombies. The female in the group claimed that she was successful to get "there" and come back. She saw her dead mother.  Methinks, there is no need for all those states- altering just to see a ghost. Huh.

The mystery they want to solve is afterlife. Is it a pit of fire for sinners like the murderers? If there is no hell what happens to those evil tyrants who murdered thousands if not millions of people ? What about the serial killers, the rapists ?  What about the corrupt? What about the politicians? ooooopsss. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Dear insansapinas,

Cancer feeds on stress.  Making choices or making decisions causes a lot of stress.  I am under stress right now. Tell me what to do. Shall I watch the Oscars or Criminal Minds? Babaw ko. toinkkk


Serial Killers and Suicidal People

Dear insansapinas, 

I have just finished reading a novel by the author who wrote Bone Collector which was made into a movie with Angelina Jolie as the rookie detective and Denzel Washington as the forensic scientist.

I was made to believe after watching several crime stories that the serial killers leave clues for the police to solve the crime in order to stop them from more killings. 

The novel I read tells the readers that the serial killers do such things--creating puzzles, leaving clues, collecting "trophies" and putting them in a place for police to find because they wanted AUDIENCE. They wanted to be recognized that they have accomplished something even it is on the dark side. In their past lives, they may have been low achiever, ignored by friends and or underrated by the family.

So are the "supposed to be" suicidal people. I am referring to people who attempted suicide not because they want to die but because they want ATTENTION especially from people who they believe is the cause of their depression. They want to "create guilt" or they want them back even it is out of pity.

Irresponsible Reporting

Dear insansapinas,

So I blogged about the "death" of Paquito Diaz which I read from an online newspaper. When I visited the news again, it was removed without an apology. I apologized not for my mistake with a query, don't these reporters verify the news? All they have to do is to make a call either to the wife or to the children who are not even  residing in the boondocks where there are no means of communication. 

Some published news which are not worthy of an inch column in a newspapers like the birth of the puppies of a certain celebrity, the gift of the newly wed couple to each other, the motel adventure of a wannabe celebrity make me roll my eyes.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rain, rain go away

Dear insansapinas,
I learn a lot from Criminal Minds about analysing human behavior, mine included. Sometimes we adopt a habit because of an experience that was traumatic or embarrasing which were beyond our control.
Let me esssplain.

It was raining yesterday. I was looking down at the wet green grass and the cascading water at the walkway when I remembered the answer to my brother's question. "Why do you bring so much cash?" OO nga naman.  Here, where plastic is the medium of exchange, it is rare that you will find somebody with so much green bucks in his/her wallet. Kasalukuyan kasi akong iniinventory ng admitting nurse kung anong dala ko at may bundles of cash akong dala. Buti nga di ko pa dala ang aking cash box. toinkk. 

Yes, Virginia, OC as I am, I have folded currency in different denominations in my pocket, aside from the loose changes of singles and fives tucked in between receipts.

So what has rain to do with this habit of mine?

It was rainy day in San Francisco then. I always brought with me a pair of walking shoes (you would if you're working in the downtown area where you got to walk several blocks everyday. My walking shoes was not the cheap type, in fact I bought them from a high end store in the Union Square. Sale nga lang.

That day, it was raining, kittens and puppies and I had to go to the bank. Hindi naman bumabaha sa San Fran pero minsan clogged din ang drainage kaya nag-aaccumalate ang tubig sa gutter at sidewalk.
Yes, Virginia, kulang na lang kumanta ako ng Singing in the Rain kaya lang di ko alam habang pinalalangoy ko ang aking sapatos sa baha. Ewww. 

Malapit na ako sa bangko nang maramdaman kong, para yatang naglalakad ako ng barefoot sa aking kanang  paa.  Huh huh huh (hyperventilate) yong aking takong natanggal. Hanap ako ng pinakamalapit na shoe store. Meron naman. Balak kong bumili ng kahit pinakamurang sapatos. Pili-pili. Nakakuha ako. Pagdukot ko sa aking bulsa, huh huh huh (hyperventilate) nagpalit pala ako ng outer jacket kasi hindi water proof yong isa. Wala yong aking credit card, wala yong aking pitaka. Ang mga naroon lang ay yong mga loose changes. Nang binilang ko, short ako ng 3 dollars. Wuah. Sabi ko doon sa sales associate, utang, ibabalik ko. Ayaw, kasi MO na pala yon doon. Sus. Napaghinalaan pa akong scammer.

Friday, February 25, 2011

EDSA 1 Celebration-salbaheng Ibon-Ako ang nagbayo, iba ang kumain-Paredes versus Honasan

Dear insansapinas.
Salbaheng dove ito.

OH NO, NOT ON MY HEAD. A dove lands on the head of President Benigno Aquino (L) after the ‘birds of peace’ are released at the 25th anniversary of the People Power Revolution.

source: Inquirer
Pag-aawayin pa yata si Rosales at si P-noy. bwahahah

Sabi ko nga sainyo iba-iba ang agenda ng mga nasabing heroes of EDSA 1. Ang mga Yellow Army ay dahil nasa likod ang Civil Society na ang mga businessmen ay takot maPACMAN ang kanilang mga businesses ng cronies ni Marcos. Si Enrile at Honasan ay natakot na ipahuli at ipapatay ni Marcos dahil sa kanilang planong pabagsakin ang gobyerno dahil hindi nila matolerate si Ver. 

Ang mga taong tinawag ni Cardinal Sin ay walang kamuwangan kung ano ang nagaganap. Ang alam lang nila ay inutusan silang protektahan si Ramos at Enrile. 

Nang sila ay magwagi, sama-sama silang nasa nagpretrato, si Cory, si Enrile at si Ramos. They didn't see eye to eye pero pareho sila ng mga feelings. Ako ang nagbayo, ako ang nagluto, balak niyong kayo lang ang kumain? Tapos series na ng mga coups.

Basahin ang palitan ng pasaring ni Jim Paredes at Gringo Honasan. 

tweetconph Major players in EDSA came for various #tweetconph Major players in EDSA came for various reasons. Gringo, Enrile, RAM had an agenda different from the millions who were there.

  • jimparedes
    jimparedes1@JayR_12 Yes.. The people went with good intentions. But the coup plotters had other intentions different from ours
tweetconph They joinde EDSA to save their assess against Marcos..When it was safe again, they launched their coups.
  • jimparedes
    jimparedes10 hours ago

  • tweetconph They owe the people an apology. They were plain users without the nation's good in mind.
    jimparedes10 hours ago
  • #TweetConPH Serial coup plotters who never accepted the people's will except when they won in elections.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Designers' Scam

Dear insansapinas,

Parang kinulang ng fabric kaya dinugtungan na lang ng drapes

You must have heard about one designer who retagged a suit bought from SM for 3,000 and charged the client for 30,000 pesoses.

An alleged "fashion scam" has been the talk of social networking sites since TV host Kat de Castro Tweeted a photo of a double-labeled suit on February 14. The beige suit in the photo carried the labels Bobon by Puey Quinones and the off-the-rack brand Dansen.

De Castro Tweeted, "The designer asked 30k for this suit. Pero bakit may Dansen tag? Sa SM ito di ba? Napeke kaya yung friend ko? (But why is there a Dansen tag? Isn't that from SM? Was my friend duped?)" She added, "The designer should really explain why was there a Dansen tag in his so-called original suit."

The designer explained:

Fashion designer Puey Quinones released a statement today on regarding the suit scandal (see below) that went viral this week. "I was simply pressured to create a suit and found a perfect blank canvas to develop. I know the entire situation could have been handled better but now it has just been blown out of proportion and affected so many others."

Ngayon naglabasan na ang ibang horror stories about some fashion designers.

While fashion insiders must have been the least surprised with the news, what with longtime whispers of even the most prominent designers similarly guilty of QuiƱones’ crime, there has been no photographic evidence to prove the allegations until now.
Ay naku ha, I am going to break my silence. (anong kala ko sa sarili ko whistleblower?) Pero mga DAHLEENGS, siguro naman nabasa ninyo na nagtrabaho ako sa fashion designer para suportahan ko ang aking sariling makatapos ng high school.

Yong aking boss ay medyo mabait pa. Pero yong iba talagang tapang ng apog. 

Ang mga kasalanan lang ng aking amo ay ang pare-pareho ang design ng wedding gown. Sus Ginoo, noon ay sabay-sabay ang pagpagawa ng wedding gown at mga damit ng entourage kaya naubusan na siya ng idea. Limang bride pareho-pareho ang design. Nagkataon ng araw na iyon ay fitting ng dalawang bride. Yong mga "beaders" ay nasa labas ng workroom dahil mainit, nakita ng bride-to-be ang gown na nilalagyan ng mga pearls at beads. Gandang-ganda siya. Pero tanong niya bakit daw yata malaki. Siyempre palusot si Vacla.(Sa mga magkakafatid sa confederacion, pwede silang magtawagan ng V or B na katulad ng mga Itim na puwedeng magtawagan ng N).

"Ay sweetheart, di pa yang ang finished product, ititrim pa yan, sagot niyang nagkakandapilipit ang baywang, tapos binaling sa amin ang huwag-kayong -pahamak-tingin. 

Sumunod ang isang bride-to-be. Nakita niya ang gown na ginagawa. Para siyang nakahalatang kapareho ng kaniya  kaya sabi ni Boss na buking na. Pinalambot lalo ang wrist, sabay sapo sa puso at sabi "Kaseh naman, nagandahan sa gown mo, pinagaya ba naman." Ows. Bigla akong roll eyes.

Nagreretag ba siya? Sa Fashion show lang. Manghihiram siya ng mga gowns sa mga kapareho niyang fashion designers at isasama niya sa collection niya. Ehek. Minsan nabuking siya noong isang matandang fashion designer. Ay talaga namang nagtalakan sila sa may sidewalk. Magkatabi kasi sila ng shop. Muntik na ngang magsabunutan kaya lang kalbo na yong matandang Vacla. Sabi noong sekretarya namin, awatin ko raw. Ayoko nga. Gusto kong makita kung paano sila magkurutan at sampalan. Ngeek.

Minsan naman ay nanghiram siya ng magandang gown sa isang sikat na designer. Gown yata iyon ng isang artista. Ginamit niya na Day sa Santacruzan ng mga Vacla. Ang ganda-ganda po niyang naglalakad papunta sa kotse nang biglang sumigaw ang kaniyang panamgkin. UNCLE, telepono, pinapasoli ni ------ ang kaniyang gown. Tinginan ang mga tao kasi akala talaga ay mujer siya. TOINKK.

Wanted Airplane for Libya

Dear insansapinas,

Parang gusto kong ipahiram yong aking magic broom para makatulong sa mga Filipino sa Libya. Habang ang mga ibang bansa ay nagpadala na ng mga eruplano sa Libya, ang Pilipinas, Kay Ganda Koh ay naghahanap pa ng eruplano.

"Nakakuha sila ng landing rights just in case may eroplano tayong makuha. Naka-secure sila ng approval ng visa upon arrival (The team secured landing rights at Tunisia just in case we can get an airplane to evacuate our OFWs. The team will also help the OFWs get visas once they arrive there from Libya)," he said.
Sabi naman ng report galing sa Libya:

Martinez said reports reaching the Migrante office in Manila from their partner organisations in Libya said many of the nearly 30,000 Filipinos living there were stranded.
He said a group of 100 workers in Al Kufrah district in southeastern Libya bordering Egypt had been abandoned by their local supervisors to fend for themselves inside their camps.

ITo ang mga ginawa ng ibang bansa. 

An Airbus A310 belonging to the French Air Force made to the central Libyan city of Sabha and returned to Paris with 165 French nationals..
Government officials said they have chartered a ferry with the capacity to seat 1,200 people. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

EDSA 1 - In Search for modern day heroes

Dear insansapinas,

I am not in a celebratory mood for the EDSA 1 25th anniversary. If my mother were alive,( she was in the EDSA while my sister was in Radio Veritas), I would have told her that the EDSA 1 begot all the K people--Kamag-anak, Inc., now the Kaklase, Inc.. Kabarkada, Inc. Katropa, Inc. and walang- KARAPATAN- sa puesto- because- of- incompetency, Inc. Even those who were formerly associated with the deposed government were riding on the shadow and halo of the apparent EDSA 1 heirs-the Aquino siblings. They insisted that they could not be removed from their positions as long as the CEO of the Republic of Philippines, Inc. has trust and confidence on them. (read: they look for padrinos).The money from corruption merely changed hands. The money looted was never recovered. More money were laundered as the next generation of corrupt civil servants learned from the previous experience. The civil society which was visible during the demostrations became quiet as the members who were mostly businessmen were able to remove the threat in their businesses, the cronies.  

The Filipinos are always looking for modern day heroes. Look at the teleserye, majority of the people are watching--fantaserye--ones with heroes in costumes fighting the evils ones who are always portrayed to be ugly. 

So we looked up to the people who are beautiful, with white creamy flawless akin while dark skin is considered UGLY, even labeled with a name that is not politically correct. If that teleserye is shown here in the States, the title with the NEGR word would be highly criticized.

But what do you expect from the people who are emotional by nature? They were short of making Flor Contemplacion as martyr when they knocked heavens with their prayers to save the Filipina domestic who was convicted of murdering a fellow worker. The money from the movie based on her life was spent by the husband and the mistress and the last time, I read, the children were on drugs. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Oncologist, The Small Girl and the Hearing Impairment

Dear insansapinas,

I had my oncologist's (cancer doctor)  appointment this morning. Iba si Papa Italiani spaghetti. Surgeon siya. Ito ay pwedeng Russian o Polish dahil parang kasound ng aking palayaw noon, kulitsky. Unlike last Saturday when my brother and I went out to eat in buffet,  today the ground was carpeted with snow. Hindi pa pala siya tapos.  Kaya pala malamig kagabi. I was not able to schedule a ride so I caught a bus (talagang biyaheng ospital lang yon) sa tapat namin. I was all bundled up. Ginaw. I used the pasma shawl (tama ang spelling ko dahil sa Pilipinas, Kay Ganda Ko, kahit mainit noong nauso yon nakapashma ang mga fashionista, pasma tuloy ang abot nila) given to me by my friend in Manila.

Undercover Boss and the Republic of the Philippines, Inc.

Dear insansapinas,
My professor in Managerial Accounting in the Graduate School told us that the balance sheet of the Republic of the Philippines was a mess. At that time, I thought he was joking. He was young, all of 45 years old, a director of a government bank and was about to assume a position in the World Bank when he died of colon cancer. He became my kumpare when I joined the MBA faculty.

We were in the financial statements analyses and were scrutinizing the composition of the assets and liabilities of one company when he blurted out. Alam ninyo, sa Republika ng Pilipinas, may mga assets na nasa libro pa pero kasalukuyan ng pinatutubuan ng talaba sa ilalim ng dagat. May mga assets na nabubulok sa mga agency na hindi mo makikita dahil hindi nakarecord sa libro. He used to be a bank examiner and auditor so he knew what he was talking about. Then came Heidi Mendoza with a revelation
AFP's messy records, banking practices "perfect for crime".

What has this to do with Undercover Boss?

Undercover Boss is a reality show in CBS where actual CEO, President or Owner of Company go undercover and work with the employees in the assembly line to find out the morale of the employees and the operations of the company which needed some improvements not based on reports but their own actual assessments.

The first episode that I watched reminded me of my father who was a Chief Mechanic and had assembled several heavy duty trucks for the lumber company he was working. I can still clearly remember those parts of the trucks--how he bought them from the "Casa" and put them together. I know, our house was right there in the motor pool where he was working with his guys. 

And the operation of that biggest truck manufacturing/assembly was just a big version of how he did it.
But what is the relevance of this to the Republic of the Philippines, Inc, you may ask.

These were my observations after watching three episodes:
1. The CEO believed that records are very important to run a smooth operation. In the warehousing and shipping of the truck parts and other products, the inventory and the place where they can be found are crucial to prompt delivery and ultimate satisfaction of customers. Mess this up and there will be chaos and opportunity for corrupt employees to pilfer the inventory. 

Several years ago, some AFP personnel were accused of selling weapons to the insurgents. But I did not hear any conviction. The messy records could not have provided solid evidence.

In the Department of Education, there were thousands of books found rotting in the warehouse. Messy records? Poor inventory control? They just order and fail to distribute them? Ganoon din ang mga publicly funded contraceptives?

2. The CEO believed that the  competence of the workers spell success for the organization. Hire incompetent ones and you will end up apologizing for the mistakes which are not possible in corporations for profit. 

So two CEOs joined the assembly line. They were the cause of the delay of the production line. One minute delay would trigger stoppage of the flow. One CEO and owner of the corporation  could not cope up with the tasks. It is so routine but needs speed that his employee who did not recognize him as the boss, intimated to him that he had to improvise a system. This cuts the process by 30 seconds or half a minute that when translated to productive hours meant savings for the company. Another lady in the uniform factory came up with a device that would shorten a process thereby eliminating unnnecessary work.

At the end, these employees which contributed to the company's with their skills and improvisations; others who were complaining about the operation were asked of suggestions and were invited to participate in the formulation of the new process which they can improve the operations.  

In the Republic of the Philippines, Inc. the incompetent ones are not reprimanded; on the contrary, they were defended by no less than the CEO and then made to lie low under the radar of the media. 

3. The CEOs believed that the morale of the employees are important in the success of the company's goal to have an organization where labor relations are stable and solid. This way strikes are avoided.

In the Republic of the Philippines, the management do not care about the opinion of the people. So what if the incompetent people commit one blunder after another in a matter of less than a year. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Drug Mules

 Dear insansapinas,

Kapag ang ating observation ay nakatutok lang sa isang bagay, hindi natin masosolve ang ating problema. Tila isang detective na obsessed sa isang suspect kaya hindi maghanap ng iba pang posibleng siyang gumawa ng krimen.

Katulad yan ng lahat na lang ng problema na natutungkol sa mga lumalabas sa ibang bansa ay isinisisi sa kahirapan, sa kawalang hanapbuhay na makita. Hindi alam ng marami na ang mga nagsasapalaran sa ibayong dagat ay may mga sinasabi rin sa buhay.

The lack of jobs at home is a major reason women in particular resort to smuggling drugs.
One in four Filipinos lives on a dollar or less a day and a tenth of the population works abroad, from where, according to central bank data, they send home more than $18 billion to their families annually.
Victims of poverty
Women comprise at least 60 percent of the country’s 8-million-plus overseas work force, with many employed as maids—even if the number of jobs in that sector has been shrinking.
The condemned drug mules in foreign jails are “victims of poverty,” said Garry Martinez, head of labor rights monitor Migrante.

Mas paniniwalaan ko pa itong explanation ng PDEA.
MANILA, Philippines — The promise of large sums of money, travel and even romantic relationships are things that lure Filipinos to work for drug syndicates as couriers or “mules.”
The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Saturday provided some insight into why Filipinos choose to transport illegal substances for international drug rings. Director Derrick Carreon, chief of the PDEA Public Information Office, also wanted to erase the notion that the mules are usually overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).
Carreon explained that many couriers were recruited either through acquaintances or social networking websites like
In a radio interview, Carreon said 63 percent of the recruits are women who were wooed with promises of travel, big amounts of money, and even relationships.
 Sa kagustuhan ng ibang Filipina na makahanap nang mapapangasawang foreigner, nakikipag chat sila sa kahit hindi nila kilalang impakto. Darating sa bansa, ipapasyal sila kahit sa ibang bansa para papaniwalain na sila ay sincere. Meron ngang iba, pinapakasalan pa. Katulad noong nabalitang isang foreigner na pumtay ng isang bata na kasama niya ang kaniyang asawang Filipina. Ginagawa silang partner in crime sa pamamagitan ng pagamit sa kanila bilang dummy sa kanilang mga negosyo.

Ang iba ay pinaasa lang at ang isang pagsubok nito ay ang pagpuslit ng mga droga sa ibang bansa.

Isang palabas sa TV na gawa sa Mexico ang nagsasalaysay ng kuwento ng mga babaeng drug mules.Pinapalunok sa kanila ang mga droga at pagdating sa US ay ipinalalabas sa kanila sa papamagitan ng pagpurga. Kahit na sila iiscan ay hindi sila mahuli pero karamihan ay namamatay dahil hindi kaya ng kanilang sistema. Pag namatay ay binubuksan lang ang tiyan ng mga sindikato at itinatapon ang bangkay.Ang buntis ay gusto nilang courier dahil hindi iniiscan ito.

Para naman may twist ang story ay talagang nain love ang miyembro ng sindikato at sa huli ay pinatay siya dahil iniligtas niya angbidang babae.

Kung itong angulong romansa, betrayal at seduction ang titingnan nitong mga walang sinisisi kung hindi ang kahirapan, marahil mabibigyan ng may pagsusuri bakit nakakalabas ang mga drug mules na hindi nadedetect ang gamot. Kagaya ni Ronald Singson. hindi raw nakita sa paglabas ng Customs sa Pinas pero huli siya sa Hong Kong. Wala ba tayong mga asong nag-aamoy ng mga droga?


Sunday, February 20, 2011

RH BILL - It is a big business -facts and questions

Dear insansapinas,
 Naah, I am not a saradong Katoliko. Nawala yong susi. I am writing this because I would like to present the business angle of the RH Bill being pushed by some sectors.

Businessmen are assured of captive market when they become suppliers of the government. Let me elaborate on this statement. Government purchases are oftentimes overpriced, with a guarantee of payments when there are already allocation from the budget for the items. At pag sinuswerte pa na ang auditor ay matagal ng nakaupo, kahit ghost deliveries ay possible. So kung ang government ang bibili ng mga contraceptives, masaya ang mundo ng mga manufacturers ng mga contraceptives na ito. So what kung mga phase out na ito sa ibang bansa o hindi nabili dahil dito sa US, ang contraceptive pills ay hindi libre, at kailangang prescribed ng doctors. Hindi OBER THE COUNTER. Sa Pilipinas kay Ganda ipinamumudmod daw sa mahihirap. Kesehoda kong tama sa kanilang health condition. Kesehoda kung nakakapalpitate ng puso at kesehoda kung lolobo ka. Mahirap ka lamang naman so pwede nasa iyo kahit ano. Sa America, oras na may side effect saiyo, pwede kang humingi ng ibang prescription.

Now let me present the facts.
1. The USAID stopped the funding of the public contraceptive service of the Philippines in 2003 which it had been doing for decades. That means no more purchases of the modern contraceptives from the funding. The procurement of the contraceptives depended mostly on the budget of the LGUs which oftentimes are non-existent since there are more priorities than family planning-like TB and other infectious diseases.
Tingnan ninyo ang table sa ibaba. Ano ang obserbasyon ninyo sa growth rate. May effect ba? Bumababa di ba? 

Wala ng libreng mga condom sa mga public clinic na ginagawag balloon ng mga anak ng mga healthcare staff dahil wala noong gumamit? Pag report nila, naipamahagi ang binigay sa kanila pero ang tanong, ginamit ba?

The RH bill from the Senate provides for the national procurement and distribution of contraceptives. (Read: Ang gobyerno ang bibili para ipamahagi). Napakalaking bintana ng opportunity para maibulsa. Baka mamaya may mga whistle blowers na naman. Ehm, malaking kaso ng auditing na naman ito. Malaking pera ng gobyerno ang itatali sa mga contraceptives na ang expiry dates ay maiksi lang. By the time siguro na-idistribute, PASO NA. Read: EXPIRED. )

Sa article na Barriers to Contraceptive Use in the Philippines  ako ay nalilito. Sabi ay tumaas naman ang paggamit ng contraceptives kahit ito nanggaling sa private sector. (read pharmacy, binili ng sariling pera).
So anong problema? Kasi raw 1 per cent lang ang increase dahil ang mga mahihirap na pamilya ay walang pambili). Pero ayon naman sa study, hindi yong presyo ang kanilang nirerklamo kung hindi ang paniniwalang may side effect nga ito. Basahin ninyo ang article.

Kung walang pambili ang mga mahihirap at hindi sila makagamit ng contraceptive, bakit bumaba ang growth rate ng panahon na inihinto ng USAID ang financial support?
Ito ang growth rate.
Table 1
Population Growth rates 2000 to 2009

Year Population Growth rate (%)
2000 2.07
2001 2.03
2002 1.99
2003 1.92
2004 1.88
2005 1.84
2006 1.80
2007 1.764
2008 1.991
2009 1.957

source:  CIA World Factbook -

Maliban sa 2008,  na tumaas ng 1.991 ang trend ay pababa. So anong problema mo teh? Ano ang pinamamarali ng iba na kahit walang mga numerong pang back up ay gumagawa ng conclusion na sasabog na tayo dahil sa populasyon.. 

Table 2
Contraceptives Use in the Philippines

Year Traditional (%) Modern
Total (%)
1993 25 15 40
1999 29 18 47
2003 33 16 49
2009 34 17 51

source: Barriers
(Since I cannot copy the graph, I made it into a table).

The table shows that there had been an increase in the use of contraceptives despite the opposition of the church. The withdrawal of support of USAID in funding the public contracepitve services hardly made a dent in the percentage of women availing of the services. Ang ibig sabihin KEBER NILA.

Bakit ginagawa nilang rason ang mga mahihirap na mga pamilya?

Ang graph sa article ay nagpapakita na kahit ang mga may pera ay gumamit din ng mga contraceptives na provided para sa mahihirap.

Ito ang reproduction ko ng graph in table form.
Table 3
Public Sector Supply of Contraceptives

Status Year Per Cent Year Per cent
Poorest 2003 84 2008 58
Poorer 2003 78 2008 53
Middle 2003 72 2008 50
Richer 2003 65 2008 42
Richest 2003 44 2008 31

Kung ang mga binili noon ay para sa mga mahihirap, bakit may mga may perang nakaavail ng mga contraceptives na ito. Para ba talaga sa mga POOR ang balak nilang RH Bill?

Marami pang allegation ang mga pro-RH Bill.
Whoever says that sex education delays sexual relations and abstinence has limited expanse of views of  other people's culture. (read myopic). In US, teen pregnancy has been a problem due to peer pressure and influence. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011


 Dear insansapinas,
Update: 2/20/11 According to Ellen Tordesillas, in exchange of the stay of execution of the three drug mules is the Spratlys island claim. 

A gesture of friendship
He said the Chinese decision to suspend the executions was “historical” that China had always pushed through with death penalty cases in the past.
“In a sense, it’s a big victory,” said Binay.
He said that he was happy, “the fact that there’s a stay of execution, isn’t that enough?”
What was accomplished? Ang bilis nilang tapikin ang kanilang balikat for a job well done.  It was a temporary suspension. Ano kapalit? Lower tariff rates? Less trade barrier? Export of more products to the country that would flood the market with lower prices than the local produce?
Sana hindi.

What happens if all Filipinos convicted of drug trafficking expect
the same assistance to the government?

According to Teresita Ang-See, the case of the drug mules in China was already brought to the attention of the Philippine government as early as August last year. She further stated that the accused had been proven to have knowledge that they were carrying illegal drugs.

Some people would say again that because they are poor, they resort to this kind of income generating activities. Parang magnanakaw na magsasabing nagnanakaw sila dahil sila ay mahirap. Paano naman ang mahihirap na nagbabanat ng buto para lang kumita ng pera sa honest na paraan.

Hindi kaya naisip ng mga drug mules na ito na isang kilong dala nilang gamot, maraming buhay ang nasisira? Iniligtas nila ang sarili sa kahirapan pero naninira naman sila ng buhay ng may buhay.

Sa CSI ngayong Linggo, isang convict ang nilitis. Siya ang nagtanggol sa sarili niya. Sa tagal niya sa bilangguan, napag-aralan na niya ang mga law books. Ang depensa niya ay nampapatay siya sanhi ng pag-aabuso sa kaniya noong bata pa siya. Pinakita ang mga studies at ang resulta ng examination ng effect sa utak ng tao pag nareremind siya sa mga hirap na inabot niya. Doon siya pumapatay.

Pinatunayan naman ni Ray Langston (Lawrence na meron din siyang ganoon dahil naabuso rin siya noong bata pa siya). Pero di siya pumapatay.  Sabi niya ang tao ay may CHOICES. Ang mga depensa na ginagawa o ginawa nila ang isang masamang bagay na dahil sa kanilang karanasan o estado sa buhay ay mga dahilan lang ng pag-iwas sa kaparusahan.

Si Oprah ay inabuso rin noong bata pa siya pero siya ngayon ang pinakamayaman na Black ng babae. 


Toilet Humor and Horror

Dear insansapinas,

photocredit: novel
Huwag kayong mag-alala, hindi ito tungkol sa mga kanais-nais na bagay na mawawalan kayo ng ganang kumain. Kagat ng mais. chump chump chump.

Ito ay mga kuwento nang mga experiences sa loob ng sinasabi nilang Comfort Room (sa Pinas) Restroom, Ladies or Men's Room or Powder Room. Sabi nga noong isang pilosopong kaopisina ko na foreigner, did you find comfort in your comfort room. Kung hindi lang siya malaki, sinabunutan ko na.

Motion Sensor  Toilet Flush 
Some decades ago, bagong baba ako sa eruplano sa Singapore. (FOA-Fresh off Plane, ikanga)  Sanay ako sa standard toilet na minsan ginagamit ko ang aking sapatos para ibaba yong isang parte noon para magflush. Isipin mo na lang ang germs doon, Ewww. 

Pasok ako sa isang toilet. May nagflush ng toilet. Akala ko flinush noong isang babaeng nandoon by remote.  Sabi ko. Thanks. Hanap ako ng toilet seat cover. Bigla flush ang toilet. Sabi ko thanks. 
Pagkatapos kung gamitin, hindi pa ako tapos mag-ayos ng aking pantalon, nagflush ulit. Ah sumusobra ka na. Baka may multo? Nag-iisa na lang ako sa loob. Pag sara ko ng door ng cubicle, nagflush ulit. Labas na ako. WHATEVER. Tsee..

Hand Dryer
Naalala ko ang kuwento ng aking mother noong una niyang encounter ng automatic hand dryer. Ayaw daw huminto kaya lumabas na siya. Hindi tuloy siya nagenjoy sa pelikulang pinanood niya dahil iniisip niya na baka magkasunog dahil iniwang niyang nakabukas ang hand dryer. Toinkkk

Touch Free Faucet

Hindi ko matandaan kung saan ko una itong nakita. Baka sa Japan. Maghuhugas ako ng aking kamay nang makita ko ang gripo sa sink na walang bukasan. Sabi ko ang anga naman ng mga naglagay non. Hanap ako ng buton na pwedeng i-press. Wala. May sabon na ang kamay ko. May babaeng pumasok. Itinapat niya ang kamay niya sa faucet. HIMALA, NORA AUNOR, dumaloy ang tubig. Problema pagsara.  Di huwag itapat ang kamay. hehehe

Jakarta, Indonesia
Katatapos lang ng speaking engagement ko noon. Nagyaya ako sa isang Chinese restaurant para makainom ng Chinese tea. Sa Indonesia kasi nilalagyan ng asukal ang tea. Tea with gula. Lumang building yon, pero masarap ang kanilang chow mien. Punta ako sa restroom. Ow, hindi ko makita ang toilet bowl. Yon pala ay nakalubog yong toilet bowl sa floor. Paano ako uupo. Tingkayad na lang. Sumakit ang baywang ko pagbabalanse.

PRC Nurse Licensure Examination -December 2010 results

 Dear insansapinas,
 The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced on Saturday that 29,711 out of 84,287 passed the Nurse Licensure Examination given by the Board of Nursing.

The examination was given in the cities of Manila, Baguio, Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Dagupan, Davao, Ilocos Sur, Iloilo, La Union, Legazpi, Lucena, Nueva Ecija, Pagadian, Pampanga, Tacloban, Tuguegarao and Zamboanga last December 2010.

View the complete list of successful examinees of the Nurse Licensure examination here.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Taas Kilay sa Mga Balita

Dear insansapinas,

1. Aquino: Don’t advertise in sensationalist papers

Mai Mislang, is that you? Parang kahapon lamang, Kuya Eddie (ba) o Tito? nang pinaboycott ni Erap ang isang broadsheet. Sabi naman ni Ricky (don't care) Carandang, hindi naman daw ito boycott kung hindi advice lang.

Kung ako naman talaga, ipapaban ko ang mga diyaryong nagsulat ng nilapa ng aso raw ang isang starlet, eh yon pala dinilaan lang at tinikman ang kaniyang binti. Susme.

Kasama ba dito ang mga nagpublish ng pagbili ng pre-owned na kotse at ang rental bullet-proof SUV?

2. Singson mulls quitting as congressman

Bakit pa pinag-iisipan. Yong congressman sa New York nagresign kaagad dahil sa craigslist scandal.

3. 2 auditors overstayed in ISAFP for 17 years

 Former state auditor Heidi Mendoza, however, said it was impossible for top COA leadership not to know that some auditors were already overstaying."An ordinary auditor is also asking why some auditors are given juicy positions while others are given dry positions... It is impossible to have 9,000 to 11,000 people and not notice overstaying auditors," she said.

Yong isa dating anak ng COA Commissioner at yong isa naman ay tagatanggap ng 2 per cent na bribe galing sa military. IKAW NA.
Ano sila may dementia katulad ko. KAgaya kahapon, balak kong uminom ng aking cough syrup. Lumabas ako sa bedroom para hugasan ang teaspoon. Dumaan ako sa bathroom, tuloy kitchen Pagdating sa kitchen, binuksan ko ang ref. --inilabas ang isang package ng frozen chicken wings. Nagwalis sa kumalat na asin at naghugas ng baso. Balik ako sa bedroom. Iniisip ko kung anong nakalimutan ko. Ang teaspoon. Pero ang auditor na nagoverstay ng 17 years, hindi mo makakalimutan yon.

Lady Gaga cried upon watching a young Filipina sings her song

Dear insansapinas,
In a matter of two day, the video of Maria Lourdes Aragon singing Born this Way became sensational hit in youtube with more than a million viewers.

Blame Lady Gaga herself who tweeted:
Can't stop crying watching this. This is why I make music. She is the future.


Lady Gaga and RH Bill

Dear insansapinas,
In the Grammy, she was inside an egg to symbolize birth. She said she stayed inside the egg for three days. Believe it or not. In this video, she dressed like a human condom to promote safe sex. And I thought, she was promoting RH bill of the Philippines.

In the Philippines, it is promoted as contraceptive barrier method of birth control.  (more next blog). pag sinipag.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Creative accounting and Conversion of Funds 101

Dear insansapinas,

Creative accountants
 MANILA, Philippines – They sweep the dirt under the rugs, play around with the figures, paint a rosy picture, and spray the financial mess with the most potent sweet-smelling deodorants one can find in the arsenal of numerical legerdemain called “creative accounting.”

You think you will encounter “creative accountants” and their newer accomplices, “imaginative bureaucrats,” only in the advertising game?
You are in for a big surprise. These highly paid denizens are sought-after by some vicious-thinking officials of government, as well as villainy corporate honchos.
Guilty your honor. Hindi ako. Ang iba.
Di va ang Enron, diyan bumagsak dahil sa kanilang mark-the market oil accounting ?

Ididiscuss ko kung paano ang mga kumpanya ay ginagawang loss or profit ang kanilang income statement. Whistleblower ako ng mga accountants? Naah. May nakita na ba kayong nakasuhang accounting firms sa Pinas? At least sa US yong Arthur Andersen LLP, nabawian ng license as CPAs dahil sa Enron. 

Ang pag-adjust ng financial statements ay maari sa revenue (kaya yong sinasabi ng isang mataas na opisyal ng BIR na after lang sa itemized expenses. WRONG. 
Kailangan ding tingnan kung ang revenue ay hindi understated o overstated.  Kagaya ng doctor. Maniniwala ba kayo na mga kalahating milyon lang ang kinikita ng isang practitioner lalo kung ito ay surgeon o ob-gyne? Caesarian lang ngayon magkano na? Ang bayad sa surgeon ay libo-libo. Pag sa negosyo naman, tiyak ba silang hindi winiwithhold ang income na nareceive nila bago magtapos ang calendar year? Dinifer ba nila ang pagrecognize ng revenue para sa next year?

Kung sobra-sobra naman ang income, hindi ka kaya maghinala na ito ay gawa-gawa lang para mag-attract ng investors o ng magpapautang?

Ang mga expenses ba nila ay hindi kasama ang renta sa condominium at maintenance ng kotse ng kabit ng cougar na socialite businesswoman. (parang gusto king magbelo at magdasal).
Kasama ba rito ang mga travel expenses for leisure na ti-nag lang nilang business? 

Hindi kaya kasama dito ang mga expenses sa nightclub under entertainment and representation. 

At iba pa. 

Sa Gobyerno

May nabalitaan na ba kayong nakasuhang COA resident auditor ng mga government agencies na talamak ang graft and corruption. Meron siguro pero except kay Cabrera at kay Mendoza, wala pa akong nakitang pinagtiyagaang interrogate sa Senate. Kasi sila after sa big fish, ang big fish naman mabilis lumangoy. Pero kung tutuusin hindi maaring makalusot ang corruption na iyon kung walang approval ang auditor. Kaya nga siya nandoon para i-check kung tama ang ginagawa.

Conversion Fund 101

Ano ang conversion fund. Ito ang practice ng paglilipat ng pundo sa isa pang pundo na nakalagay sa budget.

Mga Kuwentong Bus

Dear insansapinas,

Sensiya na kayo di ako makatulog. Napanood ko na ang Jeopardy. Siyempre panalo si Watson. Nakikikumpetensiya rin ako kaya lang wala akong buzzer. Toot toooot toooot. 

Napanood ko na rin ang Criminal Minds, at isa pang version Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior. Bakit pinaghati pa eh pareho lang naman. Eniwey. Naalala ko ang mga kuwento na naganap sa bus diyan sa Pinas at dito sa USA.

Bus dito sa USA

Bagong salta lang ako. Sumakay ako ng bus doon sa sinabing bus stop. Ito namang nagsabi sa akin, hindi sinabi na kailangan kong lumipat. So hinto ang bus, sakay ako. Mga ilang minuto, pumarada ito sa may park. Bumaba ang driver. Sa isip ko baka, may memay-i-go out. Tagal.
Baka sira tiyan. May dumating na isa pang bus. Ganoon din ang ginawa. 

Umakyat ang driver. Tinanong ako kung saan ako pupunta. Susme, nakalimutan ba niyang sakay niya ako. Sabi niya sa akin. This is the bus depot lady. Where you're going? Yon pala ang nasakyan ko ay yong gagarahe muna tapos iikot na naman. Tiningnan ko ang mukha ko sa salamin. Mukha ngang tanga.

Bus pa rin sa USA

Dito sa US, maraming mga bus transfer kaya nga sa San Fran, huwag mong iwawala ang bus ticket (baka maraffle , hehehe) kasi may apat na oras kang pwedeng gamitin iyon sa iba ibang bus. Sa San Fran lang naman. Sa ibang cities na nakapaligid ay walang ganoong privilege.

Kaya kailangan planado ang iyong pagsakay para hindi mo mamiss ang bus connection. Bagong salta pa rin ako sa US. Kalilipat ko lang ng tinitirhan. Minap ko ang travel ko papuntang trabaho. Kailangang bumaba ako sa isang lugar at kunin naman doon ang isa pang bus.


Baba ako sa unang bus. Kailangan pala tumawid ako para sumakay sa susunod na bus. Ang haba ng kalsada. May island pero makitid. 

Tamang tama nakita ko yong bus. Red light sila. Huminto ang bus. Tumakbo ako sa island muna. Alam ninyo may number of minutes dito pag maggreen light na. 10, 9, 8. Nag-isip ako kung tatawid na ako kung hihintayin ko ang susunod na red light. Pero mamimiss ko ang bus. So para akong nakikicompete sa running event, takbo ako. Syempre, pandak ako di, maiiksi rin ang aking legs. Nasa kalagitnaan ako ng road ng biglang magred light.  Biglang haribasan ang mga sasakyan.Ah ah ah, masasagasaan ako. Gahibla ng buhok ang abot noong kotse sa akin na nagbigay sa akin ng dirty finger. hahaha.

Tiningnan ko ang bus. Nakasara na ang pinto. Pag nakasara na, hindi ka na puwedeng kumatok. Toinkk.
Sabi ng kaibigan ko, nagmamadali nga ako, mamamatay naman ako. Tseh.

Pero alam ninyo bang hindi ako na late kahit minsan sa trabaho ko. Kaya isang araw na nasira ang sinakyan ko, at wala pa ako sa trabaho, nag-alala sila. 

Bus PaBicol
Every weekend noon ay umuwi ako sa Bicol para sa isang project.
Direct from the office o school, sumasakay ako ng airconditioned bus papuntang Daet ng mga alas diyes ng gabi. Makakarating ako madaling araw. Natutulog ako sa bus dahil sa pagod ko. May kasama naman akong isa. Hindi kami magkatabi dahil lalaki. Sa may pintuan siya naupo. Isa pa masamang ugali noon. Kakain sa mga stopover, ni hindi ka man lang alukin kong magpapabili. Parang wala siyang kasama. 

Pagising-gising ako pero bandang Quezon ay nakatulog ako. Nagising ako na nagtataka bakit yata ang haba ng biyahe namin. Tinanong ko ang conductor. Susme, nakalampas na pala kami sa Daet, huminto pa nga sa bus station, tapos papunta na kaming Naga. 
Ang kasama ko hindi man lang ako ginising. Lagot siya sa akin. Pagdating sa sunod na istasyon, naghintay ako napabalik sa Daet.
 Muntik nang malumpo yong kasama ko sa pagbubugbog ko. (Fantasia ko lang).

Kadena sa pitaka
Lolo noong aking kaibigan Nadukutan sa Cubao sa loob ng bus. Bababa na sana yong pickpocket nang maramdaman niyang may humila sa pitaka. May kadena palang maliit yong pitaka ng matanda. Totoo po yan. Kahit lumubog kayo sa inyong upuan.Whoops.Huwag mong isnabin, milyonaryo yon. May-ari ng dalawang iskuwela sa Bicol at malaking lupain.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mons Romulo Tantoco-How do you mend a broken heart

Dear insansapinas, 

I think you know who Mons Romulo Tantoco is. Aside  from she is the daughter of  the outgoing Sec. Alberto Romulo, a columnist of Philstar, wife of Sander Tantoco,  she was  in the gossip columns for weeks when she filed an annullment of her marriage 
to  Sander Tantoco. She learned that her husband had been seeing her friend, Cita Revilla- Yabut. She was broken-hearted. For Valentine, she wrote the article How To mend a Broken Heart which was a collection of thoughts of other celebrities and personalities.

I cannot offer you one. Bata pa ako ehek, bumalik na pala ako sa pagkabata. Besides, kinakain ko ang puso. Puso ng saging. Ganito yon. Hinihiwa ko siya ng maliliit, inaalis ko ang katas at niluluto ko sa coconut milk. Whhoppps. 

Trying to be funny. FAIL.

Ito ang excerpt ng article niya. Yong may mga basag-basag na puso, basahin. _-------- nagbabasa po ako.

Don’t let love drive your whole life. That’s why God placed our brain on the top, to use it first before our heart! — Author UnknownGoing through heartbreak is not easy but getting out of it can be if we use our heads. I should know this because I just successfully survived one!