Saturday, February 05, 2011

Big Bad Blogger Identified - Not

 Dear insansapinas,

For days, the big bad bloggers held their breath. What if the columnist-blogger starts naming names.
Now they can say Whew, that was close. Kaya tuloy na naman ang kanilang racket. 

Margaux Salcedo wrote in Sunday Inquirer magazine: 
An excerpt of her article on February 6, 2011 is published below. For the complete story, refer to the link above.

Our food columnist’s exposé of the “Big Bad Blogger” has created quite a stir in the country’s blogosphere. Here’s her response:
THE piece “Please Don’t Give Blogging A Bad Name” (Sunday Inquirer Magazine, January 23, 2010) received an overwhelming response. On the upside, we were flooded with “thank you” e-mails, texts and calls from restaurateurs and bloggers alike who shared or had heard of or encountered similar experiences and were relieved that someone had finally spoken out about the practice of pressuring restaurateurs to pay for a good review. On the other hand, there were also demands to reveal the identity of the story’s participants. Some, in an effort to compel this writer, even resorted to name calling and personal attacks and intrigues against me. (Copy of the piece and e-mails to us re the article at

To those whose curiosity as to the identity of the “Big Bad Blogger”—be it out of anger or outrage, the desire to condemn, the need to be defensive, or just plain curiosity—has caused them to miss the point, the objective of the exposé was only to reveal the existence of the practice not just of giving a good review for a fee, but posting a bad review to pressure payment out of the subject/s.
The column was also written using anonymous names specifically to protect the source of information (“Georgia”) from the risk of retaliation by the “Big Bad Blogger” and “The (PR) Firm.” Retaliation in this case can be in the form of negative comments on the web—Twitter, Facebook, the blogosphere—and in the form of badmouthing the restaurant to other possible diners.
 One thing I learned from Boston is not to mess  up with people in the restaurant business. 

You may not bite the hands that feed you but they can make you sick the moment you learn what they do with your food.

And one thing I learn from the Big Bang Theory is never piss off people who handle your food, be it the owner, the waiter, the cook or all of them.

Sige, hingi kayong freebies. Pagkain lang di pa kayo makabili. At least ako may cat food.



Anonymous said...

talagang napagiwanan nako ng mga bali balita news

cathy said...

kasi naman ang kable niya, pinaglalambitinan ng mga unggoy. bwahahah