Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wanted Airplane for Libya

Dear insansapinas,

Parang gusto kong ipahiram yong aking magic broom para makatulong sa mga Filipino sa Libya. Habang ang mga ibang bansa ay nagpadala na ng mga eruplano sa Libya, ang Pilipinas, Kay Ganda Koh ay naghahanap pa ng eruplano.

"Nakakuha sila ng landing rights just in case may eroplano tayong makuha. Naka-secure sila ng approval ng visa upon arrival (The team secured landing rights at Tunisia just in case we can get an airplane to evacuate our OFWs. The team will also help the OFWs get visas once they arrive there from Libya)," he said.
Sabi naman ng report galing sa Libya:

Martinez said reports reaching the Migrante office in Manila from their partner organisations in Libya said many of the nearly 30,000 Filipinos living there were stranded.
He said a group of 100 workers in Al Kufrah district in southeastern Libya bordering Egypt had been abandoned by their local supervisors to fend for themselves inside their camps.

ITo ang mga ginawa ng ibang bansa. 

An Airbus A310 belonging to the French Air Force made to the central Libyan city of Sabha and returned to Paris with 165 French nationals..
Government officials said they have chartered a ferry with the capacity to seat 1,200 people. 

Two British Hercules military transport aircraft have been dispatched to assist with the evacuation of British nationals from Libya.
The Canadian foreign affairs office says a flight chartered by the government will leave Tripoli for Rome on Thursday.
The president's office is sending an EgyptAir plane to Tripoli Thursday to evacuate 260 workers and their families.

Two military planes have  been sent, the assistant foreign minister for expatriate told Egyptian TV, and there are ongoing efforts to send ferries to ports in Tripoli and Benghazi.

The first flight carrying Nigerian nationals out of Libya will leave Thursday,
 Two ferry boats carrying more than 3,000 Turks left the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi early Wednesday morning,

Saudi Arabia said it sent a special passenger plane to Tripoli Wednesday morning.

The Syrian Arab News Agency said the country is ready to launch an "unlimited number of flights if necessary." It added that Syria may also send a ship to the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi to help evacuate Syrians.

The government in the Netherlands said a military plane and a Dutch frigate would help evacuate its nationals in Libya.

A ferry chartered by the U.S. to evacuate citizens from Libya remained in port in Tripoli because of bad weather, diplomatic sources told CNN. Citizens are safe on board and the ship is expected to leave at some point Thursday, sources said.



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