Sunday, February 27, 2011

Irresponsible Reporting

Dear insansapinas,

So I blogged about the "death" of Paquito Diaz which I read from an online newspaper. When I visited the news again, it was removed without an apology. I apologized not for my mistake with a query, don't these reporters verify the news? All they have to do is to make a call either to the wife or to the children who are not even  residing in the boondocks where there are no means of communication. 

Some published news which are not worthy of an inch column in a newspapers like the birth of the puppies of a certain celebrity, the gift of the newly wed couple to each other, the motel adventure of a wannabe celebrity make me roll my eyes.



Anonymous said...

hehe, wala na pala e.
binalikan ko nga tong blog post mo mam kasi nung last na kita ko sa blog mo pumanaw na si paquito tas ngayon kolang nakita sa twit twit dipa raw patay at nasa hosp pa,ang bilis mo rin sagap ng balita na dipa patay hehe naka bawi kagad.

cathy said...

hehehe, nakuryente. sampal sa sarili, sampal sa kalwa. batok si lee hahaha.

dahil ba kontrabida, pinapatay na nila. meron akong kakilalang matands, mahilig manood ng telenobela. nangigigil doon sa kontrabidang babae. Noong umuwi, siya nakita niya ds Rustan, muntik na bang sabunutan.