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 Dear insansapinas,

I am surprised that ill-gotten  wealth, plunder, lifestyle checks  and other corruption cases are brought to investigation without the presentation of ITR (income statement), statement of assets and liabilities (SAL) n.b. at least nabanggit na sa balita na isinali ito sa binanggit ni Henares,  and bank statements. 
sabi niya:
"We are requesting for transcripts of hearing… statements of assets and liabilities, income tax returns. We are gathering evidence on lifestyle checks, and properties here and abroad," she said.
This news impressed to me that the only time the people are investigated by the BIR is when there is already a case.
I have the same observation with:

UP National College of Public Administration and Governance dean Edna Co, however, said the lifestyle checks are “reactionary.”

She said the lifestyle checks occur every time reports on corruption surface.

She said the government must show concrete results on the lifestyle checks that have been implemented. 
"Pagkatapos, di naman makikita ng bayan ang resulta ng lifestyle check. People found guilty must be convicted, punished and penalized,” Co added.

 So the discussions in the Senate are only based on hearsays, innuendoes and testimonials of whistleblowers. There is a big window for witchhunting and grandstanding on the part of the "honorable" men in suits and barongs in the Senate and House of Representatives. Even with confessed  testimony, there is still a need for forensic evidence to support the allegation.

Let me digress:
Last night, in the CSI: New York, a battered woman identified her son to be the person who had beaten her and killed her husband. The suspect was apprehended but there were no evidence that would link him to the crime. At the end, the murderer was another person who thought that the couple sleeping in the bedroom where they used to live were his parents who allowed him to be imprisoned for the crime he previously committed. The explanation of the psychologist of the wrong identification was the trauma she suffered in her brain and the meds she was taking. She did not even remember that she tagged her son to be the murderer.
Back to the topic. This is the news:
MANILA, Philippines - The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) on Thursday said it is investigating personalities named in congressional inquiries on alleged corruption in the military.
Speaking to reporters at the Department of Justice (DOJ), BIR Commissioner Kim Henares said the BIR "is an avid and interested reader and viewer of any investigation," and takes appropriate actions without anybody's prodding.
"Every time there's this type of controversy, the BIR is always at the heels of it," Henares said.
Why is she very defensive? Before election, I had a discussion with a  high profile personality  who tried playing an "Accountant"  by invoking wrong accounting concepts and principles in the discussion of the SAL of a presidential candidate. She even insulted me that I am not a Harvard material compared to her consultants who are teaching accounting in the undergrad. Mwahahah

Susme. I was a government employee myself in my past life that I was required to submit this SAL every year.

What is SAL?

It is a statement of the employee of his assets which include Cash, Real Properties, Investments and other Tangible Properties. (Sabi ng mga istudyante ko, Pag-aaring nakakapa) minus the liabilities equals the net change in the equity.

So kung ang iyong assets ay isandaang  pesoses at ang iyong liabilities (utang) ay limampung pesoses  may nagbago saiyong equity (dagdag sa assets) na limampung pesoses. Pag ikinumpara ito last year kung saan kumita ka lang ng dalawang pesoses, saan nanggaling ang biglang talon ng iyong ari-arian?
Dito papasok ang iyong ITR. Magkano ba ang kinita mo? Kung ang naideklara mo ay sampung pesoses, saan nanggaling ang apatnapung pesoses. Tumaas ba ang value ng iyong assets. Ano ba ang pagtaas noon, appraisal ba o bumili ka ng bago? Kung bumili ka ng bago, saan mo kinuha ang pera. Kasama ba sa utang yon. Kailangan mo lang dito ay abacus at hindi mo na kailangang magturo sa Harvard para malaman ito. Kung maari, ikumpara ito sa deposito sa banko. Ang mahirap diyan, pwedeng ipangalan sa iba. Dito pagnagkaroon ka ng IRS Review, magtago ka na sa pinanggalingan. Ultimong penny interest, isasampal saiyo. Frozen delight pa ang iyong bank accounts.

Kaya yong sinabi ni Garcia na mayaman na siya noon pa, kailangang halukayin nila ang SAL at ITR niya. Ang kaniyang asawang US citizen ay nagpafile din ng ITR sa IRS. Kung ang kaniyang income ay hindi sapat ipambili ng mga real properties sa US, hindi ba tataas ang kilay ninyo?

Henares, however, said individuals engaged in illegal activities are not expected to make such declarations to government.
Precisely, this is the reason why SAL is required to be submitted by the government employees.  Private individuals are not required to do so.

Ang problema sa atin, nagiging emotional tayo lalo na dinadaan lang sa matinding pagtatanong sa imbestigasyon kahit walang ebidensiya. Hindi ko sinabing walang kasalanan ang mga taong sinususpetsahan ng corruption pero kung talagang seryoso sila at hindi lang papogi points, kailangang ready silang manampal ng mga ebidensiya sa mga taong ito. 

So I welcome this news:

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile is urging Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV to prove that the administration of former President and now Pampanga 2nd District Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was involved in alleged corruption in the military.

"There must be evidence that exists. Kung may suspicion siya laban sa dating pangulo, he must present his evidence to the public at the soonest possible time," Enrile said on dzBB radio Sunday.
 Tinatanong ng isang reader bakit yata raw ang sungit ko ngayon. Kasi wala akong Valentine. Toinkkkk. mwhehehe
Balak ko na kasing magmadre, wala lang tumanggap. Ploink. 

Sabi naman ni Jon, isang blogger, nagkacram daw ako sa admission test ni St. Peter sa langit. bwahaha


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