Sunday, February 27, 2011

Serial Killers and Suicidal People

Dear insansapinas, 

I have just finished reading a novel by the author who wrote Bone Collector which was made into a movie with Angelina Jolie as the rookie detective and Denzel Washington as the forensic scientist.

I was made to believe after watching several crime stories that the serial killers leave clues for the police to solve the crime in order to stop them from more killings. 

The novel I read tells the readers that the serial killers do such things--creating puzzles, leaving clues, collecting "trophies" and putting them in a place for police to find because they wanted AUDIENCE. They wanted to be recognized that they have accomplished something even it is on the dark side. In their past lives, they may have been low achiever, ignored by friends and or underrated by the family.

So are the "supposed to be" suicidal people. I am referring to people who attempted suicide not because they want to die but because they want ATTENTION especially from people who they believe is the cause of their depression. They want to "create guilt" or they want them back even it is out of pity.

I 've written this before, about a female friend who always attempted suicide every time a boy friend broke the relationship. Once the boy friend realized that it was just emotional blackmail, he left her for good. Kesehodang uminom siya ng cough syrup na hindi naman nakakamatay, kundi nanakahigh lang. I've got another friend who swallowed 25 Tylenol pills. Hindi siya namatay kasi tinyempo niya na parating na ang asawa niya nang inumin niya. Ngayon, she could not swallow even one pill. Her folly.

She would come to me too to pour her heart out but the moment she fell in love again, I would not see her soul for weeks or for months depending on the length of relationship.

Kaya nang minsan dumating siya at sabi magpapakamatay siya, niyaya ko sa Quezon Bridge, para maitulak. toinkkk.


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