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Dolphy. Chiquito at iba pang Komedyante ng Pilipinas-huwag mo akong patawanin Part 2

Dear insansapinas,
Ang mga komedyante ngayon ay mga natuturingang mga superstar na rin. Tingnan ninyo si Ai-Ai at si Eugene Domingo.
Noon ang mga komedyante ay mga second lead lang except si Nida Blanca na hindi naman talaga komedyante pero gumaganap sa mga nakakatawang pelikula at sitcom.

Sino ang mga sikat na komedyante noon?


Patsy Mateo of Tawag ng Tanghalan fame. Lopito. Patsy Patsosay was always a hit when she starts blabbering in Kapamampangan. 
Together with Lopito, his screen and TV partner, they hosted Tawag ng Tanghalan, a singing contest which produced the great singers such as Nora Aunor, Edgar Mortiz, Diomedes Maturan, Pepe Pimentel, Cenon Lagman and Eddie Peregrina.

Sylvia la Torre
from L to R. Sylvia la Torre, Eddie San Jose, Bentot, Rosa Aguirre, Unknown, Pugo
 Sylvia la Torre is not only a comedienne but also a great kundiman singer earning the title of Reyna ng Kundiman.

Sylvia also gained great success on radio, where she immortalized the character, ‘Ibyang’ in the radio comedy Edong Mapangarap. It was so successful it spawned the hit Sebya series, including Sebya, Mahal Kita and Nukso ng Nukso. Since then, Sylvia has also been called ‘Ibyang’ in showbiz.


Amparo Custodio (1922–199?), better known as Chichay, is a Filipino comedian and a contract star of Sampaguita Pictures where she made almost 2 decades.

The late Chichay banked on her toothless grin for laughs.
Her partner in duo comedy is Tolindoy.

Her first starring role is "Gorio & Tekla" teamed up with Tolindoy in 1953.

She started doing movie after World War II and named Chichay because of her comic personality.

From vaudeville, she did comedies in films but became a big name on TV in The Nida-Nestor Show and other comedy programs. She was also Mrs. Milyonarya.

Aruray was a popular comedienne whose role was always a maid or a confidant of the
leading actress. She appeared mostly in Sampaguita Pictures together with another popular comedienne, Chichay.

Metring David
Demetria "Metring" David (June 20, 1920(?) – October 7, 2010) was a Filipino comedienne, famous for her "big feet" as she was called by her colleagues.
Born in 1920, she first appeared as a comedienne in the dramas Malapit sa Diyos (Near to God), and Walang Hanggang, both under Lebran Pictures. In that same year she was included in the comedy film entitled Babaing Kalbo starring Eleanor Medina. She made movies for other film companies including LVN Pictures, Galawgaw a Nida Blanca movie, Fremel Pictures and a small role in Sapagka't Mahal Kita (Because, I Love You) to name a few. In the years that followed, Metring David rose to popularity as a comedian in the 1960s a decade in which she made some 3 dozen films and many television appearances.
Dely Atay-Atayan
Dely Atay-Atayan began her career as a singer of kundimans in the bodabil circuit. She eventually branched into films. However, Atay-Atayan is perhaps best known for playing Doña Delilah, the wealthy, imperious and disapproving mother-in-law of John Puruntong (Dolphy) in the iconic sitcom John En Marsha, which ran for seventeen years on RPN 9. Her portrayal proved as the definitive "mother-in-law" archetype in Filipino popular culture. Her famous tag-line, uttered without fail in every episode to John Puruntong, was a scathing admonition: "Magsumikap ka!" (Filipino for "Try harder!")
Matimtiman Cruz

No picture available
Matimtiman Cruz was a Filipina actress under the now defunct Sampaguita Pictures, who later became a comedian. If the present showbiz world in the Philippines has Ai-Ai delas Alas and Pokwang, Matimtiman Cruz was among the favorite and highly paid comedians in the country in the early fifties. She probably ranked second only to the comedy team of Chichayand Aruray. Comedy in the movies and radio was a hit after World War II as the country was yet reeling off from the massive devastation of the war. Matimtiman often portrayed the role of an erratic housemaid who was easily frightened and uttered funny inanities at the slightest provocation.
Evelyn Bontogon-Guererro more popularly known as Matutinais a famous female comedian actress in the PhilippinesArguably, her most famous role was in the sitcom John En Marsha as DoñaDelilah's ( Dely Atay-Atayanmaid and sidekick. 

Zorayda Sanchez
Zorayda Sanchez finished her college at the University of Santo Tomas. She  wrote scripts for DZRH drama programs. Her first film was the late Claudia Zobel’s Shame.
She zoomed to popularity in the ‘80s, when she starred in the gag show Going Bananas with Christopher de Leon, Johnny Delgado, Jay Ilagan, Edgar Mortiz and Al Tantay.
Her other movies were Working Girls, Feel na Feel, Hotdog, Petrang Kabayo, Pilyang Kuting and Bagets
She died of breast cancer in 2008.

Tessie Tomas

She was one of the nuts in "Champoy," the schizophrenic Barbara Tengco in "Abangan ang Susunod na Kabanata," occasional weather girl Amanda Pineda, and of course, the ''femme fatale'' TV host in "Teysi ng Tahanan."
She even had her share of film roles, most notable of which was her portrayal of Imelda Marcos for the Australian production of "A Dangerous Life."
Ma. Teresa Carlson

Maria Teresa Gerodias Carlson(1963-November 23, 2001) was a Filipino-American actress and beauty queen.
Carlson committed suicide on November 23, 2001 by jumping from the 23rd floor of the Platinum 2000 condominum in Greenhills, San Juan City. She may have done only one TV show (Chicks to Chicks), but her "Si Ikaw, si Ako" dialogues will always be remembered by viewers.


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