Monday, February 28, 2011

The Mystery of Afterlife

Dear insansapinas,

I decided to watch Criminal Minds instead of the Oscars. Anyway I know who's going to win and I just am bored listening to their thank you speeches. Kulang na lang pasalamatan pati aso nila. But even before both
shows were finished, I was already in the Lalaland dreaming about school. Then I woke up, went to the bathroom with eyes half-open; returned to bed and continued dreaming about school. Weird. Did I wake up at all? Will it be my unfinished business? This has been my recurring dream for months now.

In the recent CSI episode, a man who was pronounced dead and was about to have the "Y" incision walked out of the morgue. He was found dead again in the decompression chamber. A blatant force and drowning sent him back to the land of the dead--for good. Obviously he was murdered. Investigations turned out that  three students of a professor who was expelled because of the theory he was working on were experimenting on temporary dying to know what is there in the afterlife. With the use of some chemicals, their bodies died, their souls departed but they had to come back before the bodies become corrupted. In short they turned into zombies. The female in the group claimed that she was successful to get "there" and come back. She saw her dead mother.  Methinks, there is no need for all those states- altering just to see a ghost. Huh.

The mystery they want to solve is afterlife. Is it a pit of fire for sinners like the murderers? If there is no hell what happens to those evil tyrants who murdered thousands if not millions of people ? What about the serial killers, the rapists ?  What about the corrupt? What about the politicians? ooooopsss. 

Is it a place where souls are in white robes surrounded by angels playing harp? 

No one has the  answer. The near death experiences are only up to the portal of the hereafter. My friend, the Ghost, tells me that he is still on earth doing some missions in preparation for final destination.

It is this recurring dream of mine about schools that bugs me. Last night, the first part of my dream was about a textbook. Was it because of  the betrayal of a friend who I trusted that she would publish my book? After sending her the copy, she stopped communicating with me. She did not even bother to answer my phone call. Do I carry it in my subconscious that I will bring it with me in my death? Mumultuhin ko ba siya? hehehe 

The second part of the dream was-- I was in the classroom. After  the lecture, I gave a quiz to the students. Then I asked them to correct the papers. When it was time for them to submit the papers, the students came to me one by one handing me two- dollar bill which is now a rarity in the US. hahahaha

 Before I was diagnosed the SECOND TIME with the C, I went home to the Philippines to find out if I can go back to retire and teach part-time in the Graduate School. There's too much work in the undergraduate for Accounting subjects. Physically, I can no longer spend so much time to go over worksheets, long quizzes and the likes. It was  my original plan to go back to the Philippines even before I came to the US. Last year, aside from seeing my relatives,  I reconnected with my friends in the academe especially a former President of a University who was my mentor when I was still a greenhorn in the academia. He was the one who literally dragged me to UP to take up Doctorate in Public Admin. while I was enrolled in my other doctorate.

Like me, he also got cancer but it was stabilized. He said that if I decided to come back, he could always refer me to his colleagues.

Now it is only a dream. But will I be teaching in the afterlife? Is it another world where you continue the wishes that did not come true? Is it another world where you pay for your past sins? 

Or is it because I found my old Professional Regulation Commission ID to together with my DLSU id and my yellowed application for Phil. Social Security membership that I am having this nostalgic trip to my past life?



Anonymous said...

alam mo mam,we believe that when you die,your body and your soul will go together in 1 sentemeryo hehe... we believe that there still no hell... not yet...for the politicians este for the bad souls... ganun din para sa good souls,wala pang space na nagawa para sa kanila sa heaven...untill the second coming pa.(oha,galing ko mag inglis noh,o wala ng kokontra pamasko nyo na sakin toh).
yun ang paniniwala namin (ng aming religion) nagkataon naman na my kanya kanya tayong paniniwala, pero sabi naman ng mga badaf, andun lang daw ang mga souls nilang mga badaf pa slide slide sa rainbowww ehek!
and anothre thing,we dont believe in purgatory.
tama ka dyan mam,infurrrness naman sa mga mababait kung walang kahahantungang hell ang mga impaktitong nagpakapasasa sa kahinaan ng mga mababait na tao nung nangabubuhay pa sila kaya dafat lang na my kalagyan sila,kung ang mga badaf ay making pa slide slide sa rainbow,e dapat naman sa mga depuger na mga impaktitong politicians este (my problema na keyboard ko,need na ng brand new) mga impaktitot impaktita e sana habang wala pang hell e sila naman ay magpa slide slide sa higanteng bladeeeeeeee at pagbagsak ay sasaluhin ng higanteng karayom sa pweeeet bwahaha.

cathy said...

hindi lang karayom kung hindi pana.
o kaya walang katapusang pagkain ng mga perang kinurakot nila ng walang tubig na maiinom. tseh nila.